I am outraged that PBC school system plans to stay open tommorow during a tropical storm with all this wind rain flooding bad roads.

The first day of school is always the most stressful of all, you always read about late buses, missed stops, kids getting off wrong stops etc..... and it is NOT the drivers fault, they are doing their best on the busiest most hectic day of the year, do they really need high winds and rains to deal with? The weather is still bad outside.

Why are the "higher powers too be" at the school system putting our kids in danger? for one lousy day of school? is it worth an accident, injury, or God forbid worse? You can be sure that the people who made this decision will NOT be on a bus Monday morning fighting the elements while trying to keep the children safe.

Why tempt the fates? Keep our kids home one day and at least they will be safe, why put them in tropical storm danger along with the wonderful aides and drivers who help them and the parents who drive. I suppose they would rather have a lawsuit or accident???

I am keeping my two children home and I hope ALL parents will do the same, its not worth their lives. Another stupid ignorant clueless decision from the PBC school system, which is not surprising, but do NOT put our kids in danger. Its totally selfish and disgusting!!