Armored Car Loses Money on I-270
Police believe the load of bills fell out of an unsecured door
NewsCore News Update Report by Sandra Pinkston
Friday, Mar 23, 2012 | Updated 3:05 PM EDT
If you picked up any cash on Interstate 270 on Friday -- say a $50 bill, for example -- officials would like you to return it.
Maryland State Police said they recieved a call at 9:05 a.m. Friday for a report of an armored car that had money flying out the back door.
According to police, the armored car was driving northbound on Interstate 270 south of Route 109 when it lost a load of dollar bills in varying amounts up to $50. Investigators believe the money fell out of an unsecured door on the armored car.
Maryland State Police are asking anyone who picked up any money off the highway this morning to please return it to the Rockville Barracks.
Police will not ask any questions and will not charge anyone who returns the money to the department but as the months continue, police expect not only people to pocket the money but robberies and other thefts to continue since crime has been on the rise due to the bad economy and violent crime along with murder and terrorist related crime.