OK People,this is changing the topic , but i think that the people of the County should know that.
1) E.W. Motley has resigned,asked to resign is more like it but the county will prolly say it was because something medical ,as that is what i was told You should know him from his many drug arrests he was the head of the Task Force.
It seems Mr.Motley was being investigated for awhile by the Sheriffs Dept!! Also Mr Bill Mewborn ,is also a goner.
You probably wouldnt know him he was undercover. Mr.Mewborn was brought in to infiltrate Gloucesters Drug Scene,but im sure you would remember him from the large Drug Bust that was made last October right before Election.
30 something people were arrested and something like 400 indictments were handed out! It seems that Mr.Mewborn was allegedly using drugs and trying to get in the sack with the femles he had acquainted himself with !!!
So we are now 2 less Dirty Cops in Gloucester!! I'm also sure none of this will hit the papers, as the large Bust did, and all those people had their names on Tv , and in the paper..
Imagine how much the county lost on that costly Bust last year now that charges will be dismissed or null prossed ..check out next weeks Gazette in the public record !!