Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal ...

Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal Over Movie

There are 1084 comments on the KCBS-TV Los Angeles story from Oct 27, 2006, titled Jesse James Hollywood Sues Universal Over Movie . In it, KCBS-TV Los Angeles reports that:

A former fugitive who is awaiting trial for a teenager's murder sued Universal Studios Friday, claiming he's unfairly portrayed in a movie based on the crime.

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oscar acosta

Kansas City, MO

#1263 Mar 19, 2013
I could care less abt Ben markowitz or nick markowitz or Jesse James Hollywood.I have one thing to say.Michelle Rodriguez I'm pretty much obssesed with you

Kansas City, MO

#1264 Mar 19, 2013
This is Jesse's home dog he got the shitty end of the stick on this one.ole boy should a payed that debt.nick deserved it.fuck your society irject your pompous authority

United States

#1265 Mar 19, 2013
Wow everyone I can not believe all u.. Jesse was with me he didn't even do any of this the movie is all wrong and so are all of u

United States

#1266 Apr 10, 2013
mystery wrote:
This is Jesse's home dog he got the shitty end of the stick on this one.ole boy should a payed that debt.nick deserved it.fuck your society irject your pompous authority
. If this is really one of his guys are a bunch of wannabe, soft ass, p#ssies. If you guys were so f#ckin tough you would've picked up the older brother instead of praying on some weak kid....and as far as this mystery man, come visit me and my boys in Chicago you would be f#cked in a second .....Morte Per Tutti Fracio's
Cell Phone

Springfield, NJ

#1268 Jun 20, 2013
Does anyone know what happened with Stacy Evans? I haven't seen her in this forum for a very long time. She usually posts updates on all 5. Is Rugge still in Avenal? Any new parole hearing dates? I really miss Stacy Evans. Stacy Evans please come back!!!
Cell Phone

Springfield, NJ

#1270 Jul 3, 2013
Jesse Rugge was granted parole July 2nd 2013!!!!! Yaaayyyy!!! Jesse Holluwood is next in line!!!
common sense

Washington, DC

#1271 Jul 9, 2013
How can ppl defend a guy who ordered a hit on a 15 yr old innocent kid? Smh. It's not "gangster" to kill somebody over $1200..I'm sure they all were bottom gals in prison tho so they got theirs in the long run as well. Good riddens to Hollywood, he is a piece of shit wanna be gangster who grew up with a pool in his backyard and choose the lifestyle he lead..I don't care what his side of the story is Smh it ended with a murder of a kid. You defenders need to show some compassion for Nick. And then go pray!!
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Springfield, NJ

#1274 Jul 9, 2013
You see, the thing is that JJH didn't order the kid to be killed. The 'ordering' was presumed by public because of the movie, extensive media coverage and the other defendants trying to pass the blame on him in anticipation of reduced sentence. JJH initiated the kidnapping therefore the Markowitz family believed that he was the 'mastermind of the murder'. What evidence there is that JJH 'ordered' the hit?

Richland, WA

#1275 Jul 21, 2013
KATY wrote:
Unfortunatly I don't think these are facts and I'm flabbergasted by the fact that you think they are. You need help. You've been manipulated by a manipulator end of story nothing u say will ever mind. Where r u from? Cause obviously ur whole love thing with this.disgusting man started after his conviction. He is just desperate I hope u realize that. Nick is never comming back... Let jesse rot. And move on with your life..
Yep she's a murder groopie proven by her statement, the sad part is she will always believe that he didn't murder a baby an at 15 he was a baby, he set all events in motion if not for his directe involvement no one would be dead. Look at the whole picture.
Cell Phone

Ardsley, NY

#1276 Jul 23, 2013
Jesse didn't kill the kid. He just kidnapped him. How does that make him a murderer? If the jury were convinced he ordered the murder they would have sentenced him to death (what he was facing). But they recommended different sentence. Why? Because it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jesse ordered the hit. And the jury were afraid that if they would find him not guilty, the public would make their lives miserable and they feared the Markowitzes would order a hit on them. We all know that it was too much publicity and the movie alpha dog that affected the outcome. Zonen should rot in jail as he was the initiator of the drama and put the wheels in motion making JJH guilty before a fair trial. He probably forgot that KARMA is a bitch and sooner or later will get him. I can't wait for old prick Zonen to suffer for causing an innocent man - JJH to go to jail.
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Ardsley, NY

#1277 Jul 23, 2013
Jesse James Hollywood was guilty even before he put his foot in the courtroom!!! Aren't you people scared that our Justice System failed??? Aren't you afraid that the presumed guilt, before the trial may happen to you or your family member??? Think twice before you say anything negative about JJH.

Kansas City, MO

#1278 Jul 30, 2013
It's sad any of these kids are gonna let these boys the justice system fails again, they should feed them to the wolves

Brandon, MS

#1279 Aug 2, 2013
Jesse Rugge is still in jail. I know this for a fact
Cell Phone

Ardsley, NY

#1280 Aug 3, 2013
He still is... awaiting his parole release in a couple of months...
MMC west hills

Los Angeles, CA

#1282 Aug 22, 2013
ben markowitz wrote:
i loved my brother even tho he was half a bro inside he was full i dont care wut ppl say but i need to get jesse james hollywood i loved my bro and now hes gone i swore i would find him and i plan on it if he gets free
Ben you were scum and your still scum, your nothing but a looser that got his brother killed
remember how you walked around the west hills area all hard ?? well punk I told you then and I'm telling you now you will pay what you owe cause here it comes.... your friends The Mickey Mouse Club...

East Hartford, CT

#1284 Sep 19, 2013
Ben markowitz is a piece of shit, if it wasn't for ben none of this happend n i don't think they asked for ransom n if ben knew is was jj why didn't the cops start knocking on doors if Ben knew why didn't he say nething n Nick Coulda got away he evn was in cat with a parent 1000 coulda happrnd but didnt n they were ill advised witnesses sn nivk partyn n hanging they c wouldnt have evn been brought on charges if they let him go but ben markowitz is a piece of shit n its sad theres stories like this happened all tyme in hood but were black n mexican so we don't get press
Tom Ace

East Hartford, CT

#1285 Sep 19, 2013
I didn't mean to sound insensitive, by no way did that kid deserve that he had his whole life ahead of him, the point I was trying make was I think this all was not supposed to happen ya knw they didn't set out to kidnap The kid, n none of them had the sense at the end like how many ppl see the kid with them,they were not gunna get away with it if they just would have let him go smh I mean he was seen by several witnesses partying n cohorting with them they wouldn't evn had a case if they let him go JJ didnt ask for ransom smh just stupid kids who got scared n made a big mistake, n why didn't nick run away by accounts from witnesses he had several chances to run away but didn't I know he was nieve but with each passing day wouldn't evn the most nieve person wanna go home smh this poor kid was probably having fun hanging out kicking it im sure like in movie he wouldn't have said nething, n his brother ben by looking at his pics he just looks like a slim ball, they all call JJ a punk but wat about ben if it wasnt for Ben none of this takes place all them kids woulda grew up hung out but they just made a bad choice none of them are hitters not even that fag Ryan Hoyt, Nick woulda probly been friends with these guys till this day smh his mother is a loving good hearted woman a great parent my heart goes out to her but at end of day none of us no the truth truth we just watched the movie n got info off the net
Brian M

California, MD

#1286 Sep 14, 2016
Fiski wrote:
First of all sorry for my english it's not my native language.
This murder/kidnapping could have been prevented by many ways...just little things even before the kidnapping.
I think the only "sick" mind is Ryan Hoyt´s though even if Jesse james Hollywood ordered the murder Hoyt shouldn't have done it, right?
Even if Hollywood did the order I personally think that his sentence is too high, fact IS that he wasn´t present at the murder, I feel the same also about Jesse Rugge´s and Ryan Hoyt´s sentence (I oppose the death penalty so).
The big thing I can´t understand is that I know about someone in america who got out of prison and then after a short time he had a guy literally dismembered. His sentence:Life in prison BUT he could get out after 20 years by probation and Hollywood (who I think was never in prison) got life WITHOUT the possibility of parole and like I said he wasn´t even present at the murder...
Everybody made lost: the victim´s family, the offenders and the offender´s family...
All we can hope is that other people learn from this tragic story.
Like i said sorry for my english ;)
Your English is actually better than some of the Americans who posted on this thread.
iron man


#1287 Oct 18, 2016
yeah right

Tempe, AZ

#1289 Nov 22, 2016
Benjamin Markowitz wrote:
you are all a bunch of idoits! ill get a black belt booo-yaaaa...RIP little bro, lick ma b@wls Mr. James, you dumb F@ck!!
I know this is old but you my friend are an idiot. Benjamin markowitz is not illiterate first off, secondly, not living in canada, thirdly, doesn't use drugs anymore. If any of you knew anything you would know that Jesse James Hollywood was trying to make Benjamin markowitz pay for fake ecstacy and Ben grew tired of it all. He even payed him over 1000 of the debt before growing tired of it. Jesse James Hollywood was a baller. 1200 bucks was like 5 bucks to him. It was stupid as hell and a pointless murder of an uninvolved party who didn't deserve to die. Anyone who says different deserves to be shot. Show some respect and don't be a retard and pretend to be someone your not. Do some research for Christ sake before commenting something retarded. Benjamin is clean and sober and lives with his wife and new child in california. James Hollywood is now spending the rest of his life in prison so Benjamin AZ definitely not out searching to get him. Justice has been served.

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