Unless the driver of the vehicle or his passenger were in danger of imminent death, the person's "pressing need" to leave the scene of an accident where he ran over someone is a pitiful excuse. There was a house close enough by that one of the occupants heard the car "hit something." The driver could have gone to the house, knocked on the door, identified himself as an off-duty policeman, and requested that the person call the cops. He could have said that he could not stay there for "x" reason and he wanted the accident to be reported. That's what a normal person might do--let alone a responsible cop--on or off duty.

The weird interpretation of the V & T law as "not specifying how long someone has to report an accident involving a death" is a real stretch. What if it was reported 2 or 3 days later--is that still ok? At best this guy is a lousy cop. At worst he is getting away with vehicular manslaughter.