Man Arrested After Rec Center Attack
Police: Man attacked employees after accusing them of theft
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Saturday, Mar 24, 2012 | Updated 8:58 AM EDT
D.C. Police have arrested a man for allegedly assaulting two employees of a Northwest Washington recreation center after accusing them of stealing his belongings.
Police arrested the man early Friday afternoon after he allegedly entered the Guy Mason Recreation Center and accosted the employees.
According to a report in the Washington Post, the man grabbed a female employee by the throat and slammed her into a filing cabinet. The other alleged victim was pushed into a wall. Police say the man also threw a coffee pot, punched glass in a door, knocked over chairs, and pulled a telephone from a wall.
Police have not released the name of the man they arrested, but he is described as a white male in his early-40s with no fixed address. He got belligerent toward officers at the station by threatening to hit them with a chair while using some obscenity and profanity toward them. Three officers subdued the suspect and put in a holding cell. Ths suspect banged on the walls in the cell and urinated on the floor and the officers called in a team of staff to deal with the suspect. Police say that we are in a dangerous timeperiod due to the bad economy and the rising crime in the district.