what a wonderful thing to you're wife at christmas time.. i mean here is this guy pushing eighty years old and he is looking at a dating site? i mean really whats up with that sh-t? as if he would get any takers unless he was filthy rich for some goldigger which is very unlikely. i do not blame his wife for being upset. then he slaps and pushes her when it was all his fault. what a foolish old fart he is. he needs to stick to bingo, the VFW and golf and napping. i hope she has some where safe too go, it sounds like he may have dementia or something? at first you are tempted to laugh because so an old geezer would be on a dating site but wife abuse is not funny, at her age she could of died after a bad fall. perhaps a few days in jail will cool his jets. hope this turns out they are far too old and feeble to have this in their lives..