so if we build cars that get better gas the price of gas goes up if we build cars that get 3 times the gas mileage they will charge three times the price its just wrong.... obama care is in place for people who cant get insurance because of existing conditions because they get denied well why dont they just offer tax breaks for insurance companys who give them insurance because of the amount of people who are denied are few has anyone did a study on how many people that are denied because of existing conditions? or if they are denied the gov takes the bill not for a small conditions only the big ones...also the aliens should go in the army to be an american as an option the only jobs obama made are a charge to the tax payers with grant money to hire police and firefighters and then tax goes up when the money runs out and then more people lose thier homes and jobs now they want to hire more school teachers and give them padded pensions also that the obama gave grant money for them also to be paid by the tax payers when the money runs out this is not creating jobs just uping tax on the tax payers again