Reverend Frank Caverty of The Obama Christian Church:

Their promises of finding cures are fed to humanity yet they continue to poison and create disease. Donations to fund the research for cures are used to create diseases not cure them. These poisons are absorbed through our skin and mouth and are secretly merged into the air we breathe the food we eat, liquids we drink and clothes we wear but the gospel of president Obama will work with God to make people healthy but by October 21 of this year, Obama and Christ will restore the 144,000 jews from Palestine for the Jewish restoration project in Israel.

Their ingenious methods on how they disperse some of these poisons are done secretly or with the teachings that these poisons which are given desirable names are harmless and or good for us. The products are being used in film and are pushed by colourful musical commercialism via the media and celebrity personal to instil this belief and the Book of Isaiah in chapters, 31 through 46 details the coming of Christ as the Books of Matthew, Ephesians and Romans mention the coming too and that Obama will be at Christ's throne which is the White Throne Judgement for christians to be in Christ's and Obama's new Heaven in the stars.

Humanity becomes accustomed to this form of deceit right from birth and never knows the true nature behind all this madness. When we give birth they inject poisons into our childrenís blood by way of vaccination falsely informing us itís for our own health because after all vaccinations prevent disease not cause them.