Fatal shooting under investigation in...

Fatal shooting under investigation in Roane County

There are 14 comments on the WVLT-TV Knoxville story from Jan 27, 2009, titled Fatal shooting under investigation in Roane County. In it, WVLT-TV Knoxville reports that:

A man was fatally shot Tuesday afternoon at a house in Roane County, according to the Roane County Sheriff's Department.

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Levittown, NY

#1 Jun 8, 2009
I have known Dustin for a very long time. If he gets away with this, which he probably will, I hate to see the fate of Roane County. Some people just should not be in law enforcement.


#2 Jun 9, 2009
Everyone posting says he is a nice quiet person. It seems like you may know a little more. Would you care to elaborate a little more. Many are thinking one of two things 1. Hot heat cop w/a badge and an attitude or 2. Scared to death rookie cop that started shooting and claimed he had a gun in his hand to cover his butt.

Any more details would be greatly appreciated. I can give you private email address if you do not want to put it on here.
cantankerousoldl ady

United States

#3 Jun 9, 2009
i moved from this town many years ago. it was a real peyton place then and i doubt has changed much, except to get more run down. My ex was one of the members of that community who got away with everything, due to who he or his family knew or was. The bitterness of that town still lingers in my mouth....I hope that Dustins family can recieve justice if it is deserved. It will probebly have to come from an outside source if things are the same there. As for my ex, he is now serving a life sentence.
What Now

Lenoir City, TN

#4 Jun 21, 2009
And these people indict constables and want them removed? LOL. Gimme a break! Let's indict the sheriff of Roane County.

Lenoir City, TN

#5 Jul 8, 2009
What Now wrote:
And these people indict constables and want them removed? LOL. Gimme a break! Let's indict the sheriff of Roane County.
lol well said!
Corruption - Just Read

Maryville, TN

#6 Jul 20, 2009
You may remember hearing about a Cleveland City Councilman by the name of
George Poe, He was the Cleveland City Councilman who turned a quiet
city neighborhood into a shooting gallery after suspected thieves tried to steal his
son’s lawn mower on or around May 22, 2009. Our twentieth century Wyatt Earp
and elected official, was armed while working in the yard outside his home when
“Theft in Progress” took place. George Wyatt Poe Earp, verbally tried to stop the
suspects and when that did not work he pulled a pistol from his person and fired
shots at the suspects vehicle as well as “warning shots” into the air. I guess Poe
was trying the “O.K. Corral Method” to stop the suspects or perhaps he just wanted
a photo opportunity like his “American Folk History Hero”. Poe, who emphatically
claims he was defending himself , gets in his vehicle and chases after the suspects.
Unlike Wyatt Earp, Councilman Poe, has a much better way of calling in his posse.
Councilman Poe breaks out his very own police radio and starts calling a police
pursuit for the would be thieves. This Aspiring “Lawman”, George Poe, managed
to cause several motor vehicle crashes by chasing the suspects into a congested
area of our city before his posse could corner the “Cowboy” type thieves. In an
live interview conducted by News Channel 9, Councilman Poe seemed less than
remorseful and almost “Proud”. He had his chest stuck out, his head held high, and
he was displaying his state issued Handgun Carry Permit along with his laminated
Cleveland City Councilman ID card. While George Poe says he was defending
himself his words speak louder than the pitch of his voice. Take a look at the
comments copied and pasted from News Channel 9.
In the 911 call, he says, "I emptied a full clip at 'em." Then the dispatcher says, "407, I copy, can you advise if the vehicle or subjects were hit by the gunshots?" And Poe responds, "I don't know I hope they were."
On Saturday, Poe says, "I did manage to get over by the fence and fire one shot at
the car, and then into the rest of it after he got on out into the street, I just shot it
into the air to try to scare him away."
As for Poe, he stands by his decision.
"I guess I would do it again if someone was coming after me with a car," says Poe.
Corruption - Just Read

Maryville, TN

#7 Jul 20, 2009
The Bradley County District Attorney’s Office under DA Steve Bebb, has tried to
distance themselves from prosecuting Councilman George Poe. The DA’s
office even asked the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office to investigate this matter.
From the information on News Channel 9’s website it’s unclear if the
Bradley County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation; however, it is clear
that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been investigating the actions of
Councilman George Poe. Take a look at the DA’s statements below:
As for Poe, Bradley District Attorney Steve Bebb says as of now it doesn't look like he will face charges, but the investigation is still going.
Now, the Bradley County District Attorney's Office tells us they're asking the Bradley County Sheriff's Office to investigate.
Bebb added that it's only legal in Tennessee to fire shots at someone for stealing property, if it's in self defense. That's the question he plans to ask the Bradley County Sheriff's Office to investigate.
D.A. Recuses Himself In Cleveland Shooting Case
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July 13, 2009 - 2:44 PM
Heather Williams
The District Attorney has recused himself from the case of a Cleveland City Councilman accused of shooting at some suspected thieves.
The TBI has almost finished its now investigating George Poe. Poe says he fired shots at a man and woman who tried to steal his son's lawn mower.
The TBI will now hand findings of that investigation over to prosecutors in Roane County, who will decide whether to charge Poe.
The State of Tennessee will suspend and confiscate Handgun Carry Permits from
citizens with no criminal history and who have never fired a weapon at anyone;
as well as, post and distribute false, felonious, and harmful information against that
person. The State of Tennessee will also send six police officers to the home of a
law abiding citizen to confiscate a permit without a warrant. Now, when the law
abiding citizen petitions the State of Tennessee to come to court to answer to this
abuse, The Bradley County District Attorney’s Office defends the
State of Tennessee. How Can the Bradley County District Attorney’s Office pursue
law abiding citizens “Civilly” AND NOT pursue law breakers “Criminally”???
What does the District Attorney's Office do?
The office of the District Attorney for Lancaster County PA., states that the District Attorney's Office assists police departments in criminal investigations, and prosecutes criminal charges for the Commonwealth against those who are accused of breaking the law. Upon receipt of a reported crime the District Attorney reviews the facts and evidence and decides whether or not to approve the charges and proceed with prosecution. The District Attorney is required by law to only handle criminal matters and may not give civil legal advice.
Corruption - Just Read

Maryville, TN

#8 Jul 20, 2009
The Bradley County District Attorney’s Office is currently defending the
State of Tennessee in “Civil” cases which politically targets law abiding citizens,
while the office “recues” it’s self from investigating and prosecuting certain
“Criminals”; like George Poe who pose “ a material likelihood of risk or harm to
the public by firing live ammunition at “fleeing people” and firing live ammunition
in a neighborhood within the City Limit’s and continuing to endanger the public.
If anyone doubts that the Bradley County District Attorney’s Office is spending tax payer money defending/prosecuting or pursuing “Civil” matters as favors to the State of Tennessee; Come to the Bradley County Court House on August 28th, 2009 @ 9 A.M., located at 155 N. Ocoee St. Cleveland TN 37311, Civil Cessions Court room, where you will be able to see for yourself ; or simply read the top the Appeal form (titled Instructions to Applicant) from the State of Tennessee Department of Safety’s website under the “Handguns” section.



Well folks I certainly have a better understanding now of just why it is that
D.A. Steve Bebb has recused himself from the case of Councilman George Poe.
I have recently been told that there is no police incident report on the George Poe
shooting/vehicle chase which took place in Cleveland City Tennessee. The
Cleveland City Police department the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office consistently
maintain their claim that:“there is no report on this May 22, 2009 incident”
involving a shooting or car chase initiated by Councilman George Poe. The media
via News Channel 9 and the Cleveland Daily Banner published reports as well as
radio traffic from Cleveland/Bradley County 911 Communications Center while
both local law enforcement agencies claim there was no incident report conducted.
If this is true, why would District Attorney Steve Bebb feel the need to recuse
himself from something that never happened in the first place??

It has been reported that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will now hand over
their findings of the George Poe investigation to prosecutors in Roane County
Tennessee. This all makes perfect sense considering that Roane County District
Attorney Russell Johnson has just asked the courts for five years of supervised
probation for a man who admitted to second degree murder. It’s also been reported
that a Roane County Deputy just blasted a home owner for shooting deer that were
getting into the guy’s garden and of course the Roane County Sherriff is
backing the officer involved slaying. I assume George Poe feels all warm and
fuzzy inside knowing that his fate lies in the hands of a county government which
actually allows people to “get away with murder”.

The State of Tennessee made a grave mistake by going after an out spoken citizen
like me, a citizen with no criminal history who is seeks equal rights and
punishment no matter what county or city title you wear on your sleeve, if any. I
will not rest my voice until D.A. Steve Bebb & Office start going after the real
criminals and start recusing their office from political favors sought by the State of
Tennessee, or the TBI, or the FBI, or the Chattanooga City Police department,
Division of Internal Affairs. I will not rest my voice as long as the Cleveland
Bradley County 911 Communications Center contains “officer safety bolos” on me
but not on City Councilman George Poe who admittedly shot up his neighborhood
and a vehicle that was occupied.
Corruption - Just Read

Maryville, TN

#9 Jul 20, 2009


Cleveland City Police Department
Denies George Poe incident report

I, Bryan A. Erwin, went to the Cleveland Police Services Center and asked the clerk for an (incident report) on the “George Poe” shooting & car chase. The clerk told me that the Cleveland Police Department does not have an incident report involving “George Poe”. The clerk also advised me to check with the Tennessee Highway Patrol because in her language, THP worked the accident. I have since called and left phone messages with the Cleveland Police Department’s Public Information Officer to call me back and still I have not received that phone call.

Reporter: Todd South, with the Chattanooga Times Free Press, wrote an article on May 27, 2009, available on the internet, stating that “Cleveland
Police took Mr. Brogdon and a woman identified as his wife, Sandra Brogdon, into custody,“RECORDS SHOW”. This information has been heavily reported buy multiple media outlets and Cleveland Police spokeswoman Evie West’s name keeps appearing. Perhaps Miss Evie West, or the Chief of Police, or D.A. Steve Bebb could provided me the “records” that the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported as showing these arrests, under the Tennessee Open records Request Act.

After all, it’s quite clear by the D.A.’s own statements that his office will not be prosecuting George Poe. I will not stand idly by as the rest of the citizens of Cleveland TN and watch George Poe walk around with his .380 on his hip. I don’t have any election worries or politicians to protect and unlike Steve Bebb’s Office I have the Fortitude & courage to make “legally” sure George Poe never carries a firearm in this state ever again. I WANT THAT INCIDENT REPORT AND I’M NOT GOING TO QUIT ASKING UNTIL I HAVE IT. I’ll also be asking Lt. Robert Eckerman, with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, to ask for this incident report as well. If Mr. Bebb’s office has time to pursue me, than he has time to pursue George Poe.
UPDATE On TBI Information

Maryville, TN

#10 Jul 20, 2009
I have now just found out that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation does answer to the Local District Attorney's Office. it has been reproted by TBI themselves that their office used to be housed under the Deaprtment of Safety of the State of Tennessee. I hope Russle Johnson and staff run a more "ship shape" office than our local District Attorney in Bradley CO. TN, But judging from the local news in Roane County, I don't believe that's the case.
The Law

Maryville, TN

#11 Jul 23, 2009
Tennessee Code Annotated sections 39-13-101,-102 (2003) define the offense of aggravated
assault. Pursuant to the statute, aggravated assault may be committed in either of two ways:(1) by intentionally or knowingly causing another to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury by use of a deadly weapon, or (2) by intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another by use of a deadly weapon. Tenn. Code Ann.§§ 39-13-101,-102 (2003). By comparison, felony reckless endangerment is defined as recklessly engaging in conduct which places another person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury by use of a deadly weapon. Tenn. Code Ann.§ 39-13-103(a)(2003).
When George Poe fired his .380 at the suspects vehicle and then chased them all the way to the police station. I'm pretty sure he violated these to laws. WHY ARE NO CHARGES BEING FILED???

Maryville, TN

#12 Aug 1, 2009
I am flabergasted that no consequenes are forthcoming. I live in Bradley County. I guess I need to get the carry permit so I can shoot back at these morons. Evidently it's legal.
Samuel IV

Greenback, TN

#13 Aug 1, 2009
You don't have to worry about the DA Office in Roane County. It is already taken care of. Your councilman will not be charged. Believe me. One got away with 3 years in the pokey for capitol murder and another got away with probation for murder. This DA is a lein attorney and knows nothing about being a criminal investigator or prosecutor. He will help his buddies in politics only.

United States

#14 Oct 17, 2009
So does anyone know what happened with Dustin? Did they find him in the wrong?

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