Cops identify man killed in shooting ...

Cops identify man killed in shooting at Maitland home

There are 158 comments on the The Orlando Sentinel story from Aug 11, 2011, titled Cops identify man killed in shooting at Maitland home. In it, The Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Furrukh Shan Alam, 37, was killed during a shooting in Maitland Wednesday. By Walter Pacheco and Bianca Prieto , Orlando Sentinel , August 11, 2011 A man killed during a shooting inside a Maitland home has been identified as a California resident.

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Osteen, FL

#44 Dec 28, 2011
Looks like he got away with murder. How can the truth not be told. What really happened? Guess only God and Fuller know for sure.

West Fork, AR

#45 Dec 31, 2011
I used to live next door to Bruce. It is no secret he is a partier and has substance abuse problems; however, Bruce was always very kind to my family. I am not suggesting he is innocent. He obviously has a record of being violent. Let's let the police do their job and attempt to find justice in this case. I will say that Shan sounds like he was a great guy, but why was he hanging out with Bruce? It seems all that Bruce could offer him was drugs and violence. Shan is obviously no longer with Bruce's daughter. Why would someone choose to pal around with someone who had such negative attributes. Perhaps Shan wasn't as squeaky clean as everyone would like to believe. Maybe he was. Who would really know but Shan or Bruce? Either way, I am hopeful that justice will prevail.
John Hannibal Smith

San Francisco, CA

#46 Feb 8, 2012
@ Perspective Thank you for your faith and hope that justice will prevail. Shan tended to see the good in everyone so it wasn't a surprise he may have overlooked some faults in Bruce "Full of BS" Fuller. Shan liked to party just as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean he deserved to die or be shot in cold-blooded murder. Since when does being "squeaky clean" mean you deserve to be treated like dirt and shot in the chest and strangled? What kind of load is that?
@ Bruce aka Anonymousone...
Two words: Casey Anthony.
Nothing but a Florida screw up, because Bruce "The Ragoholic Cokehead" Fuller was obsessed with planning out the cover-up of the murder in a obsessive-compulsive fashion. Smart enough to cover up the murder at first, but there are still options available to family and law enforcement.
A civil suit could be brought against Fuller and with a targeted campaign from friends and family, Fuller could still be brought to justice. We haven't forgotten. Just waiting for the perfect time for the A Team to attack. Watch out now!
Mr T

San Francisco, CA

#47 Feb 8, 2012
Tell 'em Hannibal! I pity the fool!

Human said it best when he said:

"OrlandoNOknowledge: Do you understand Mr. T's points? We in CA are not STUPID or naive. With today's technology - it takes about $14 bucks to pull up ANY and ALL public records. Ole Mr Fuller has a CRIMINAL record my friend- including violence. Shan has ZERO. And as Mr. T so correctly points out- you have about a 100 lb difference and significant size difference between these two. Shan is not a trained marshal artist or former boxer and has no prior professional "fighting" experience. So, if Fuller was so "threatened" by a supposed "altercation"- all he had to do was run outside and yell for a neighbor or dial 911, not put a SINGLE SHOT, right in the chest of another man. Fuller also appears to have fire arms experience and training. WHY? Most police or military are LUCKY if they can get a single round off- directly in the kill zone. Fuller must be pretty damned good to put one directly into the heart while supposedly under duress and struggle of an "altercation". If the "altercation" was in a back room- how did Fuller get to his weapon? Does he stroll his home with a gun in his belt? A lady is smoking outside nearby per her normal AM routine according to the news at about 7 AM and claims to hear a single gun shot. Then, the news reports that Fuller called 911 about 8 or 8:30 AM. WHAT did he do in that time gap? Stage the "altercation", or alter the crime scene? You starting to get the picture? There's about a 1000 unanswered questions that ANY logical minded person would ask- and that ANY reasonable person would conclude "don't add up" as they say. I'd put my money on Mr T and say that ole Fuller better have one hell of a legal team before it's all said and done. People who have criminal records- tend to commit more crime and violence. SIMPLE fact. Fuller has a record - and is also known as a trouble maker and loose cannon. Mix in a rumored liking to booze and perhaps drug- and throw in some weapons experience and a gun in his home; doesn't sound like rocket science to me. But, that's why we are a nation of LAWS, and have police and detectives and a DA and so forth. We are patiently waiting and putting our faith in them. Many out in CA met the detective team: they appear, as do most of America's front line police, to be of the finest caliber and professionalism and stated they are dedicated to seeing justice served."

I pity the fool who messes with Mr T's family!

Orlando, FL

#48 Apr 18, 2012
Unlike Zimmerman Bruce shot and killed a FRIEND in cold blood and got away with it. Looks like there will be no justice for him IN THIS LIFE at least. Unreal....

Los Angeles, CA

#49 Jul 10, 2012
For those saying that this is "over" and old Mr. dirt bag "Fuller" is going to walk free- you couldn't be more wrong. Do you watch any news or know anything about law enforcement? It is not unusual in the slightest- for it to take one yr, even 2 yrs or more for charges to be filed in a capital murder case. The evidence finally presented by the investigative team will not be some file folder- it will be dozens of file boxes- perhaps a 1000 pages or more of documentation presented to the D.A.- forensics, interviews, crime scene analysis, etc. Further- the FBI is involved in this case. You don't just pick up the phone in sleepy ole little "Maitland" and get the FBI to show up and assist in a "simple", common criminal case- there are many, many, many murders in Florida and the FBI never is involved. The fact that the FBI is involved means the police have to believe that something very serious is "amiss" with ole Mr. Fuller. He's being watched and they are waiting and investigating- this thing is far, far, far from being over and not even remotely close to being a "cold" case. It has not been forgotten as Shan and his cold blooded murder has not been forgotten by those who knew him- some close, some very close and many who loved him dearly. We're still putting "our money" on justice prevailing in the long run- earthly justice. Ole Mr. Fuller is a loose cannon- he's going to slip up or screw up at some point- and a pack of dogs is going to be on him faster than he can blink. They may get him on a simple D.U.I. or a bar fight or some "altercation"- any reason to arrest him and get him on the "inside" and he's going to crack like a crystal vase. So, blabber on that it's "over" and the case is "closed and shut" and the ole Fuller has "walked free". Old O.J. Simpson played a lot of golf- while being hounded and now, in addition to losing all his monetary wealth- he's locked up "doing time"- real time in the "big house". Fuller's day is coming- one single screw up, or slip or the detectives concluding and filing with the D.A. and his little party time is over. Done. Finished.
Ole Maitland BUd

United States

#50 Aug 9, 2012
Guess the party is not over yet.....
The Truth

Maricopa, AZ

#51 Aug 9, 2012
Ole Maitland Bud,
Please update us?
It's a year Shan has been gone this week. Would be nice to know there is some progress on this case.
WP Who Know

Orlando, FL

#52 Aug 31, 2012
Blah Blah Blah just had a beer w Bruce last night and he was doing good. Told me to tell all of you #*#####*** all the way home
The Truth

Scottsdale, AZ

#53 Sep 1, 2012
That is not exactly what is being said around Orlando....Think you better listen more carefully and not make up stories......Murder is still Murder any way you look at it.....and you can drink all the beers and whiskey and take all the drugs you like and it still will never take away the quilt of taking someones's life.
So if that is your high lite of the week, having a beer with Bruce...??

Enjoy your friends !!

But if I was you...Don't piss him off you never know???????
WP Who Know

Orlando, FL

#54 Sep 4, 2012
Murder is still Murder unless it is in self defense.....Bruce does nopt feel guilty because it could have been him if he did not act quickly... I have known Bruce for many years and he is not a murderer or he would have been charged by now. SELF DEFENSE......Just like Zimmerman
The Truth

Scottsdale, AZ

#55 Sep 4, 2012
Okay.....Whatever you say, I also know Bruce very well and also knew Shan.

I'll tell you one thing I am sure about. There is NO POSSIBLE way Shan was ever a threat to Bruce. Not physically anyway.

I don't really believe that Bruce feels no guilt. If he dosen't then he's not human !

Murder is still Murder !!
Don't piss him off !!:)

WP Who Know

Orlando, FL

#56 Sep 10, 2012
If Shan was no threat to Bruce why was he in Bruces house w another guy scheming when Bruce awoke. Why did Shan have a gun....All Bruce did was to protect himself from eminent danger from Shan and his cronies. He probably was up all night doing coke as well and when Bruce threatened to call the cops he freaked.
The Truth

Scottsdale, AZ

#57 Sep 11, 2012
THis has to be Bruce writing this.....Nobody else could be that stupid or gullable !!

Ali Baba

United States

#58 Sep 21, 2012
I am surprised Yall are not having Jihad over the Profet Mohammad

Orlando, FL

#59 Sep 22, 2012
If Shan was murdered in cold blood and there was 1500 people at his funeral- why doesn't the family raise 10 grand and file a civil action just to get some info out? I think there is shadiness on both sides- but one guy isn't around to explain anything and the other guy ain't talking. It appears the Miatland police were told by higher ups to sweep the thing-that appears obvious.
WP Who Know

Orlando, FL

#60 Sep 28, 2012
Yep you are right nobody shadiness on both sides and MPD was told to sweep it clean.
The Truth

Scottsdale, AZ

#61 Oct 16, 2012
Heard the dectectives are back in California asking questions.....I guess the investagation is not over!! Something is up?? Why go to the expense of flying out the dectectives again??

Inquiring minds want to know !!
what happened

Merritt Island, FL

#62 Oct 19, 2012
I hope his last comment is true. Who knows what went down but Shan's family at least has the right to know.
The Truth

Maricopa, AZ

#63 Jan 14, 2013
Rumor has it......Bruce was finally arrested for this. Is there any truth to this?

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