Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood criticizes protesters
By: The Associated Press | 02/01/12 11:33 AM
The Associated Press
Egyptian protesters shout slogans during a rally outside the Parliament in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. Egypt's newly elected lawmakers took aim at the country's military rulers Tuesday, accusing them of trampling on democratic norms and overstepping their powers by passing laws, including a crucial one regulating presidential elections. Egypt's powerful Muslim Brotherhood has issued a harsh denunciation of liberal and secular activists, echoing charges by the military rulers that they receive foreign funds to create chaos in Egypt.

The statement Wednesday comes a day after Brotherhood members clashed with protesters outside the parliament building. The protesters were demanding an end to military rule.

Witnesses say Brotherhood members fought with protesters and beat women activists who tried to separate the two sides.

The statement backed the military's investigation of pro-democracy and human rights groups.

Last month Egyptian security agents raided offices of 10 groups, several of them U.S.-based. Last week the military banned some foreign activists from leaving the country.