Ex-Wrightstown teacher's sex-assault ...

Ex-Wrightstown teacher's sex-assault sentences stand

There are 31 comments on the Green Bay Press-Gazette story from Mar 28, 2007, titled Ex-Wrightstown teacher's sex-assault sentences stand. In it, Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that:

Former Wrightstown Middle School teacher Stephen Sherman failed today to convince Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Dee Dyer that he should be resentenced for sexual assaults on two juvenile girls. via Green Bay Press-Gazette

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Fulton, IL

#21 Dec 27, 2010
I was also in court the day of the sentencing, sitting with his family. How do you know those tears were fake? I can't vouch either way because I am not him, but what right do you have to judge? I really don't appreciate anyone on here calling me a liar or heartless or ignorant. I am a college-educated, intelligent person and I don't believe that attacking someone's intelligence or character is the way to make your point. I am sticking up for my friend whom I truly believe is telling the truth. Someone on here told me to step in someone's shoes...how come no one here can see mine? You all have NO PROBLEM bashing him and me, but you also have no problem being hypocrites. If he truly did it, then he should be where he is. But, if he didn't, then his life has been destroyed for no reason. If this was one of your friends and you believed in him, then you would be defending your friend.
Family of Victim

Appleton, WI

#22 Dec 27, 2010
If my friend did that, I would no longer consider him a friend. People wouldn't be attacking you if you showed some intelligence on the subject. I can see skepticism if there was one single accuser, but multiple. Use your head.

Fulton, IL

#23 May 26, 2011
Wow, you people tell me to "use my head" and to "show some intelligence"...what right do you have to judge me? How do you not know that one of the girls, he used to date the mother, and the girl became stalkerish and had a fascination with him and when he told her he had a girlfriend, the next day all this went down? And the other one, how do you not know that she is a vengeful ex-girlfriend? None of us were there, if there was a "there", and no one should judge. I think it is better if we all agree to disagree, as the situation is what it is and can't be changed. I have not called any of you "stupid", said you needed to "use your head"? I have not and have let you have your say without being rude or disrepectful to the people that are commenting. I would appreciate the same courtesy.

Appleton, WI

#24 Jun 3, 2011
Boy Danni have you been fed a mouthful of lies. Your right you weren't there, but some of us WERE there. Want to talk about stalkerish??? Would you like to hear millions of voicemails left on these girls phones?? Crying and whining on how much he loved her. Doesn't sound like he was telling her to leave him alone because he had a girlfriend. AND let's talk about that. The "girlfriend" was ALSO a Wrightstown student. Interesting huh? I was there when he followed this girl around. I was there when he stopped this girl numerous times. I was there when he continually called her, I was there when he would give this girl notes. I didn't see you there. Problem was, how many people saw these things and didn't say anything? We failed to help our friends because we trusted a teacher. YOU are failing to protect these victims because you are trusting a liar. Why do you think all of his appeals have been DENIED?? Really? Think about it. You need to have more facts that just a persons word in a case like this. You really need to stop. You really need to stop with your stories about vengeful, hateful people, and the stories of "everybody just wanted to get back at him because of fascinations and he turned them down" Really? you believe that? Obviously, Sherman thought he was all that, but all he was is a "child molester". He couldn't be in a relationship with an adult. Otherwise he wouldn't have been supposedly "engaged" to a girl who was a high school senior. Is this the so-called girlfriend your talking about? Maybe you should talk to her and see what she thinks now. It's time to see the writing on the wall. YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED BY HIM TOO.
a friend

Boulder, CO

#25 Nov 7, 2011
Danni, do you find it at all surprising that a 14-year-old girl was clinging to the man she thought was her first love?

Maybe you're right, and she only decided to come forward after being scorned. How does that make any difference at all? She was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. She's not just some "bitter ex-girlfriend." She's an extreme minor, and by definition he is a pedophile whether they were dating at the time or not.

Owing to his position as a teacher, and his repeated demonstrations of predatory sexual nature toward girls less than half his age, he was put away for a long, long time.

Nobody ever said he physically forced or abused any of them. The abuse came in the form of psychological manipulation and sexual exploitation of an extreme minor. This is a punishable offense by the State of Wisconsin. The victim doesn't have to press charges at all, as the victim may well be convinced that the relationship was entirely appropriate. The law says he should be in jail either way, even if the girls were okay with what happened and still wanted to be with him.

Since: Jul 09

Green Bay, WI

#26 Nov 10, 2011
Okay lets get a few things straight here...
Danni, yes I do remember meeting you and your husband, I believe when I was 16, maybe 17, in a bar that Steve took me too. I believe this was the one and only time I ever met you guys. And never, EVER, would I had told you about my sex life! We hid our entire relationship from the beginning up until the end from almost everyone. Of course Steve said we didn't have sex til I was 18... I'll give you one guess why!?! He use to tell me about how much trouble he could get into if anyone found out about us. Why do you think he got his own place in Kaukauna?
Steve didn't beat/hit me, but he DID mentally manipulate me. Of Course I seemed "happy" when I was with him because at the time I thought I was. I WAS 16!! He was 8 years older than me. I thought I was in love. Whether or not it was consensual, I was a kid and he was the ADULT! A TEACHER!!
As for the younger victim, I remember when she was a student in his class and he would tell me how "special" she was. At the time I thought nothing of it, but it all makes sense now.
And if you talked to Steve so much and he was truthful to you then you would've known that I did try to leave Steve when I went to college. I tried breaking it off with him, but he would call, and call, and call crying that he was going to kill himself. So I couldn't leave him, I felt horrible. Then when I came home for my first winter break, I went to his house to break it off with him, and he freaked out and wouldn't let me leave. YES, he physically held me back from leaving, until finally I begged him to just let me go see my mom! Then I had my mom come back with me to his house to get my stuff since he wouldn't let me take any of it with me, and then he almost didn't let my mom and I leave. The very next day I was in a car accident and he begged to come see me, and stupidly I let him. He was once again back in my life. Then finally the day I left home to return to college from my winter break, I broke it off with him. He actually followed me from my work to my car, begging me to take him back. But FINALLY I was strong enough to say NO!! His phone calls were relentless for the next few months. But I was finally free. I hate myself to this day for not telling someone about those 4 years, because maybe if I had the younger girl wouldn't have become a victim! But that is something I will have to deal with.
Shame on you!! Shame on you, not for sticking up for your friend, but SHAME ON YOU for the things you have written about me and the other victim! You make me sick!
You can believe him if you'd like but Steve, I, the younger victim, and God all know the truth and he will be punished accordingly. He deserves to be where he is.
There is so much more I could say but Steve isn't worth another second of my life!! And neither are you!!

Clinton, IA

#27 Nov 23, 2011
Wow, T. I do remember riding in the car and talking with you. What I don't understand is if it was this bad, why didn't you talk to someone? Yes, that was the only time you met me, and we hung out and talked and had a good old time (and you were 19). We went to his parent's house, played cards, and not once was there any indication that it was inappropriate. You looked relaxed and comfortable and like you were having fun. If you had once said to me that you were scared or wanted out, I would have been the first one to help you. Yes, he is my friend but I would have helped you. I was a mandated reporter and if I EVER thought there was anything inappropriate, I would have reported him, friend or not. I will admit when I am wrong, and if I am ever told by him or given proof that he did do these things, I will come on here and publicly apologize. I do remember an instance you discussed on your post, and living in my state was hard because I did not see everything that went on. I can only go on what he told me and things we discussed. How can it be his word against yours without proof? Did you have proof of things that happened? If so, why weren't they brought up in court? I am not trying to accuse you of anything, and if things really did occur, I am truly sorry. I wish that I could talk to you and hear you out, but I know you won't want to talk to me. I am just trying to understand, because he had NEVER lied to me in the 5 years I knew him before all of this happened. I will always love and care about him because he is my friend and was there for me and my husband, but if he did do it, he was WRONG. For now, I will continue to stand by him. I understand people being upset if they know or think they know or believe that he did do these things. I have never once insulted anyone for standing by their friend or friends for what they were told, and wish I could be afforded that same courtesy. If I have offended anyone, I apologize. It was not my intention and I just wanted to stand up for my friend as you have all done for yours. Lets agree to disagree, support the people we love, and be thankful that they are in our lives this holiday season.

Appleton, WI

#28 Dec 2, 2011
You continue to ask for proof. You don't need to see the proof and you are not entitled to the proof. There was no evidence presented in court because there was NO trial. Sherman admitted his guilt. Sherman was one that did see the proof the State had and knew there was no way to lie around what they all had on him. That should be proof enough for you. You need to put some trust in the State of Wisconsin and that they did the job right. It's alright to support your friend, but not to harass these victims by demanding proof or you won't believe them. Ask yourself this...why after appeal after appeal is getting denied? Why are the appeals not on the grounds of innocence and on other issues of guilt and just wanting a shortened sentence? The State has the proof! Why must you continually say the older victim was alright with everything? She was manipulated and groomed like the younger victim was. She thought she was in love. A man of high authority was noticing her, saying all the right things, showing concern, complimenting her and so on. Did you ever think that this is every girl's best dream of a guy? Then he was wrong when he took it further. He knew what he did was wrong. Please sit down with your "friend" and tell him that he truly needs to come clean with you, so you can rest this beating on the victims. It is not fair what you are saying. These girls deserve some respect for what they have done for all the other upcoming victims of Sherman's and the community. Enough said.
Outside observer

Caledonia, IL

#29 Jan 9, 2012
This blog is the first I've ever read about this incident. I don't know the victims or the defendant. I do know it is illegal for someone over the age of 18 to have sex with someone under the age of 17, even if it is consensual. I also know it is unethical for a teacher to be schtupping his student--at anytime, because he is in the position of power. I am glad the Older one was able to leave him when she went to college. I personally know 3 other students (2 female, 1 male--neither of these victims) who lost their youth and future to predatory teachers. I wish a life of happiness to these two beautiful young women.

Saint Louis, MO

#30 Jan 26, 2015
Danni wrote:
You are only hearing one side of the story and have no idea what happened. I think she is feeling guilty for the lying she has done and for what her mother pushed her to do. Neither side had any evidence either way and the charges should have been droppeed!!!!!
I knew this guy personally, he absolutely did this. I'm still very disappointed and hurt by the web of lies he created to hide what he did.

Saint Louis, MO

#31 Jan 26, 2015
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
Danni, I am on the State of Wisconsin's side so let's get some things straight. First off, it is NOT the girls that press charges, it is the State and the evidence was there. The victims are no longer "alleged", they have been deemed true victims of a crime. It is fine to support your friend, but to degrade and crucify these victims is a crime in itself. You claim to have contact with Sherman and that is where you gain your information. Are you stating that these are Sherman's words? You also state some false information about judges and attorneys words of the video tape being "inconclusive", this is also not true. Sherman plead guilty of the crime after he realized his video was found. There was no trial and the tape never was presented into court so it wasn't up for debate. Are these truly the lies Sherman is telling you and you are believing? Are you defaming these witnesses based on Sherman's words? I'm sure you realize that Sherman has filed multiple appeals with each one being denied. His grounds for appeal has never been that he is innocent. On the contrary, he is appealing that his sentence was too strong for the crime he has committed. He WAS sentenced for the crime HE committed properly and could have received more, but based on the plea agreement that he agreed to, this is what he received. If you are debating that you won't believe it until YOU have the evidence, this is impossible to give to the public without a trial. You have no grounds to receive it. The only ones allowed to see evidence are the prosecuting and defending side, including Sherman. You will need to talk to your friend, Sherman, who is aware of the evidence the State has including DNA, computer files, photographs, letters, etc.. which has all been shown to him. He has not in any way ever maintained his innocence. It is easier for Sherman to give you false information on the facts of this case since you do live in another state. This is another example of Sherman's manipulative ways. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and preys on young girls. I feel pity for you that your vision is impaired. I realize that he is a friend of yours, but you could never possibly know a pedophile by looking at one straight in the face, living with one, married to one, or having one be your "best man". Your strength in defending Sherman further proves the case that he is a master manipulator and he got to you too. For the sake of the victims, they have been victimized by Sherman enough and you are committing a crime with your comments. Bless these girls for their strength for doing the right thing. I hope they have been able to rebuild their lives and have moved past this. These victims have 100% support and the community, people, and State have so much gratitude for them. If your stories regarding these victims continue, or your interpretation of what you thought you observed continues, this will be forwarded to the proper department. Sherman is guilty as he has said he is.
I considered Steve to be one of my best friends prior to what be did, and I 100% agree with everything you've days here. I don't know who this Dani is, but she's clueless as to what a predator Steve really was/is.

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