Pair arrested in break-ins at courthouse

Pair arrested in break-ins at courthouse

There are 18 comments on the story from Apr 23, 2010, titled Pair arrested in break-ins at courthouse. In it, reports that:

A pair of bungling burglars found their way to the St. Francis County Jail this morning on charges of breaking into the county courthouse and St.

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one time

New York, NY

#1 Apr 25, 2010
how stupid do you gotta be!!!!!seriously they broke into the courthouse n the courthouse in ten feet from the jail wow where there are police there!!!!!!!!!! all i got to say is good job i hope you got wat yall wanted


“This town is nuts...”

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#2 Apr 25, 2010
I think they should let these three go with a warning since they are too stupid to be of any threat to society.
Mandy Evans

Forrest City, AR

#3 Apr 25, 2010
First of all, you can't believe everything you hear, and you can't believe everything you read. I agree that the TWO that broke into the courthouse are idiots and should be charged for the crimes they committed. My brother just so happens to be the third person supposedly "involved" but he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the record, Jeff Hepler and Nicole Dunn were caught red-handed in the act. My brother wasn't there. He had simply given Jeff a ride EARLIER that day and somehow got mixed up in all of this. It's horrible that you can't even give a friend a ride these days without having to worry about the outcome. This could have happened to anybody. I know how Topix people are though, and regardless of how much I defend my brother, I'm sure everyone will continue to run their mouths. The truth will come out though, and everyone who is bashing him will reap what they sow. Gossip is a disease around here, so if you don't know the facts, please keep your opinions to yourself. What it all comes down to is the cops feel stupid because a break-in happened maybe a mile down the road from the police department and they were too stupid to notice it was going on. If Jeff wouldn't have been caught walking down the road pushing a 650 pound safe, they would still be trying to figure out who was involved. Maybe if they would do their jobs, they wouldn't have to arrest innocent people and charge them with crimes they didn't commit. You can't charge someone with a theft if they didn't steal anything.
As for the Times-Herald newspaper, obviously those writers can't get their story straight. Go back and read for yourself. First they say seven windows were broken, then change it to eight. Which was it? Also, narcotics were SUPPOSEDLY found in my brother's car, and they are SUPPOSEDLY charging him with a class y felony. Funny considering no one has mentioned this other than the paper. Oh, and for all you idiots out there, possessing narcotics is a class c felony...not a class y felony. In order to be charged with a class y felony, you must be caught in the act of selling. My brother doesn't do drugs, so obviously he will be charged with neither. Jeff has a long history when it comes to drugs, so I guess lying about my brother being in possession of them made the paper look good for a day.
Anyway, my brother is out of jail. He got out the day after all this chaos happened, so that should speak for itself. The two who are actually guilty are still sitting there. Court is May 19th, so feel free to come watch my brother walk as an innocent man. Until then, choose your friends wisely. You never know what anybody is capable of, and we never in a million years thought anything like this would happen. The only crime my brother is guilty of is being a good friend, so bash him all you want if that's what gets you off.

Roe, AR

#4 Apr 26, 2010
u and times harold r wrong jeff was caught n the courthouse, and possesion of meth is a class y
Mandy Evans

Forrest City, AR

#5 Apr 26, 2010
Well I wasn't there so I didn't watch the cops arrest him, and I really don't care where he was caught. All I know is what I've been told by actual officials, so I think I'll take their word over yours.

Nobody ever said anything about anyone being in possession of meth, so I don't know where you are getting your information from. I did you a favor though so you can catch up on your drug laws, and here is a website you can access so that you will know the classifications of felonies for future reference.

I have copy and pasted a section for you so you don't have to research too hard.

In the State of Arkansas, criminal laws are broken into classes. The severity of the penalty is determined by the class. The possession of marijuana is a Class A misdemeanor if it is your first offense. The delivery or intent to deliver is a Class C felony and carries up to 30 years in prison and up to $100,000 in fines. The possession of heroine and cocaine is a class C felony. The delivery or intent to deliver these drugs is a Class Y felony and is punishable by up to 40 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.-----NOTICE IT SAYS: THE POSSESSION IS CLASS C. DELIVERY OR INTENT TO DELIVER IS CLASS Y.(Like I said before though, it doesn't matter which it is classified as. My brother wasn't in possession of anything.)

You and Times-Herald both need to get your story and facts straight. Thanks and have an amazing day!
Knowing Better

United States

#6 Apr 26, 2010
Mandy it is all good to take up for your brother and them but I am a recovering addict and know Jeff and PJ and they along with the other girl all use drugs, Trust me I know this for a fact! I dont and wont ever understand why they did this and he just may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time but dont get on here mad at the world because he is doing the things he does!


#7 Apr 26, 2010
IT might be that your brother got him a lawyer and he is out on a 100,000.00 bond (right so far) and next jeff was inside the court house when we got there.. NO big deal on the windows it was 7 then we found another that will make 8 or was when i went 2 school . Also r u trying 2 say your brother has never been in any trouble ???? think again sis....know what u r taking about 1st it will help..haha

Wynne, AR

#8 Apr 26, 2010
before you get on here and type like you have actually did some accurate need to be aware those are statutes for marijuana/cocaine/ need to look up the statute for methamephetamine they are quite different...there are certain guidelines on the classifications of felony charges.

United States

#9 Apr 26, 2010
I dont see any reason about fighting over what class a felony is but I do know that when I was still using drugs (grateful recovering addict btw) I was charged with Possession of a Cont Sub-Methamephetamine and it was a Class C Felony...Along with that same arrest I was also charged with Man,Del,Pos of A cont sub-meth and It was a class Y felony! I think if you Just possess the drug and they have no reason to believe that you are manufacturing or delivering but it is only for personal use they usually charge you with just the C Felony, they dont throw the Y in for possessing the drug until you are selling or cooking the substance! So you are both right in a sense! Everyone needs to get off drugs and the world would be a better place.It is possible. I am living proof!

United States

#10 Apr 26, 2010
My point was regardless of what type of felony, they shouldnt use drugs and shouldnt do things that get them in trouble and they would have nothing to worry about! End of STORY!
Mandy Evans

Forrest City, AR

#11 Apr 26, 2010
Actually I do know what I'm talking about and I know that my brother hasn't ever even had a speeding ticket. He has no criminal record...actually he has no record whatsoever. See, we were raised by a cop who happened to be a damn good one (you can't find many of those anymore) and we were raised to be good people. If you want something in life, WORK FOR IT. Don't take advantage of other people. Stealing is low down and only pathetic people who bum off other people survive this way. My brother was brought up under the same roof as me, and he lives by the same standards. We respect other people's property. He didn't break into that courthouse, END OF STORY.

As for you recovering addict, I'm not mad at the world. I'm simply correcting the people in it who happen to have a misunderstanding of the situation. Good for you that you're supposedly recovered, but if you've had time to stay off the drugs, who says everyone you've supposedly done drugs with is still doing them? My brother offered to take a drug test at the police department after he was arrested. He may have done drugs before, big deal. That doesn't mean he's on them now...and they sure as hell didn't find anything in his car. See the papers don't know the whole story...they don't know that the CID had just got done searching his car before the regular cops searched it again. It's REALLY funny how the CID didn't find a damn thing but the cops who searched it shortly afterwards found drugs. Can we say planting evidence? That has SET UP written all over it. Some cops are good cops, some are as crooked as can be. You want the entire story, be at court on May 19th. OH and by the way, I am not taking up for my brother and "them." I am simply taking up for my brother. The other 2 deserve whatever comes to them because they actually have a reason to be sitting in jail right now. If my brother had actually stepped foot in that courthouse, I wouldn't be defending him, trust me. If he had a part in what Jeff and Nicole did, I wouldn't be on his side.

The number of windows isn't important to me. I don't care if it was 7 or 8, and yes 7 + 1 equals 8, good job on the math "officer." I was simply pointing out that the newspaper couldn't count the day they typed up their fabulous concoction of a story. As for Jeff getting arrested in the courthouse...I don't care. Was my brother there? NO.

Once again "guest," who said a word about methamphetamine??? According to the newspaper article, he was charged with a narcotic. Methamphetamine is a STIMULANT. Narcotics and stimulants are not even in the same category. Once again, neither were in his car so this argument is pointless and I really hate repeating myself.

I agree that drugs are bad and without them the world would be a better place. Drugs didn't break out windows and demolish a courthouse though. Jeff did, and whether he was on drugs or not doesn't make a difference.

This whole topic is ridiculous. Everyone thinks they know everything about everybody else around here. Everyone is going to think what they want to think, and they are going to run their mouths about things they don't know about. I'm just wasting my time on here. Think what you want, say what you want. I just hate knowing that my brother's reputation is ruined because of someone else's mistake.
Knowing Better

United States

#12 Apr 26, 2010
At least you understand that it is pointless..Your brother may have been innocent this time but PJ has been running with Jeff for a LONG time and he knows the things Jeff does so regardless he shouldnt be around him period if he isnt doing anything wrong! And previously you acted like he was a saint and never did drugs-wrong! I have no problem admitting that I had a problem in the past and neither should anyone else as long as they move on and better themselves! And why do you keep trying to spout out all this educated talk about meth? IT is BAD..END OF STORY! And last time I checked Meth is a stimulant but they dont charge you for possession of a stimulant! They charge you with a narcotic so do some more research before you go preaching on this site cuz you will get burned if you dont know what you are talking about! I hope they all get help like I did! If not they will continue to deal with this same stuff the rest of their lives!

“Lurking in the shadows”

Since: Sep 09


#13 Apr 27, 2010
Mandy Evans wrote:
First of all, you can't believe everything you hear, and you can't believe everything you read. I agree that the TWO that broke into the courthouse are idiots and should be charged for the crimes they committed. My brother just so happens to be the third person supposedly "involved" but he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the record, Jeff Hepler and Nicole Dunn were caught red-handed in the act. My brother wasn't there. He had simply given Jeff a ride If Jeff wouldn't have been caught walking down the road pushing a 650 pound safe,
Sounds like your brother isn't a very good "get away car" driver.
Mandy Evans

Forrest City, AR

#14 Apr 27, 2010
I never said he was a saint. Nobody is a saint. I just know that everyone makes mistakes and regardless of Jeff's past, PJ was giving him a chance to better himself. Just because people have a history doesn't mean they can't change. I'm not going to sit here and be a hypocrite because I sure as hell know I've made my share of mistakes in life but that doesn't make me a bad person. As for Jeff and PJ being friends, yeah they have been friends for awhile. He doesn't know every single thing about him or his past though, and he actually gives people the benefit of the doubt instead of judging them from their past mistakes. As for the "educated talk about meth," I'm not saying I know everything about it. I don't give a damn about having an education on it either. I just don't see where anyone is saying PJ was charged with meth in the first place. The drug he was SUPPOSEDLY charged with was NOT meth. Yeah, drugs are bad...but when the cops charge you with possession of something, they don't ever say it is just simply a "narcotic." If they had actually found anything they would try to shine in their glory and say that he was found in possession of meth or cocaine or heroine or whatever the drug was because naming the drug actually makes the person sound worse. For the record, I don't care what the people on topix think of me. I don't care what ANYBODY thinks of me, and considering I'm the one posting my name on here and everyone else is hiding behind an alias, I don't feel threatened or "burned." This site is nothing but a trash site full of people who are scared to say who they are but continuously talk shit about other people. Everyone makes mistakes. I get that. That doesn't mean anyone has the right to judge them, especially if they don't even know what's really going on.

And "dangerous-1," you're right. He isn't a very good get away car driver...and that is probably because he has never attempted to be one. He wasn't trying to get away from anybody or any place. His car was parked and he wasn't anywhere near it or the courthouse at the time of the crime.

United States

#15 Apr 27, 2010
Ok i think ya'll should lay off mandy, she was stating what she knew and trying to defend her brother, because what the article said was not true. Pj didn't break in with jeff it was nicole. Everything that jeff does, so does she. They are like bonnie and clyde, so what since does it make that she wasn't there? none. And jeff and nicole are both sitting in jail, so why doesn't this article say anything about her? Because it's not all true. So like mandy said, if u wana know what happend, go to court. Until then get a life, this bashing mandy on here is high school crap.

Forrest City, AR

#17 Aug 2, 2010
Ok first of all you are wrong hun. your brother was involved. i was the innocent party. yea your brother gave jeff a ride. to the courthouse to break in. pj can lie all he wants. and you can just keep lying for him to. i dont even care. this is all a bunch of bs. i never step foot in that courthouse and i'm being charged. i didn't even know about it. and the narcotics were found in pj's car. i was standing there when they found them. he was crying like a bitch. i love jeff and have forgiven him for doing this to us. but pj i will never forgive. he needs to tell the truth about the whole thing. stop hiding. you did it so face it. but i get it, he wants to save his own ass. the evidence will tell the truth. so ask your brother if he can honestly say he never touched any of the items taken. lol i can bet he did because how else would the stuff got in my house. i didn't put it there. jeff and pj did. i have learned alot about what they did while i was in jail. for a crime those two did. i really can't believe all this has happened. i don't understand why they would do this. pj needs to seriously talk to me. i got questions that need answers.

Raleigh, NC

#18 Sep 11, 2010
i grew up in forrest city cops have always been crooked city county this city sucks has not changed much
Jeff Hepler

North Little Rock, AR

#19 Oct 28, 2013
Hey there Mandy. I helped your sweet ,innocent brother get off of opiates. Yea I would sell him my methadone so he wouldn't have withdraws and I believe he got arrested with crack in his armrest !!! But anyway bitch I've sold u drugs so stay out of grown folks biz. Go eat something thunder thighs.

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