This is so sad and unnecessary. When we put pressure on our politicians to
change both the criminal justice & mental health systems. People like this with
sever mental illness should never be treated the same as a sane criminal. The
differences between intent and self control are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Our mental health services in America SUCK - families like this who've begged for help are ignored repeatedly until something tragic like this happens. And then all we'll do is treat him like we did before. Sadly this crime will keep him in
jail for the rest of his life without ever dealing with his mental illness. We can stop this - we must stop this - our lawmakers will respond if we citizens pressure them to make some changes. I remember when all the mental health institutions were closed down, with no real plan as to what to do with all these
folks who'd been institutionalized for years, sometimes decades. That in itself was silly. We should have addressed the problems by altering the existing system, rather thatn just doing away with it. Some of these patients were able to go to assisted living programs with varied amounts of supervision. Some, like this man, probably needed constant supervision rather than a short jail term and release on his own. Our mental abilities as a society need to be examined as to why we let this crap go on decade after decade without demanding our tax dollars be used to change things.