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john hatterson

Athens, GA

#1 Dec 20, 2007
We live in a society where all men are innocent until proven guilty...Anyone who hire a person after they have been investigated for stealing their fathers checks is as unethical as the person they hired...I'm not a racist or anything remotely like that..But the Sheriff Department have hired a lot of blacks and putting them in high positions..What will happen to them after the election next year..I will tell you what will happen they will be fired after the election is over...last but not least....Anyone who brings drugs or a controlled substance into the jail and only get 2 days suspension is a very unetical person..They are as unethical as the Sheriff is...The sherrif department not only didnt purnish this person but they was hired after they was investedgated for theft of their fathers checks..My God anyone who steals from their father will steal jail house money..Yours truly
..The Watcher..#
john hatterson

Athens, GA

#2 Dec 20, 2007
I wont ever visit Oglethorpe County again..Their sheriff Department is the most crooked i have ever seen..A Jailor brought a controlled substance into the jail and willingly gave it to her brother who was an inmate at the time..She only got 2 days suspension..Anyone who only gives her 2 days suspension instead of firing her is a crook..They are just as crooked as the Detention officer is..The same detention officer was investigated for stealing her fathers checks prior to getting the jailors job..How can anyone hire anyone as unethical as that..A crook would and only a crook..Yours truly
The Watcher
Bill Fincher

Hiawassee, GA

#3 Jan 8, 2008
Mr Hatterson I can assure you that when we take office EVERY employee will have and extensive background check conducted. We WILL NOT discriminate against any person applying. I would hope that every employee there would apply and given the chance to enter our screening process. I would like to see how each will conduct themselves under a different leadership. As far as your concern of controlled substances being brought across a guard line I am sorry the person would have been thoroughly investigated for possible criminal charges, both the inmate as well as the employee.
I have not heard anything about this situation but do know for a fact that a ranking deputy with the sheriff's office was suspended for taking a female inmate shopping with him at the local walmart.
Looking forward to serving the citizens in 2009.
Bill Fincher
Candidate for Sheriff
Oglethorpe County GA

“Living life for me!!”

Since: Jan 08

Lexington Georgia

#4 Jan 8, 2008
sorry about the address my sign it did not work right.
Cee Cee


#5 Jan 9, 2008
Id like to say that i know an employee of the sheriffs office at this current time ,that got employment by getting a test offline for a highschool diploma not a ged and had someone else do the test for her and of course she passed the test . If you look at that diploma you would know this person never lived in the state this diploma was issued from , especially if you know this person.
c weaver

Darrouzett, TX

#6 Jan 9, 2008
boy things just keep getting better

Gainesville, GA

#7 Mar 8, 2008
I remember when Bill Fincher worked with Jason Lowe, The drug dealers had to hide. As a bussiness owner, I can say its easy to run your operation when the drug dealers and addicts move away or are afraid to come into the county
Heart Broken Fiancee

Anderson, SC

#9 Mar 15, 2008
i feel sorry for the men of the world today they have no rights and are always guilty before they are even charged. The law is very one sided and it always favors "the victim". Well in mostcases there is more than one victim and i am tired of feeling sorry for these young girls who portray themselves as adults and then when they have sex wuth an older man and the man learns there age they sream rape. Grow up if your old enough to lie and say your an adult then act like one. Stop lieing and act your age you are only young once enjoy it and leave the older men alone.
John Hatterson

Athens, GA

#10 May 18, 2008
I am back..I can't believe the drug activies that's going on in the county of oglethorpe..Only in oglethorpe county will there ever be women who are willing to go out of their windows late at night to meet up with known drug dealers and clients that's so old..Hell they owe General Lee 2 dollars..Only in Oglethorpe county will there ever be women getting foodstamps,and medicaid while in another county..Can you say Fraud..She is on probation..Everytime she goes to see her probation officer..They always makes her take a drug test..Now how on Earth can a crack cocaine addicted person be able to commit the crime of prostitution and federal foodstamps fraud?..I will tell you how..The sheriff Department have fail to have adequate intelligence ..Meaning they need undercover officers ..Conducting sweeps..To stop some of the illegal drug activities going on in the county of Oglethorpe..I'm sure she's smiling at getting away with smoking crack cocaine,giving her EBT card to known Crack cocaine sellers for crack, turning tricks for crack cocaine money..There are 4 Drug dealers at work right now..Out in the open..We have found them.. why can't anyone else..
The watcher
Pam Somebody

Charlotte, NC

#11 May 28, 2008
I personally love Ogelthorpe County. There is Crime every where.Thats not the only county Drugs are in. I say everyone work together to solve the problem or at least make it better. The Sheriffs dept. isn't totally responsable.The Good people need to take their stand it seems as the criminals do.Put your word into actions to make the County a better Place.Drugs are Taking over the entire country not just oglethorpe county.
With total Respect

United States

#15 Jun 21, 2008
the watcher

Atlanta, GA

#16 Jun 21, 2008
Bill cant be no worst than mike smith is..Mike knows that they sell beer on fair ground and that they sell crack mthere too..perhaps he is getting a cut of that money..He knew who kill ronnie cooper and he knows who sell crack on fairground..He could be a drug dealer himself..think about it..only a drug dealer wouldnt arrest another drug dealer..

Utica, KY

#17 Jun 22, 2008
Cman: do your research before you comment bill lost his job because of drugs. Now I'm not from Oglethrope and I knew that. And if Fairgroung/briarpatch is a drug area what are you doing there EVERYDAY????
Sick of It

Alto, GA

#25 Jul 13, 2008
People...I have been reading your remarks and though I agree with some of them, I must say that there are a few that lack a little to be desired. For those who keep pushing the issue of how bad Oglethorpe County is...take a look at your own community. There is no such thing as "fair" anymore. Every county has issues. We could sit here and point out EVERYTHING that Mike has done wrong. I happen to disagree with not hiring a man b/c he isn't physically fit (especially when Mike couldn't run one lap around a track) or allowing married couples to remain in the same department when others were told to find another job. No, things are not fair. However, a sheriff's office is only as good as the people it employees. So, if you are a registered voter of Oglethorpe County, you will have a chance to make a change. For crying out loud, the police in Athens are not being cursed for allowing the Iron Triangle to remain in don't knock our county for have its low/no income areas with the problems commonly associated with those areas. Quit complaining and just make the change. For those who are against have the right to vote for whoever you want. Just keep in mind whatever way you go, life isn't fair. However, I don't want to hear any complaints if the man you vote for takes office and does a poor job. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Seems like a change is needed since people are tired of the same old thing.
Sick of It

Alto, GA

#26 Jul 13, 2008
By the way, I am not from Maysville...I don't know why it posted that. I am proud to say I am from Oglethorpe County!


#27 Jul 16, 2008
Hello poeple....We Love you Bill Fincher!!!!!!
Magnum X

Baldwin, GA

#29 Jul 16, 2008
Bill Fincher has been on drugs. He knows where the drug houses are and who runs them. They are all old friends. I know Him. He is a womanizer, who cannot be trusted in Power. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Bill Fincher has moral flaws. Neither candidate is perfect, but Bill Fincher has too many negatives against him. We have enough trouble without bringing more. His style of personality is dangerous.
cc bloom


#40 Jul 21, 2008
Magnum X wrote:
Bill Fincher has been on drugs. He knows where the drug houses are and who runs them. They are all old friends. I know Him. He is a womanizer, who cannot be trusted in Power.“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Bill Fincher has moral flaws. Neither candidate is perfect, but Bill Fincher has too many negatives against him. We have enough trouble without bringing more. His style of personality is dangerous.
- You know him like I know him I hope people listen to you, because of all the blogs I've read, yours holds the most truth!

Athens, GA

#43 Jul 21, 2008
mrs thomas wrote:
<quoted text> let me tell yall something i am 78 years old i am a church going woman i get so tired of drug dealers taking over my road i be scared at night for my safety i will ''never'' vote for mike smith again mike know about that boy in the briarpatch and he know about paulett's boy mike smith let a 9 yaer old boy walk when he got caught with dope so i heard but i know drug dealers are bad very bad in oglethorpe county
why don't you just go to sleep after you drink your warm milk...


#44 Jul 21, 2008
mrs fairground wrote:
<quoted text>bill fincher messed with your mamma too he your step dad you little freak

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