C. Florida man killed when truck bed ...

C. Florida man killed when truck bed lands on him

There are 20 comments on the News Press story from Dec 9, 2008, titled C. Florida man killed when truck bed lands on him. In it, News Press reports that:

APOPKA - Authorities say a central Florida man died while riding in the bed of a pickup truck that flipped over and landed on him.

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Monrovia, CA

#1 Dec 11, 2008
Cousin of the Young Man

Hialeah, FL

#2 Jan 6, 2009
Response to your comment Orange County Idiots...The fact of the matter you don't know what happened down here in Orlando when your in you good 'ole town...He was in fact driving under the influence and was speeding and fish taled out of control and ran from the scene of the crime how about them apples.
Harry Potter


#3 Jan 7, 2009
Why do family and friend always defend drunk driving?? Another life lost due to someone getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.
Lizzy Whipple

Glenview, IL

#4 Jan 10, 2009
what kind of cousin would say that dude? He was not intoxicated. get your facts right then talk. I am his true cousin and Grant DESERVES to be free! Life for him is hard enough. His TRUE family members are hurt everyday praying for Grant and the family of his best friend who passed! He was not under the influence and he arrived back on the scene just minutes after. He was in shock! WHO WOULDN'T BE? LET GRANT FREE!

Oxford, FL

#5 Feb 4, 2009
Grant is a good man.He has a verry good heart.Its hard to find a man like him now days.He helps me take care of my 3 year old Daughter and he loves her like shes his.Tanner the man killed in the accident was one of my best friends as well as Grants. we both love him verry much and miss him... Florida highway protral ruled out speeding and drugs and drinking. so he was not intoxicated. Everyone in this town has there stoy as to what really happened that night like the two idiots above but the truth is no one really knows what happened but the people that were there and grants family. i was there that night but i didnt see what grant seen. no one did yea he may have made a mistake and ran from the seen but if you just seen your best friend like that tell me you wouldnt run! i know i would he was scared. but everyones talking about him. what about the passinger in the truck that ran also he left grant there by himself to see what he seen and didnt care he took off two! so do me a favor and befor you run your mouth learn the details first.theres alot more to the story than they put in the pappers and said on t.v. Grant is a good man and I LOVE HIM. and he dose not DESERVE this........Rest In Peace Tanner Scofield I LOVE YOU BRO!!!!
John Green

Oxford, FL

#6 Feb 5, 2009

I guess you dont know that they ruled drinking and speeding so you are an idiot for even saying that at a time like this. Its obvious you have no heart and you have shit for brains. DICK
Cousin of Tanner

Hialeah, FL

#7 Feb 9, 2009
The only reason why he returned to the scene because his friends had to get a rope and tie him up and bring him to the police. I am one of many cousins to Tanner. Don't tell me to get my facts straight buddy. I know and apparently he or you don't want to face the true facts of LIFE.
Cousin of Tanner

Hialeah, FL

#8 Feb 9, 2009
He already had one DUI why was he driving in the first place. You know there is a reason why there are laws. So idiot things like this don't happen.

Oxford, FL

#9 Feb 9, 2009
first off he ran your right about that he shouldnt have. but he was sacred. i probley would have ran too he was not in his right state of mind after he seen what he seen.and i love tanner more than anything dont get me rong but if you remember tanner had a DUI to NO one is perfect we can only learn from our mistakes and grant had his license back from that dui just like tanner. grant and tanner were verry close friends for 10 years and he loved him like a brother. he would have rathered it been him in tanners place that night. So don't talk shit about stuff you dont know about. im verry sorry for your loss and the pain you and your family are going through. but pointing fingers and placing the blame is not helping any one or anything.just remember the good times that we had with him thats what he would want. he loved grant too and he would not want people pointing fingers and telling lies. at a time like this we need to focus on healing from the pain in our hearts from the loss of a good man.
John Green

Oxford, FL

#10 Feb 10, 2009
No doubt this all should have not of even happend. But like LIFE you know the thing that i know about because i live it, its not fair and things happen that you never ment to happen. This is one of those freak accidents. Both of them were doing the same thing they would do any other day. I only knew tanner for a couple of weeks and he was a awsome kid. But just like grant he to is guilty of DUI. So you cant get on to him and plus you thank your local government to allow him to get his hardship license and that night drinking was ruled out,drugs,and speeding.
Grant Whipple

Oxford, FL

#11 Feb 16, 2009
To all those People that are so close minded. I was the young man That was driving the vehicle when I lost control and lost a life long best friend. Me and Tanner were like brothers just Like Me and Kyle. And If You wanna know the truth about that night and not what you heard form people that wern't even their when it happened here It goes; Tanner was in the Bed of my truck holding down the 8 bags of trash while me and Josh were in the two seater cab, When we neared the main road (Round Lake) I proceeded to turn off the road up a little embankment onto an empty lot(As anyone thats been on that little dirt road, they'll know its only wide enough for one vehicle)So as I attempted to pull onto the lot to make room for others coming and going onto that Dirt road, My right side of my truck tires started to lose trackion on that sugar sand and eventually turned over onto its roof. When I got out I yelled at the people in the nearby home that seen the whole accident for help. As the police where on their way me and
josh tried to lift the truck off of tanner with no success. Then Josh ran back to his house while i stayed there yelling franticley for help as I watched one of my best friends lying there pinned beneath my truck. After about 5 minutes I didn't know what else to do so I ran back to find joshes house which I'm not too aware of where that was in the dark out in the country. I became lost out in the woods and fell asleep crying for my best friends life. I awoke to a guy kicking me in the face, then was tied up by him and another guy. They ended up taking me back to the scene of the accident where the police were. I later found that the guy that kicked me was a friend of mines;
older brother witch was also a friend of tanner. If I could Erase that night I would or at least traded places with tanner that night but as we all know GOD works in mysterious ways and it was just tanners time. All you gossipers just Show how emmature and stupid you really are. I know I was wrong for leaving the scene but i honestly was in shock you would really know what that means If you were in a situation that i was in that night. And the cops ruled out speeding, reckless driving, Drugs and Alcohol in their accident report. And out of everyone I was the only one that wasn't on drugs I was on probation for an DUI from a year before whitch I would have been off of probation January 26th if it wasn't for me getting an ticket that night at the accident.So there it is the TRUTH of what really happened that Horrible night. If you really loved tanner like I did, Show some regards for his life and stop all the SHIT TALKIN about stuff You Heard from a friend of a friend people like to elaborate to make the story better or to make it worse. So GROW UP Get a CLUE And Dammit Go get a LIFE. Because you never know when It'll be your time to go. Shit Happens thats part of LIFE You have to deal with what GOD throws at you, It could be a pebble or it could be a brick you'll never know until it hits you. And to tanners parents I'm very sorry for what has happened I wish I could change the past. Im Very Very Sorry you lost a son and I'm very sorry that I lost a Brother...I'll Always LOVE you man!!!

Las Vegas, NV

#12 Feb 24, 2009
You know what you little POS.... YOU and only you were the driver. I pray the police investigate you and yourfriends.
I lost my pregnant daughter because of a driver like you. You show no remorse as far as I am concerned. I hope you get jail time. Maybe then you will realise it wansn't this man's time, as you think. You did this. You need a LIFE.

You have no idea how many lives you have ruined.

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Feb 26, 2009
sister of the lost

Burnsville, MN

#15 Apr 9, 2009
ok i dont even know how i actually came across this site. oh wait i do_ i was searching grants name to see if he was still in jail or not and if he actually is ever going to get charged for the crime. More of which ( of another nature ) of came up since the accident. anyways. first things, the idiot from ohio, who the hell are you, do you even know anyone in relation to the accident? if not get a life and stop reading orange county news. the car didnt just "spin out of control" and he didnt lose control! if you drove on that road you would know you shouldnt be going that fast and there are no turns to lose control at. therefore making the speed and turn intentional. also to the rest of the people. the only one who can admit to drinking or using drugs is grant because he is the only one who know bc the police did not a BAC or anything at the scene or afterwards. and to his girlfriend, i met you and i liked you, but no offense no one blames him for running, but i do blame him for what happened and not returning willingly which we both know he didnt! another thing if anyone knew those guys they know they drink on the regular, except grant wasnt 21 at the time, had no right to be driving BECAUSE OF A PRIOR DUI. so lets not be naive! the only thing i wish hadnt happened was my brother deciding to get in the back of that truck! and by the way grant was not his best friend. a best friend would not do that. even josh said they were yelling for grant to slow down, its in the police report. just like josh told debbie that they had been drinking. oh yes, debbie my neighbor, the mother of tanners real best friend wayne. so grant should not be free. im sorry he has a hard life too, but so do i! i will never get to see my big brother ever again! except he made those decision by choice. i didnt!
sister of the lost

Burnsville, MN

#16 Apr 9, 2009
also tanner never had a prior DUi get that shit right. he had been drinking but was not over the limit,.08 but was for someone under 21. only .04 he never got his driver license taken away. only had commuinty service and had to go to a few meetings. so before you start bringing up his flaws get them right first!
sister of the lost

Burnsville, MN

#17 Apr 9, 2009
i take back my comment, he did have his license taken, but he never hurt anyone before he even got it back. not that it matters anymore

Orlando, FL

#18 Apr 20, 2009
you cant belive anything that comes out of josh's mouth because he dose so many pills he cant remembr anything half the time. and not only that but Grant may have had some problems but so did tanner. but none of that matters cuz it has nothing to do with the reck. and Grant was blood tested as soon as he got to the jail and came up negitive for everything. josh crystal tanner and grants girlfriend was the onens drinking Grant hadd to drive home but. the duis dont matter becuse he had his license back. and grant even said he was pulling off onto the side of the dirt road to make way for other cars that might come through with means he had to trun right? well when he trund the tires dug into the soft sand causing it to overturn on to its top. i really dont belive Grant should get charged with anything but leaving becaues we all no he should have never done that but what dose it matter whats gonna happen will happen and we cant change it. but Grant spending time in prison for an ACCIDENT. it wont bring tanner back and we all know he did not intend to kill his friend best friend or not they were friends. and he would never have wanted this to happen to anyone but himself.
sister of the lost

Horsham, PA

#19 Jul 22, 2009
they never gave him a drug test or alcohol test or anything so we will never know. and where is the driver of that car he pulled off for? and "nnnnn" your right him spending timein jail wont bring him back but it sure as hell will make me feel better. have you ever lost a sibling to such a senseless and uncalled for act?

Ann Arbor, MI

#20 Aug 20, 2009


#21 Aug 21, 2009

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