I'd also like to add that the MN Supreme Court's (split) decision was based upon what they deemed to be "dictionary definitions" of an illegal substance. What is glaringly obvious is that they failed on this "definition" as well. Try selling dirty bong water on the street. Who's buying? No one! So it would seem that there would be an existing black market for a substance that is deemed to be an "illegal substance." Considering there is NO ONE that wants to buy dirty bong water, where is the market?? How can it be an illegal substance when no one is buying? This doesn't even begin to pass the sniff test, and I suspect this will eventually be overturned by the US Supreme Court.
Sadly, politics again seems to be the driving factor, as Pawlenty's neo-con MN SC appointees were in this misguided majority, not surprisingly. When are people going to say "enough is enough" with this failed drug war? It's horribly expensive and has not made a dent in the problem of addiction. "Tough on crime" has proven to be extremely expensive and horribly flawed.