Sheriff calls Nye County assessor's c...

Sheriff calls Nye County assessor's comments 'blatantly racist'

There are 19 comments on the Las Vegas Herald story from Mar 16, 2011, titled Sheriff calls Nye County assessor's comments 'blatantly racist'. In it, Las Vegas Herald reports that:

Las Vegas Herald Thursday 17th March, 2011 An elected Nye County official faces accusations of racism after questioning whether construction workers building a new jail in Pahrump are legally eligible to work in the United States.In an e-mail sent Friday to Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo, tax assessor Shirley Matson asked if the county had verified ...

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#1 Mar 17, 2011
What the hell is wrong with that? Is you head in your ass, we expect all workers to be verified by 3 forms of identification

try that in Iran idiot

Pahrump, NV

#2 Mar 17, 2011
Yet the bigger question remains..

Everyone is jumping all over this woman for her "Racist" language, but has anyone bothered to try and prove her wrong?

Until those workers are PROVEN US Citizens, her comments ring true.

If they wanted to make her look foolish and "racist" they could have just checked to make sure they were legal.
A Guy In Pahrump

United States

#3 Mar 17, 2011
Yes, the workers were checked out and are legal as stated in a letter from the main contractor!
What a Bunch of LOSERS

Roy, UT

#4 Mar 17, 2011
IllegalBuster wrote:
Yet the bigger question remains..
Everyone is jumping all over this woman for her "Racist" language, but has anyone bothered to try and prove her wrong?
Until those workers are PROVEN US Citizens, her comments ring true.
If they wanted to make her look foolish and "racist" they could have just checked to make sure they were legal.
I guess in YOUR world if a person even LOOKS Hispanic/Latino/Latina it's an automatic check to make sure they are legal, I hear Arizona might be a GREAT place for you...

Pahrump, NV

#5 Mar 17, 2011
No, they were not checked out. That article is BS and even some in the know agree, those workers were NOT all legal.

Besides what contractor would admit to using illegals?

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#6 Mar 17, 2011
I am not offended by her comments about the workers being legal. I am offended that she claims that her safety was somehow in jeopardy. So if someone is brown and works construction that makes them a criminal? Afraid really, what are they going to do, come over to your office and build you a desk? Her comments are disgusting. Did you ever stop to think that these so called "dirty, filthy illegals" are running from there own goverment and are trying to protect their family. I do not agree with illegal immigration but I certainly understand why they come to this country. They should pay the price of committing a crime, but I also think that the United States should make it easier to become a citizen. Get them paying taxes and assimilate them into our society.

Overton, NV

#7 Mar 19, 2011
@13stars....Just remember that many of them don't come just for work. They know that it is against the law to hire illegal aliens. So, what are they doing here?

The truth is that the U.S. government offers many incentives to illegals. Once they make it in to one of the towns in the U.S., the authorities are not allowed to touch them. That's called "racial profiling" by some. That's a bunch of bull. They are no less illegal there than when the border patrol nabs them in the desert.

American employers of illegals need to be punished with large fines for encouraging illegals to cross. Our government needs to be sued for allowing american tax payer monies being used for welfare, medicaid, health care, housing and education for people unlawfully in our country. The craziest thing is that a child born to illegal aliens automatically becames a U.S. citizen. If it's born to illegals, it's just as illegal as the mother/parents, no matter where they are born.

We need to ask ourselves just one question. Who benefits from illegal aliens in our country? It surely isn't the unemployed american workers and the tax payers that get to foot the bill for this insanity.

Overton, NV

#8 Mar 19, 2011
A Guy In Pahrump wrote:
Yes, the workers were checked out and are legal as stated in a letter from the main contractor!
"A guy in Pahrump" who lives in Rosemead CA has knowledge of a letter from the main contractor???? Next he will try selling us his Pahrump ocean front property.

Hey California guy, deal with the problems in your own state. We don't want to became another sanctuary state like California. It's bad enough as it is.

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#9 Mar 22, 2011
@gidget. Did you read the first line of my comment? I do not have a problem with her suspicions about whether or not the workers are illegal. She is clearly showing prejudice by saying that she is "scared for her safety because of the brown skinned workers". I want to know what she is insinuating. I am also disgusted by her description of illegal aliens. There are plenty of other races on government assistance. Lets just get rid of welfare..... period. How about all the entitlement programs. There are too many AMERICANS sucking off this countries breast! Let's not be hypocrites.

Las Vegas, NV

#10 Mar 22, 2011
The first entitlement I would get rid of would be Social Security. Why should my dollars be paying for some blue hairs and grumpy old man Home Depoters that contributed like $200 a year 40 years ago and think the world owes them a living. I don't want any part of this Ponzi Scheme.
Lew Stewls

United States

#11 Mar 22, 2011
I say put the military and public employee pensions into social security and they can get what the rest of us get. Why should those turds get more than we get?

Flagstaff, AZ

#12 Mar 24, 2011
not the reason in law to use or charge people with crime,charles g. watkins??

Las Vegas, NV

#13 Mar 25, 2011
Buster, so every worker with "brown skin" has to be PROVEN to you and Ms. Matson to be a US CITIZEN?...or anybody with certain characteristics (i.e. dirty, filthy -looking, people with brown skin) has to prove to YOU and SHIRLEY that they are US Citizens?

That's profiling and it's wrong. There are plenty of dirty, filthy light-skinned people. You don't make them PROVE that they are a US CITIZEN, dd you? Theoretically, there could be a dirty, filthy, light-skinned illegal Canadian working on the jail but YOU or Shirley Matson wouldn't make that person PROVE their US Citizenship.

I believe pressure has to be put on the employers to hire the "right" people. Not you and the Nye County assessor running around making all people with brown skin prove that they are US citizens.

I agree with the fact that we have a problem with illegal immigration, especially from Mexico. But profiling is wrong.

Some brown-skinned people have been US citizens longer than you and dirty, filthy people come in all colors.
the right one for the job

Tonopah, NV

#14 Jun 9, 2011

Pahrump, NV

#15 Jun 11, 2011
I look at it like this. If you are a US citizen, I could care less what color your skin is or where you came from, you are an American.

Now, if you LOOK like you could possibly be illegal, then by all means you should expect to be checked.

We dont get all bent out of shape when the airport screeners check our bags and search us before we get on a plane, and I would bet that none of us are terrorists. Mexican people who are working a construction site, should expect to be verified. Its not racism, its common sense. Sure, they may all be legal..and if so.. more power to them, but if one is not.. they need to be removed and deported.
Get over it

Pahrump, NV

#16 Jun 12, 2011
If Stephanie and her crazy crew is in Walmart parking lot taking surveys which people are claims that then you need to make a complaint with the right people or they will turn a blind eye to it. Because we side with Matson on her comment about illegals here we are racists. Don't forget about the woman that was killed on 160 and Mesquite at the corner market and he shot killed her over what Nothing!!!! Then the Mexican puke ran to Mexico with the help of his family who lives out here by the way so the law couldn't touch him. I hope for the rest of their lives that they live with the guilt of helping this puke run to Mexico.Thank god justice was served and the puke was killed.

Don't sign the Recall Petition that is going around by Lopez. Now, that I know what Matson comments were then I stand by them we get called RACIST. Then so be it.

Pahrump, NV

#17 Jun 12, 2011
I wont be signing it, Screw that chick and her trying to turn out town into California. I hope she not only does not get enough signatures, but it hurts her so deeply that she MOVES back to N Las Vegas where she belongs.

Lopez, don't DARE bring that liberal garbage into Pahrump.. we do not forgive or forget.

BTW that Mexican dude that shot that woman, he is dead.. he was killed in Mexico, his body was ID'ed by US marshals working the case.. and he is gone. Serves him right. Thats the type of crime you get when Stephanie and her friends let illegals run free in our town/state.
Get over it

Pahrump, NV

#18 Jun 12, 2011
@Forge-Again this is how Stephanie and rest of her crazy operates..Tell your friends and anyone that is willing to stand up against Lopez not to sign that petition..They are so desperate and so way out there to make sure to get signatures that they are willing to tell people that they are doing a survey or anything..We are asking that those signatures are verify and then re-verified..

Beat Stephanie at her own game-Show her and her crazy crew that Pahrump is our town not her or the Jerk Off Town Manager or even his big mouth Wife.

Pahrump, NV

#19 Jun 13, 2011
I have noticed that nothing has been posted by her on Positive Pahrump for the last few days. Seems like the hard times are hitting her and the sad fact that no one will sign the petition is coming into light.

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