NDA21Z New Jersey plate wrote:
The Chevrolet Caprice that was taken may have been cremated for sanitation reasons as one of the defense lawyers mentioned after John Muhammad was executed and he may be cremated for some reason too. Mildred felt that she wanted to take her children and move away due to the ordeal. I am surprised that she stayed. Lee Malvo told inmates that "another 9-11 would make me feel good cause the terrorists will help me break out of prison and do more crime" but guards may be in danger as he gets older according to sources at the Red Onion State Prison wherever it is.
Our department feels sorry for ex-wife, Mildred and her two daughters since they have to live with the residual ordeal but we are glad that Muhammad is in hell in a handbasket and that Malvo is in prison with the hardened criminals where they belong. Give praise to our department for working 24/7 to protect the rest of society from this mayhem and terror back in October of 2002.