There are plenty of jobs in Clovis. If you like hard labor and low wages it is the place to be. If $13.00 an hour to start making cheese or whey impresses you and you think it's the bigtime you have found it! You will be able to work with idiots all day who pride themselves in their station in life because previously all they knew was the likes of Walmart or the local Newspaper making $8 an hour. You will get to work for 12 hours a day on your feet in a hot space with little access to water, 2 well timed 15 minute breaks and a 1/2 hour lunch. Not to mention you will have a socially retarded cowpoke telling you what to do who actually believes that they have a good thing going on. Enjoy!

I left a good town to get work there while caught in a rut. In retrospect I should of just stuck it out as I am back now, away from Clovis and in decent action... and was finally able to quit that shitty job as it was the absolutely worst and lowest paying job I ever had...and in the worst possible community. I knew it sucked as I lived there a long time ago but as of late it has become even worse...and I thought that would be impossible.