People don't understand how dangerous water can be. It's getting hot around this time of year and you have to be careful there's too many careless people out there and not enough people who know that swimming is extremely dangerous in some places. Make sure u know where your swimming what do to if something goes wrong and proper knowledge of undertow currents that may not always be visible from the top that can take u away in a matter of seconds. Had a friend almost drown from diving too deep into a river and if it hadn't of been for his swim trunks getting air inside of them he wouldn't of had came back up. KNOW WHERE YOUR SWIMMING AND ITS CONDITIONS. LOOK FOR SIGNS OR LOCALS TO TELL U IF THERE'S A HIGH RISK OF DROWNING OR UNSEEN CURRENTS IN THE AREA YOUR SWIMMING.KNIWINGG THESE THINGS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE'S AND THE LIVES OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER