The State of Texas State Operations Center (SOC) received an initial and final report of a pipeline oil spill in Scurry County. A two inch crude gathering line leaked after the Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit was turned on causing approximately 85 barrels of crude to surface and run approximately 1/4 mile into Bull Creek. At this time Bull Creek has standing fresh water, but the creek is not flowing. Enterprise Crude Pipeline responded immediately, isolating the pipeline and placed booms in the water to contain the oil. Vacuum trucks are on scene recovering oil from the creek and, backhoes are on location digging up the contaminated soil. Talon LPE has been contracted to oversee the remedial work. A Scurry County Railroad Commission (RRC) Field Man was on location yesterday, as well as first thing this morning. At this time approximately 30 barrels of oil have been recovered from Bull Creek. Cleanup is expected to take a few days. Further updates will not be issued unless requested, or conditions warrant. (RRC) Region 5