Who would you vote for as Putnam Supe...

Who would you vote for as Putnam Superintendent of Schools?

Created by politics user on Mar 6, 2011

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Tom Townsend

Mike Lisle

Phyllis Criswell

Jim Roach

Someone else (please comment - who?)

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fan of stankyhog

Tampa, FL

#122 Aug 11, 2012
Don't forget that Mr Townsend has done so much good with millions less in funding. WOW. I was over there lately and the kids just looked smarter !
Almost agree

Palatka, FL

#123 Aug 11, 2012
Soneedachange wrote:
I am a teacher. I have watched some of the best, most competent and qualified educators leave Putnam County schools in the last three years. I have observed and felt the paranoia and the humiliation of being directed by people who have never been responsible for teaching Putnam County students, but who think they are superior to those of us who have. I know the current regime (and it can be called nothing but that) believes it must leave the county to find anyone with ability (except for TT's family and extended family).
Administrators I have worked for during this time supported TT's policies knowing there was nothing they could do. We all gave his ideas our best shot.
It hasn't worked and we survivors are tired.
Please vote for Phyllis Criswell and Jim Roach--they have walked the walk. And thanks to Cynthia Asia and Mike Lisle for trying to correct all the wrongs. They are good people with more ability than TT.
We want to grow, but we want to be able to do what we know is good for our kids without being punished.
Agree there has to be a change. The students attending Putnam County Schools are the bottom of the concern list. Many expressing opinions about the powers to be, but no one standing up for the students. No doubt TT is not fit to be the stay at home mom he used to be. Now he is a joke and is that at the education expense of the county students.
It is time to put the students first. Not sure Criswell will do that, not sure anyone can for a few years with the screwed up mess that TT has created. Biggest fear right now is going to be what shape the district is really in, and that will not be known until someone else gets in to really see under the rugs as to what TT has really destroyed while in there.
I believe that Cynthia Asia will be the best and most student minded person to reset this county school district back into motion to better educate the students than to prove that they can enter a work force in any part of this country. Truly believe now is the time for new and not return to maybes. We need someone to protect our children from another power hungury administration.
Lets condider what will be best for our children and not who can be the biggest ego builder. Criswell still has a good background but comes with alot of previous baggage to attest for.
Lets give Asia a chance to show this county how to reorganize a failing system and bring this county up to some place we can be proud of.
Amazed but not Shocked

Palatka, FL

#124 Aug 11, 2012
Political years, certainly do not bring out the best of people. I read post such as this, the daily mullet wrapper and listen to people in the community. People tend to take the lazy/easy route and quick to point out incorrect information that they have not researched or evaluated or even tried to learn something for themselves. Maybe we as adults should really take our jobs seriously and set EXAMPLES for our children. EDUCATE yourself. One person such as a superintendent is not solely responsible for the education of our children. WE ALL ARE. Of course there will be employees unhappy with the boss, that is in every job. Employees generally do not like change because "We have always done it that Way", and in every job you have employees that are minimalist , getting by with the least amount possible and believing that they deserve something for nothing, confusing longevity with some type of seniority or tenure. We the voters have been minimalist, only getting of our duffs and complaining because the economy is bad. Before we are so quick to judge and repeat false information, do your own Homework. That is what you expect your children to do, or should if you want them to be successful. Who ever you vote for, vote for the candidate you researched, studied and learned something about and don't just cheat off someone else's ideas/rumors. Be who you want your children to grow up admiring. Set the standard for your children and you won't be setting back thinking that one person is responsible for your childrens education. Evaluate the teachers your children friends, be involved at school functions, at home, help your children dream of something more than a jacked up truck and wallering in the mud or having babies before they graduate.
Clear Choice

Palatka, FL

#125 Aug 11, 2012
Townsend gets my vote and I did my homework.
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#126 Aug 11, 2012
Palatka Lifer wrote:
It's really sad to see how much you've all drank the 'Bubba Kool-Aid'...While I disagree with Mr. Townsend on several issues, he at least has integrity (he didn't sleep around on his spouse) that Ms. Criswell (Mike Pegg) and Mr. Roach (Ms. Hutchins)sure as hell did. I know that he didn't give his friends big raises (like Bubba giving Jimmy Alexander an assistant principal job @ 92K). He makes less now that PC made as a principal.
Want to watch the District go back to the good ol' boy system where we continually fell in State rankings? Then go back to the Criswell/Roach ticket. There's a reason Seminole and GP can't hire PC school graduates--the David Buckles era was more worried about his buddies/wives/relatives THAN OUR KIDS.
How is it that Gilchrist county is as poor as us--yet is always in the top 5 in the state? Because their curriculum is district-mandated--not school-centric like PC and JR want. Vote Townsend out and you'll see what it's like to live with excuses instead of results--give Ms. Gilyard a carte blanche over @ Beasley and they'll stay an "F" school (which she took over from the scoundrel Roach).
TT isn't perfect--but voting for him is like voting for Mitt Romney--he's the least of the evils.
Oh, and for the record--quoting the PDN shows how unintelligent you really are... Next you'll say vote for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for president?
Is that the best you can do? Were you bullied in the 7th grade too? Need a tissue?
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#127 Aug 11, 2012
fan of stankyhog wrote:
Don't forget that Mr Townsend has done so much good with millions less in funding. WOW. I was over there lately and the kids just looked smarter !
And all of that "so called good" is being reported in the PDN as uncle Tom promised in his open, honest, and transparent campaign promise.
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#128 Aug 11, 2012
I'm still waiting to see TT's alias AA degree from St Johns. He's got every award from China on his website yet no degree. I hear tell Criswell carries ALL of her framed degrees in a Mary Poppins bag. Show me the degree?
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#129 Aug 11, 2012
Palatka Lifer wrote:
Vote Townsend out and you'll see what it's like to live with excuses instead of results--give Ms. Gilyard a carte blanche over @ Beasley and they'll stay an "F" school (which she took over from the scoundrel Roach).
I pity the fool that attacks a woman of God.
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#130 Aug 11, 2012
Putnam Parent wrote:
I ask all putnam county parents to get out and vote. I am not up to date on all of the canidates, but I do know Townsend has wrecked the school board system. he specks of great gains but he has just spun the numbers in his favor. Get out and vote, but more importantly vote tom townsend OUT of office.
Brilliant! Heard there's a sign on a truck...Vote ANYBODY but TT
fan of JB

Alachua, FL

#131 Aug 11, 2012
Stankyhog wrote:
Ole TT is really getting smacked around. It's sad to see times never change in the ole homeland. Heck, he could be doing good ( actually is )and the pepes would still smear'em. This blog is full of hatred and acidity. It's really about the beans isn't it ? Not the kids ! Buckles had them and now TT has them. PCSD is where the $$ is at for alot of people. He's got good people behing him. People you and I grew up with and were friends of. What does that say of folks who support him and disagree with the TT haters. Just keep on hating the man and what he stands for till it makes you sick of yourselves because he's not going anywhere.
Class warfare is well and alive in ole palatka. I guess ALL my compadres who grew up there and work for the PCSD and support TT are just ignorant or they just want the coveted "beans"
Oh Billy boy the beans are out of the bag. Uncle Tommy admitted publicly with pride that he is the most hated man in Putnam County and was bullied in the 7th grade which explains the wrath the employees of the PCSD have endured the last 45 months: bully retalliation in the rank and file. The transition team is leaving like rats on a sinking ship; they've got their share of beans and then some...except for THE Stankyhog. Personally don't see all the hate that you claim, it's more like terror. Think the PDN and the voters are smelling what TT's camp is cooking this go around...
She is back

Tampa, FL

#132 Aug 11, 2012
I think we have been given too much opportunities to speak and we beneficiated little of them. This is the disaster that a speech could bring about. If we posted something irritating on our FB account for example, we can simply delete it. If we accidentally wrote some rubbish words in our sites we can easily remove them but once we said something unpleasant whatís more annoying we canít pull the words back. Because everyone can be a listener. Just a thing to ponder, do we realize of how many stupid things that we have done? How many hearts that we have hurt? How many feelings that we have harmed? And how many more we want to? Is the damage beyond repair?

Hastings, FL

#133 Aug 11, 2012
Short and Sweet, it's our future and our childrens.

Ocala, FL

#134 Aug 15, 2012
"He who laughs last, laughs best!"
The dictator is gone! Thank you Putnam County for seeing the light.

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