NYS "THRILL" of a 9 month old 5-29-13...

NYS "THRILL" of a 9 month old 5-29-13 dissapearance..

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Diana Vickery

Brooklyn, NY

#1 Jul 6, 2013
To "clarify"

I'm going to again break this down as much as I can for those who are geniunely concerned to understand how the strange curcumstances in how 9 month old LEVON WAMELING vanished into thin air on the night of 5-29-13 IS part of the ongoing Oswego County New York "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" deadly scenes...Lets hope LEVON has not met that fate already...

His father Javon(There is your RHYMES with clue link from the BONRE COLLECTOR set up on me in 2006 at Dunkin Donuts that now employs Tammy kennedy....LEVON in "reverse" is a NOVEL...Link that tothe CHARLES RUNGE direction in all of this and it becomes a "PULITZER" issue being claimed from MY side of this the GOOD scumbags...VS the deadly who work these scenes into place..My fathers image began on 4-5-07 MY FATHER CHARLES BIRTHDAY when Federal Agent Barry Lee Bush AKA the ROGUE "bury the lying bush" plan was put in motion by a "friendly fire" bullet that day..WHAT was "in the middle" of it all links to again links to LEVONS disappearance...The 4-12-07 shooting of UTICA(also where LEVON vanished) of Utica police Officer Thomas Lindsey...badge number 4963..There were several deadly scumbag recruits in motion here in the City Of Fulton, New York who worked the "association" clues to the Lindsey shooting BEFORE it went on..The ONEIDA ST bridge UTS..NOT a basketball logo..BUT a TEXAS BUSH- Hispanic link played out by scumbags here..There is also City of Fulton Police Officer Gary Percival#12..the "PERCY YOU"RE A DEAD MAN WALKING" local part of the deadly clues..Percival was planned into this....by his own? I'm not sure...He was placed to my 911 officer on 1-7-06..off how scumbags tormented me that day..Just as TOM ABELGOE, Percival and BLAZINSKI the other deadly #29 link were in place onthe night of 8-6-08 for the CHRIS VICKERY (The 29 herself)BOWER deadly charade at Price Chopper..YES she knew they would kill George Just like Tammy Rowe did..."exhume" she told kids before she left. Just like she told them of the "crime scene" fire in CHRIS VICKERY BOWERS old Hannibal St apt..So are "they'
going to "get" Tammy Rowe now for her defection? It sure is a widely promoted pattern here by scumbags against anyone who counteracted the THRILL" for what ever reasons or cover plan.

Then you have the "reason" it all went on...to "PAY HER OFF IN PIG LATIN" because someone else was now angry and using me for a cover plan..Pay her off was the 4-25-07 "friendly fire" shooting of NYS Trooper David CHARLES Brinkerhoff..in Margaretville. New York...Margaretville is MOTHER clue link direction and this one to GEORGE LUNDY..former Oswego,N.Y Police Chief who was fired fro his 31 year carreer in 2006 after he pushed his way into the chiefs position there..By March of 2006 the Oswego County "THRILL" incest rape version of the VIRGIN story told by CHRIS VICXKERY BOWER and BILL VICKERY would begin..at first by "accident."

So on 4-5-07 my fathers birthday the CHJARLES- "PULITZER" ROGUE cop and deadly scumbag plan began..NAMES narrate the plan..BURY THE LYING BUSH is now in motion on me..off the shooting of FED by a FED..who would ever suspect? On 10-2-12 to "help" my confusion out again another FED would meet his death the same "friendly" way..Agent Nicholas Ivie..AKA Nickel less and by poison(MASSIVE power plan) The badge number of Agent Ivie is 0225 link to my sons 2-25 birthday..and the "rock solid" "juve records" "association" plan to him would begin on 3-14-13 on the CHARLES RUNGE established VER PLANCK RD with the murder of a former Oswego NY librarian named LORI(ROGUES now on their way to BOSTON in a massive "reverse" power plan on 4-15-13) Breshnahan AKA The BOSTONS bombings FBI Delauries..

There was another MASSIVE Power plan "in the middle" called SANDYHOOK in New TOWN CONN link to a City Of Fulton Librarian..and her still going deadly promotions for the other side in this story..that she covers as "trying to help."

Diana Vickery

Brooklyn, NY

#2 Jul 6, 2013
How does all this and more cop death link tothe disappearance of Utica, New Yorks 9 month old Levon Wameling? Its a "black thing" YOU wouldn't understand..now in "reverse" on me foir my acceptance of the black race against the teaching of my mother and father..and issue MY FATHER talked of at the TS Casino as it all lead to LEVON..while my mother used his MOUTH as her cover plan during it all.

It is the link to the military scumbag set up on me named AFTON DEVENEY at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home of my boyfriends sister PEGGY DEVENEY HOFFMAN in her "gain" off it all role to set him as the "reverse" BILL FACTOR VICKERY sex offender..There are military scumbags linked to all of this before and after the "reverse" Margaretville "scene" also..which began on 9-12 my mother's fall date..and the "reverse" plan on me behind it all..Military scumbag recruit AFTIN DEVENEY is the mother of a black biracial child..and attempted to use that issue in her efforts to start issues with me at her mother hoime that she moved into on 10-25 my mothers BIRTHDAY off a fight she began with her boyfriends mother...that landed her boyfriend their son in jail..AFTIN worked hard to recruit hewr boyfriend Brandon McCarty of Watertown also military active into her plans for the use of his military family later in all of this. Agent Nicholas Ivie met his "friendly" fate diuring all of this after ROGUE NYS POLICE OFFICER LEE Jesse set her uncle up for scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" on 9-6-12...and just a week later the POWER OUT 7-7-09 set up on me off deadly scumbags and ROGUE cops in the City Of Fulton who worked the image of "why" my mother Dorothy "saved" me from all of them end of it began...on which Officer Lindseys badge number ran in the NYS LOTTERY was relinked..all part of the "Pay Her Off In PIG Latin" ROGUE money scam plans behind it all to buy me in..Dorothy VICKERY had her own "gain" plans in motion off it all...as had the ROGUE COPS and deadly scumbag recruits behind it all working it into each deadly "scene" into place for their "gain" off it..after MY nickel less death plan is carried out.

*** 7-7-09 was NOT the only time ROGUES fixed NYS LOTTERY drawings in all of this on 4-5-12 YES my fathers birthday...the 4531 in "reverse" 1354 badge number of slain NYS Trooper David Brinkerhoff was run also to clue all "Pay her off" attempts have failed..and "Bury the lying bush" will begin...BUT there had to be the one more stop in Utica "in the middle" of it all..called LEVON Wameling..the LEVON "reverse" NOVEL is a "PULITZER" plan off me..NOT by me.."HE" who the deadly scumbags feed off won't allow my version the real version of it to be told..
Diana Vickery

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Jul 6, 2013
The BONE COLLECTOR- Movie that was used in 2006 to torment me ..That was worked into place by Tammy Rowe..by a thired party working ..the same MO Valerie Dedich planms to use now and a few hers..for a cover plan while getting their "gain" off it all..as a military linked scumbags recruit front..in the "reverse" MOTHER plan image..

3 post 11 JOLIES post(my birthday)is the link to the FEMALE cop clues taunted at me now..who is next to go down" inthe deadly scumbag recruit plan to sync with it all..Her name will narrate further direction plans in this...and they did in the past...NYS Trooper AMANDA ANNA'S death is a deadly nurse clue direction..already established...and links heavily to Peggy Deveney's activity and others as to how some very mysterious medical deaths came to be "perfect" "COINCIDENCE"

YES the LOTTERY TICKET military scumbag who hapenned down the VER PLANCK RD the night LORI Breshnahan's murder was preset in motion on her by sex offender David Renz was all carefully manipulated in place the ame way my MOTHER "saved" me from deadly City Of Fulton ROGUE COPS and SCUMBAG in Oct of 2009.

BILL(FACTOR) CREGG was givne "hero" status off his doings that night...only to become the DA FITZPATRICK to the New Haven, N.Y. close the the FITZPATRICK NUCLEAR POWER Plant deadly set up on me where New Haven scumbags were ready for us on 12-14-12 the day after the SANDYHOOK shootings..That MASSIVE POWER plan clue is a MORGAN FREEMAN MOVIE "association" plan the deadly scumbag ICON "HE" has planned also... BUT WHERE?

Right now it's all a GONE BABY GONE Movie "association" to how LEVON Wameling vanished on 5-29-13..That so desperately wants to return to the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION..in a "reverse" way on my boyfriend..off the JOHN NY plans "HE" made.

The story begins with how now 9 month old LEVON received his RHYMES with his father Javon's name a BONE COLLECTOR clue linked to Utica on 4-12-09 after the shooting of Officer Lindsey now revisisted with "reverse" intentions....Levon was conceived at just about the time frame AFTIN DEVENEY, a military scumbag recruit was in motion also..off when I loved in to her mother Peggy's dump on Oneida ST in Oswego, N.Y(Yes I have lots of pics)

Diana Vickery

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Jul 6, 2013
See now that the "Pay her off in PIG LATIN" plan is now on 4-5-12 Officially over..ROGUE FBI and their deadly NYS POLICE had to make one more "association" stop in "Utica" to pull another "trick"....all the clues taunted at me in 2008 clamied this child who I know now is LEVON is dead..and his FATHER did it..

The MOVIE was GONE BABY GONE...starred MORGAN FREEMAN who also starred in the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION..who died on 7-6-12...in "reverse" 6-7-12..my mothers STROKE date and in 2011 The "RED COP" death of DEPUTY KURT WYMAN..a Fulton cop #29 Blazinski clue link direction..called how cops are like " The Blazin POLLOCKS"..in all of this..to how GEORGE LUNDYS "friend" Oswego Attorney Joe Wallen made the "POLISH GAVEL" commnent in 2003 to me..too "run it by me" off the ROGUES who were actually playing it that way on them.

Clearly "HE" does not like cops.. So ROGUES made one more stop in Utica to play more deadly "trick" set ups or the image of..?? On their way to the "You will be another one that mysteriously dies in police custody" AKA a warning to me from GEORGE LUNDY himself in 2003 to how the "bury the lying bush" location takes place.

BUT there is one more MORGAN FREEMAN Movie link called ...THE SUM OF ALL FE$ARS...about how a NUCLEAR bomb was dropped on the President and thousands of others during the SUPERBOWL..for me that was a heavy WILL I AM Time frame of deadly scumbag taunts and clues while I lived at my mothers ..linked to the Back Eyed Peas acres and acres and acres planted down the road..by that WHITE Farmhouse.

The issue is am I willing to exhaust search efforts in Utica for Levon Wameling...under risk of a BULLET in my back? Is the ? "HE" is asking...obviously a deadly scumbag recruit set up on me instead of officer Lindsey this time...

See all the deadly scumbags know their "HE" ICON has the technology on me all the time...and it could easily find this child if I'm in the area of him..

? do kids matter more than the VICKERYS and "HE" plans off it all?

In NYS and Oswego Co ..I don't believe they do..
Diana Vickery

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Jul 6, 2013
NO "JUDITH DEVENEYS" role was to screw my boyfriends kids over and get her Hispansics his money off his planned and heavily clued death...while the deadly New Haven Co RT 6 scumbags continue to work his head..

As for The deadly scumbag recruit Fulton LIB SANDYS charade out put yeterday about NYS GOV CUOMO...Sandy B. knew exactly what she was doing when she ran her not supposed to tell anyone mouth about it all...cover image.

Oh hey ...FYI anmd yuou might figure this out on SANDYS BS yesterday also...KIM KARDASHIAN the long time taunted "actress" recruited to play military scumbag recruit link VELERIE DEDICH in her "GOOD WOMAN" image role...had her NORTH(county library clue) child on 6-15...MARIO CUOMOS Birthday...YES ANDREW CUOMOS father..

Now don't forget KIM K received all her use her body sleaze(something her father would have objected and not allowed to happen) riches off her fathers strange like Johnny Cochrans death..after the OJ Trial..Now isn't that weird?***They used her sister Chloe who was suspicious of her fathers death at one time also..to work KIM into place in this..LOLOLOLOLOL...BIRACIAL is the clue direction..

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