Prince George County Student Injured: Student Hurt in Prince George County Flown to Hospital - wtvr

Full story: WTVR 38
A fight among students at N.B. Clements Jr. High in Prince George County Monday morning results in one student being flown to the hospital. Full Story
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Richmond, VA

#1 Oct 25, 2010
10 days?? what a joke. suspend his a%^ for the year if guilty of starting the fight.

Farmville, VA

#2 Oct 25, 2010
The student will be suspended for 10 days without a doubt.....pending further school board decision. The 10 days gives time for investigation and if the student has a disibility, they can determine if the incident occurred due to a manifestation of ones disability.

Charlottesville, VA

#3 Oct 25, 2010
Thats what im sayin, if that kid was flown to the hospital and unresponsive.. he should be suspended for the rest of the year!!!

Cambridge, MA

#4 Oct 25, 2010
I think they have to suspend the student until the school board meets (within the 10 days) to make a final determination on what to do with the student. It's not a joke, it's policy.
Mom of 3

Richmond, VA

#5 Oct 25, 2010
Out of school suspension is just a joke. Make them go to school and sit in the library and do what they are missing in class, or they can clean the school toilets and pick up trash.
Stacy Archer


#6 Oct 25, 2010
I have a friend whose child goes to Clements so being concerned I told her to call the school and find out was going on because my nephew had called and said he had just come by there and saw everything going on, prior to it being on the news, so she called and the lady in the office said that a student had been trasfered to the hopital for medical reasons and that it was a normal day at school. I don't believe that a child being med flighted is a normal day and the parent should have been told exactly what was going on.
cowboy for kidsfoundation

Petersburg, VA

#7 Oct 25, 2010
Who started the fight ,both should have been suspended

Richmond, VA

#8 Oct 25, 2010
Without all of the information, no conclusion can be truly made by outsiders. CBS could be going by accounts that could be totally blown out of proportion by their "witnesses". The 10-day suspension is good for giving time to look over the entire incident. For all you know, the fight could have been over, the kid tripped, and that is when he hit his head. Don't judge based on a "breaking news" story. Prince George County Public Schools is keeping parents informed by calling them. Let the dust settle and let's find out what REALLY happened.

United States

#9 Oct 25, 2010
I agree with mom of 3, it would be more effective if the suspendee were to complete some kind of sentence IN school. Most parents work and the student will most likely be home watching tv and playing video games. Most kids LIKE being at home rather than school!
Concerned PG Parent

United States

#10 Oct 25, 2010
I'd like to preface this comment with two statements. First, my father retired from the United States Army in 1986. Second, I'm a parent of two children (neither in Clements) that go to Prince George County schools.
Onto the comment, I'd bet money this involves at least one Ft. Lee student. In case many of you don't know, Prince George receives money from the federal government for each Ft. Lee student. It has been this was since I was a student there.
It pains me to say it, but the military is not what it used to be. I remember as a child my father holding me to such high standards when we were stationed overseas because we (he and his family) represented our country. God help us now.
I hope and pray for the welfare of the injured student. I also hope the security cameras will identify all the responsible parties and punish them accordingly.

Richmond, VA

#11 Oct 25, 2010
Mom of 3 wrote:
Out of school suspension is just a joke. Make them go to school and sit in the library and do what they are missing in class, or they can clean the school toilets and pick up trash.
I agree. I'd have fighting kids in school punishment. They'd be cleaning toilets, the grounds, classrooms, auditorium, writing an essay to be read to entire school. You name it. Parents, teach your kids right from wrong.

Richmond, VA

#12 Oct 25, 2010
I think a child who is suspeneded should have to stay in school in a closed up closet with a desk!!!!! Why let them go home where they can have the freedom to do whatever they want? keep thier butts there.

Hopewell, VA

#13 Oct 25, 2010
While having a student in school facing a punishment would be a great idea where would we get the money to pay a person to supervise this student? He obviously cannot be in a normal classroom setting so it would take a 1 on 1 person to make sure there wasn't anymore trouble from the student! When teachers can't get a raise in years this isn't a well thought out solution. Send him home and let his parents be responsible for him!!
Former Richmonder

Morristown, NJ

#14 Oct 25, 2010
Lock the kid up and throw the key away. Lock up the parents too.

Richmond, VA

#15 Oct 25, 2010
For the record, apparently BOTH of the students are SpEd (Special Ed) children. And NEITHER of them is from Fort Lee. There are so many rumors and inaccurate statements floating around during this story. How about we let the fact come to light and then we make judgements.

On another note, I COMPLETELY agree with Educator. There is NO possible way that you could put this kid in an ISS environment for 10 days. The schools are already cutting budgets, where would they find the money to be able to hire another person to watch this or any other kid on long term ISS? OSS is the way to go, plus it keeps him from being anywhere near in contact with the other child while everything is coming out and the investigation is done.

And for those of you who want to "lock the kid in a closet", I think that is something we call child abuse/neglect. Discipline starts AT HOME, not at school. Let the parents handle this and let them figure out what to do with this child.
HS SpEd Teacher

Mechanicsville, VA

#16 Oct 25, 2010
The 10-day suspension is to give the proper school and school board authorities time to thoroughly investigate the altercation and find out the facts. Within that time period, the school board will meet, hear the facts, and decide what should be further done.

One fact that must be considered is if the child is a special ed student. Federal law states that a special ed student who is in jeopardy of being suspended for more than 10 days must have a "manifestation" meeting to ascertain whether or not the act-in-question is a product of the student's special ed issues. If it is a result of the child's special ed issues, the school board must come up with an alternate way of dealing with it, including, but not limited to, changing the child's IEP and/or special ed placement. If it is not a product of the child's special ed issues, it can be treated by the school board in the same manner as if the child were not in special education.

As far as making the school deal with the student in In-School Suspension (ISS), many schools do not have the financial ability to pay someone to deal with that one student all day long. While, yes, many students do prefer Out-of-School Suspension (OSS), because they get to stay home, OSS does still put the emphasis for punishment where it belongs, on the parents. It is then the parents' responsibility to make sure that the child is sufficiently unhappy during that OSS period that they consider their actions prior to making a similar decision in the future.

I, too, am a working parent, so I do know how difficult it would be to have my daughter suspended for 10 days and for me to have to figure out a way to handle it. I also know, however, that I would be the one with the responsibility for making sure that those 10 days (or, however many days it turns out to be)were spent in a way that would make her sorry she'd ever gotten into the altercation.

I find it interesting how many people believe that the school is solely responsible for teaching the student to use good judgment in their behavior because the students' parents work. Interestingly, teachers are at work, too, and we have children of our own whom we have to discipline when the time comes.

Colonial Heights, VA

#17 Oct 25, 2010
It was at my school and the fight was between 1st and 3rd period.... and the kid has a cuncussion
in the know

Cape Coral, FL

#18 Oct 25, 2010
I say lets see the tape!!
not a teahead

Richmond, VA

#19 Oct 25, 2010
Abby wrote:
<quoted text> I agree. I'd have fighting kids in school punishment. They'd be cleaning toilets, the grounds, classrooms, auditorium, writing an essay to be read to entire school. You name it. Parents, teach your kids right from wrong.
too bad you can't teach any.
not a teahead

Richmond, VA

#20 Oct 25, 2010
Former Richmonder wrote:
Lock the kid up and throw the key away. Lock up the parents too.
providing they can use your house as a place of confinement. are you game? teabaggers don't like paying to house criminals.

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