Fix it already:

"I define the problem as the extremist nativist, Minutemen, John Tanton's hate-Anti-immigrant Network FAIR, numbersusa, CIS ALIPAC... false concern over illegal immigration."

Arlington deputy police chief joins fight against immigration enforcement:

Arlington Deputy Police Chief Kim Lemaux joined three other law enforcement leaders Thursday to oppose efforts that involve local police in the enforcement of noncriminal infractions of immigration law.

The message was delivered by a new organization, the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative. Retired Sacramento Police Chief Art Venegas founded the group this year. Its creation comes as Congress faces overhauling complicated immigration laws next year and as North Texas routinely deals with illegal immigration conflicts.

"This issue of immigration needs to remain the responsibility of federal authorities," Lemaux said in a telephone news conference. "We need all our resources to address our core issues and local issues."

Lemaux said police forces like hers in Arlington, a city of about 375,000, are stretched thin.

She was joined by Venegas of Sacramento and an Iowa sheriff, who were even more pointed in their comments. Iowa's Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy called the nation's immigration policies both "schizophrenic" and "convoluted."