Minford man arrested for operating me...

Minford man arrested for operating meth lab

There are 32 comments on the Portsmouth Daily Times story from Dec 21, 2012, titled Minford man arrested for operating meth lab. In it, Portsmouth Daily Times reports that:

The Scioto County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with detectives from the Southern Ohio Drug Task Force, arrested Michael V. Holsinger, 40, Friday afternoon at his residence in Minford for Illegally Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

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United States

#1 Dec 22, 2012
Wonder who else is still making meth in minford?
Josh Arthur

United States

#2 Dec 25, 2012
Mike is a good guy with a bad problem. We need more help for drug addicts in Scioto County. I hope the court takes into consideration just that, he just needs professional help not jail time!!

Greenup, KY

#3 Dec 25, 2012
@ Josh: you must be in it with him to say he does not need jail time! Anybody that is hooked so bad that they are making the stuff, needs locked up and kept there for a very long time!
Britney M

Celina, OH

#4 Dec 26, 2012
@ R you serious: Hey Idiot!! You don't know what your flipp'n talking about!! OBVIOUSLY, you don't know a thing about addiction, or about this area. Josh isn't "in on it" he just simply knows Mike as a person; probably a better person than your judgemental ass will ever be, and he knows about addiction. So in the future, keep your mouth shut about things you don't have the first clue about.

Mike is a good, most Non- violent person I know, who is now going to prison for being addicted to something!
dealing with addiction

United States

#6 Jan 10, 2013
AreYouSerious wrote:
@ Josh: you must be in it with him to say he does not need jail time! Anybody that is hooked so bad that they are making the stuff, needs locked up and kept there for a very long time!
When will America wake up and stop treating addiction like it is a moral flaw and realize that it is a disease that we need to be fighting. Only then will we make any real headway in the fight on drugs.
Family friend

Minford, OH

#7 Jan 10, 2013
I'm not going to take up for him. If he does time it's his fault. He knows right from wrong. Help comes from within. If he had wanted it he wouldn't be in this situation. Scioto county has nothing to offer individuals to keep them from making drugs to provide for themselves. I know mike and he is a good person. He has a problem that he should have taken care of.

Lucasville, OH

#8 Jan 10, 2013
Let me tell all of you people about Michael. He has mis treated his Mother all his life.Has taken her money and other family members money. Why do you think that she no longer lives in the same house with him? That poor lady has lived with no ELECTRIC, WATER,HEAT, FOOD OR MEDICINE. Don't get on here and say that he is a good person. He knows right from wrong, and DRUGS are WRONG.She has spent many nights out in the cold. I hope he gets a long prison term. There are a lot of other people in Minford that needs to be in prison right along with him.
Josh Arthur

West Salem, OH

#9 Jan 10, 2013
Walk a mile in someone elses shoes then you just might have a right to have your voice heard. But honestly if you have never had an addiction then all of your words are empty and really mean NOTHING, sorry. Prison only makes addiction worse. Treatment is Key!!!!
wheelers mill pit bull

Marion, OH

#10 Jan 31, 2013
Everyone in Scioto county is affected by drug addiction whether they admit it or not.It should be treated like the disease it is.Jail and prison do nothing but make them felons.Besides this the judge putting these people in jail cant pass a drug test either.[we all know which one] he has put people in prison for less of a crime than he was convicted of last month.take this peice of sh#t off the bench.
hate bad parents

United States

#11 Feb 1, 2013
I don't care what you do but when you have a child and you are using or selling drugs you need locked up or the electric chair...... And GET a job quit letting everyone pay for your BAD habits..druggies know what they are doing when they start using, get help or give up your kids to someone who WILL love them!!!'

Ray, OH

#12 Feb 15, 2013
Everyone in minford makes Meth.
Seems odd

United States

#13 Feb 17, 2013
tim wrote:
Everyone in minford makes Meth.
I live in minford, I don't make meth!! Tell me names of people who make it...
Seems odd

United States

#15 Feb 17, 2013
Please do

Minford, OH

#17 Feb 23, 2013
look mikes my friend too & yes he is a good person.brittney,he was a very good friend to u so thanks for still being a good friend to him.Mike does have a drug problem but hell 95% of us do in Minford!That doesnt make us all bad people!Whoever Tim is u need to keep ur mouth shut about the Madden boys & Dave!So get a life & dont worry bout everybody else bc if either of these guys knew exacally who u were they'd beat the fuck out of u!So until u know the truth keep ur mouth shut!!!!
so sad in ninford

Chillicothe, OH

#18 Mar 13, 2013
If anyone has had a family member out there dealing with them is the hardest thing and saddest thing to watch. You watch your loved one who at one time was such a great kind hearted person, to a person you dont even recognize. Its like someone else has taken over their body. And what is especially sad is when they have children, that they dont even keep in contact with anymore. And at one time they were the absolute perfect parent. And they get with the WRONG crowd, the people who could care less about them. But these people have become more important to them now than their own families that have tried everything to help them. It breaks my heart to see their child who is still young and just doesnt understand why their parent hasnt been around. They dont realize how their families suffer more, I think than they do. They hurt you with their words and actions that u would never ever had thought they could do to especially the people that love them the most. But, their meth family is their family now. You are no longer in contact with them, you just hope and pray everynite that your phone doesnt ring, and u get that dreaded phone call, that they have overdosed. So i just wish that these people who make this devil dope, they would realize that they are ruining so many, especially young peoples lifes. They chase that drug along with herion, like a dog chases a fedex truck. And as a family member, you cant imagine how helpless you feel. I have no idea who these people even are that got busted. But if he does go to prision, I hope he has time to think of the families he has ruined. I wish their were more rehabs in our area, more help with addiction, and i dont know if jail is the answer.It is I guess if they get rehabilitated. But, how often does that happen, really..I just ask that you all just maybe say a little prayer tonight for all of these lost souls
so sad in minford

Chillicothe, OH

#19 Mar 13, 2013
I just want everyone to realize it could happen to you and we shouldnt judge. GOD is the only judge. And I know alot of people are angry, Im angry. But Im more angy of these grown older people that are making this drug or bringing it into our communities and killing our childen. And i was the one who typed the comment "so sad in ninford." I wasnt sure of the spelling of your paticular town. My sister had emailed me to come to this website. Cause she knows of the problems I am having in my family and how it has affected us all. Im not writing this to offend anyone, i just want some of you who are judging be careful, cause it could be happening right in your own home. I never thought it would happen to my child. But i have to agree with some of you, especially the person "i hate parents on drugs" i dont agree with taking as far as the electric chair. But these people who have allowed the drug to control them and not allow them to control the drug and have just turned their backs on their own blood, especially their children. These kids just want their parents to be their parents again. Not to be an out of control drug addict that has basically chosen the drugs over them. How sad is that? I have so much trouble trying to understand that. I guess I will never understand. But just remember people in my circumstance anyway, i love my child very much and they are not who they were before the drugs got a hold of them. But like i said before i dont know who this person is anymore or should i say who they have become. Because my child never would have done the things they have done to me, their child and all that love them. If it wasnt for them being high. I just wish i could make just one wish and i would wish that i had my child back to the way they use to be. I hope Im still alive to be able to actually see that happen. But i put it in Gods hands along time ago. Now i just to have faith hes gonna pull through for me on my childs life. So to all of you people that sell drugs to people look at them and know because of you, they have ruined their lives, and whatever it is you sell them, they may die. I hope you could live with that for the rest of your lives.
frustrated and concerned

Minford, OH

#20 Jul 10, 2013
Minford just like everywhere is in desperate need of the only one who can help thats jesus i couldnt make it one day without his grace problem is we need to read his word thats why r president is a muslim r teachers r homos and minford is full of thieves and believe me stealing is wrong but theres a difference between candy and 4wheelers people hate jesus and he went to the cross 4 us all even kevin madden danny lewis kevin pitts gary blackburn and the mullins family lets all grow up
here is the truth

Minford, OH

#21 Jul 10, 2013
Minford is turning queer the meth theives r gay people need to work selling drugs isnt a job bucky whats with all the idiots who get on here and try to defend the other drugheads figured u would have sold ur computers for a pill hey has anyone heard if gary blackburn killed barry mcgraw lock up everything and shoot these pieces of garbage ps scioto county police r lazy the love that muslim queer barack muhommand saddam obama hussien hey r them madden boys drughead thieves most of u all eat crap like the pieces u r
Morally Responsible

Cincinnati, OH

#22 Jul 23, 2013
For anyone that says a drug addict has a disease and needs to be treated instead of going to jail....you are on something yourself. You tell yourself that you can't do anything because its a disease. That's your #1 excuse to yourself to keep using. NO ONE can make you quit other than yourself or being put behind bars. I have lost a sister to drugs and we grew up in Minford. I made responsible moral choices and she did not. You are adults and you know right from wrong. So because these people make piss poor choices, you think hard working peoples tax money should go toward an their treatment and recovery. I know it costs money to put them behind bars as well....but not nearly as much as putting them into a treatment facility. How many of these same people you are talking about have wet through court ordered treatment instead of jail? I know my sister did and as soon as she was out went right back to using. I by no means enabled her. If she needed groceries, I bought her groceries, if she needed help with utilities, I paid them, I would not give her cash period. For those of you that are telling yourselves that it's a disease and that you need help from other people, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions and help yourself. Stop waiting for someone else to do something for you. Stop trying to get people to bail you out and stop defending the people, who in this case, were not only using, but manufacturing the drug. You have no idea the toll it takes on your families. Especially when you blame them for not helping you. As I said, grow up and take control of your life instead of trying to make people feel sorry for you.
Morally Responsible

Cincinnati, OH

#23 Jul 23, 2013
Most of you are even saying they shouldn't be put in jail period because it makes them felons. THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE! They're using and manufacturing drugs you idiots. You think they should just get their treatment paid for and then walk away with a slap on the wrist? That simply shows them that they will be bailed out. "Walk a mile in my shoes".....everyone has the choice of right or wrong, no one controls your choices other than you. If I wanted to walk a mile in your shoes, I would have made bad decisions like you did. If you don't like the shoes you chose, chose new ones.

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