I am writing this in support of the candidacy of P. J. Crogan to be Preston County’s next County Clerk. In 1972, P. J. was my campaign manager when I was elected as Student Body President of Kingwood High School. When I had failed to get nominated by the KHS faculty, P. J. was determined to have me nominated from the floor in the student assembly and to be elected. Needless to say, this action was not viewed favorably by the principal and several teachers. However, P. J. stood his ground. After repeatedly being ruled out of order, P. J. refused to sit down until my nomination was accepted. P. J. came prepared. Over and over, he declared, “ I am not out of order”. He read the election rules out loud and insisted that the faculty play by the adopted regulations. The principal said I couldn’t run because I was an outsider who just arrived in Kingwood eight months earlier. I thought P. J. would end up being expelled from school defending me, but he didn’t seem to care. He had a great sense of right and wrong and fundamental fairness at that young age. He followed through on his commitment to get me elected with grass root organization. Within hours of placing my name in nomination, he had a phone bank in operation calling every student with a phone number. Every volunteer got an assignment. He didn’t let a detail go without attention. It was a professional campaign by any standard. In no time before or after that election, have I ever met an individual with the stature of P. J. Crogan. As kids, we used to look up to Doc Kercheval and Frank Everhart as men we revered and wanted to be like. For the generation today, for the kids that are going to school at Preston High, there could be no better model to emulate than P. J. Crogan. His wife Jane might be able to express it better than me but for all those reasons and more, I believe that P. J. Crogan would make an outstanding County Clerk. I trust that the voters will also.