what ever happened to Doug Grant?

Phoenix, AZ

#3295 Mar 24, 2009
texas mom wrote:
Hey friend,
I posted it already .

Belle Plaine, IA

#3296 Mar 24, 2009
Jessica wrote:
Texas mom, where can i see the information you are getting?
WestwoodClassmat e

Phoenix, AZ

#3297 Mar 24, 2009
There is a God!
The Known

Mesa, AZ

#3298 Mar 24, 2009
i knew fay and i have always believed she was murdered by doug grant. I was so relieved when i found out he was finally found guilty. i feel really bad for him and his family but it was his choice to drug and drown her in the bathtub. he is finally receiving his consequence!

Mesa, AZ

#3299 Mar 24, 2009

It' not enough... but it helps to know that at least some of the jury members weren't fooled by his lies and mechanations about being an INNOCENT MAN.
We can feel sad for his family... but at the end of the day, we reap what we sow.

Sun City, AZ

#3300 Mar 24, 2009
after the sentencing, the Faylene's family needs to get the adoption rescinded. It's only right.

Phoenix, AZ

#3301 Mar 24, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:
I have put a lot of energy and time into this little blog and I would like to make a statement:
Doug Grant, today, is a convicted felon.. A guilty man who conspired to kill/murder his wife as he was convicted by a jury. Doug Grant is in jail, RIGHT NOW… And he will stay for a long period of years… Where he belongs.
Doug is an evil man who has done harm to many and is now paying a price for his crimes. When he wept as he was lead away in hand cuffs it was just that he suffer for his crimes… After all he is now, a convicted felon.. A tag he will have to live with for the rest of his life, not to mention the here after… He will have years behind bars to consider his actions and crimes…
To those whom he damaged.. I don’t know you… But God bless you… I am truly sorry for your loss.
To Doug’s family and supporters.. I’m not sorry for the outcome of the trial, and verdict of the jury, it was just.. However I pity you for what your friend, brother, husband and father has put you through.. You were sucked into Doug’s web of lies and its about time you understand there are rules to this life, and Doug was never willing to live by the rules… Hence were he is sleeping tonight, and note were you are sleeping tonight..
I personally was not 100% pleased with the verdict but at the end of the day Doug Grant is Guilty… A convicted felon and nothing can change that fact… How do you like them apples… Not to mention the odds all you supporters kept talking about..
Doug is out in excess of a cool two million dollars… and a convicted felon to boot.. life is good… As they say on Hawaii 5-O "Book em Dan’o!!!!" LOL Mahalo

Riverside, CA

#3302 Mar 24, 2009

Mesa, AZ

#3303 Mar 24, 2009
The Messenger wrote:
I'm sure Doug and I will have a great time when we go out for that celebration steak.
And that will be... when??
colton saline

Safford, AZ

#3304 Mar 24, 2009
my sister dated his son i dnt think he did i just got a txt that he got man slaughter an his sentence will be in one week
texas mom

Mckinney, TX

#3305 Mar 24, 2009

I'm sorry I knew someone that was at the courtroom today, and they texted me as soon as it was read.
Unfortunately I have been gone since then and unreachable. I will recap with my friend tomorrow for more details.
We will have to wait and see what his sentencing brings.
My regards and empathy or sympathy's go to his children. But I think the boys have been taught a good lesson. You can not con, lie, murder, cheat, or basically keep the commandments and you won't go to jail. It doesn't matter how much money you have or people you know, you are still responsible for you and your actions.
Besides who's to say that Doug would be a great influence, mentor, or role model for his children anyway?
It doesn't sound like his life has been much Christ -like for the past several years, with the exception of the last couple since he has been under suspect.
I hope that when Doug looks at his boys.
The boys he wanted and talked about on his mission; he wanted 5 boys, a baskeball team, when he see's the hurt and the betrayal, in their eyes,
That will only begin to be his real punishment.

United States

#3306 Mar 24, 2009
Justice? Karma? Neither?

Everything happens for a reason. Let's hope it's a good one.

Texas, your last post was shining. This is your board. The first post was yours and I hope the last post is too.

Master of Ceremonies

Meridian, ID

#3307 Mar 24, 2009
Looks like ol' Douggie won't be going out for that victory steak afterall. To all you ignorant self-loathing morons who supported this guy, he is getting what he deserves and you will too if you don't change your ways.

Maricopa, AZ

#3308 Mar 24, 2009
Well said Texas Mom.

"Everything happens for a reason."

Perhaps, this trial saved Hillary's life a few years down the road when Doug set his eyes on another 19 year old mistress!
No perfect crime

United States

#3309 Mar 24, 2009
Thank you, jury, for having the integrity to come back with a guilty verdict. The fact that it wasn't murder 1 or 2 is probably due to the fact that the jury couldn't agree, so the lesser charge was agreed upon. Doug's actions have hurt so many people, the family, friends, and loved ones of the victim, and let's not forget his own beautiful children. Part of Doug's punishment is seeing the hurt he has caused/will continue to cause his innocent children. The man had it all, money, success, beautiful wife. He wanted MORE. This is a lesson about greed, Doug got greedy.

Mesa, AZ

#3310 Mar 24, 2009
I hate to say "I told you" but I did.
Guilty as Charged

Scottsdale, AZ

#3311 Mar 25, 2009
inside scoop wrote:
<quoted text> they disowned you too Paige. You back stabbing two faced wench. Face it your a looser looking for attention any way you can get it. Even if it means hurting innocent people. You could have cleared up alot of what the prosecution used as ammo, but you chose to slink back into your hole and change your story and look like an absoulute idiot. You are the one that burned the bridge with the family not the other way around.
Who did Paige stab in the back? All she was doing was telling the truth with the facts that she had known and was later given. And if she was so damned important to the prosecutions arsenal, why didn't they call her to the witness stand? If she was out there looking for attention don't you think she would have offered to take the stand? Volunteered anything she had to offer? I'm pretty sure she tried to steer clear of everything that happened in court. And last time I heard, Paige was still a loved member of the DeWitt family.

Nevertheless, justice (or at least a portion of) has been served and now all you Doug supporters can eat your words of his innocence. Claim all you want but the jury has spoken. And now the innocent people like Paige can resume there lives.

And as for you, you sorry bastard. You can go straight to hell. I guess as you wallow through all this shit you have to drag as many people with you as possible.
unhappy ending either way

Chesapeake, VA

#3312 Mar 25, 2009
This has been a stressful case for friends, co-workers and especially families. My heart goes out to Hilary, Marley, Braven, Jenna, Austin and Neaveh and even Doug. They all have a hard road ahead.
Like my title, I knew there would be "An unhappy ending either way", but this is proof that character traits are important and that there is a reason for putting your hand on the bible. It is all about choices.
May all you other girls from this blog heal and be able to use this experience as a lesson for others. Thank you for your courage and strength.
May we al have the strength to forgive Doug.
God bless America and may god bless us all..........

Avondale, AZ

#3313 Mar 25, 2009
Does anyone know if he was found guilty of just manslaughter, or was it manslaughter "dangerous"?
Master of Ceremonies

Meridian, ID

#3314 Mar 25, 2009
Doug is one sick perv that is finally getting some semblance of long-overdue justice. Do you know that his current wife Hilary used to babysit for him and his first wife when she was 12 or 13. He picked her out then as a future conquest. This sicko is going to get his "therapy" from much larger men behind bars and good riddance.

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