Sheriff's Office wrong to lash out at...

Sheriff's Office wrong to lash out at LULAC

There are 15 comments on the Monterey County Herald story from Dec 30, 2009, titled Sheriff's Office wrong to lash out at LULAC. In it, Monterey County Herald reports that:

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office owes an apology to LULAC and the people of Castroville for its unseemly dismissal of complaints raised about possible excessive force and racial profiling.

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Salinas, CA

#2 Dec 30, 2009
The Herald has just missed an opportunity for as Obama put's it "A teachable moment" LULAC should use this incident as a wakeup call to the families of gang members. The message is "If you allow or turn a blind eye to the gang behavior of your family members you and your loved ones are subject to search and seizures" this is a must if the Central Coast is to combat gangs. Gangs thrive on "Hiding in plain sight" in other words they enjoy their gang behavior then expect the rights afforded law abiding citizens. I believe that if a person makes a conscious decision to be a gangmember he or she forfeits the rights under the constitution.period. The mother of a slain gangmember all to often begins with "He was just out of gangs" or "He was turning his life around" or "He was not in gangs" or "we diden't know he was in gangs" gang members are not hard to spot and family should now begin to start paying a price for their wayward offspring. Until social stigma's and pressure are brought to bear on families until a sense a shame and honor on family are re-established young lives will continue to be lost. Shame on the Herald for paying more attention to the short term discomfort of one family with a known gang member and turning their backs to the larger issue of 30 murders in one city alone, all gang violence. Can we begin 2010 with a resolve to leave political correctness in the backseat and put family responsibility in the front seat where it belongs? In regards to the Monterey County Sheriffs department, to be sure they are the worst to deal with. I have personally found them to be arrogant and narcissistic and pretty much full of themselves. The Salinas PD I have found to be by and large a good bunch of guy's and the CHP, well they are probably the most honorable and friendly of the lot. So, LULAC it aint about race, we are all treated the same by the Sheriffs Dept. so as we begin 2010 please put your race card away and turn your attention to where it should be educating families about honor and shame in the community. About how their efforts in the home can effect the outcome on our city's streets. About how they will accept the consequences that family members in gangs can bring to their home. It is much better for grandma to be momentarily uncomfortable if it will benifit the community and possibly save another mother the tears of a lifetime.

Salinas, CA

#3 Dec 30, 2009
I just stopped clapping for Commonsense58 long enough to add a bit that the editorial missed. The woman who LULAC is pushing the complaint for is the grnadmother of a gangmeber WHO PLED GUILTY TO ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!

There are fair criticisms of the law enforcement from time to time. This isn't one of those times.
I approve this comment

United States

#4 Dec 30, 2009
But doesn't the Herald know Sherriff Mike is ALWAYS right. At least in his own disturbed little mind.

Maybe Mike should just take all LULAC members out for a Burger.....
John Gault

Cypress, TX

#5 Dec 30, 2009
Commonsense58 makes some excellent points re: the problems oftened ignored by family members of gangsters. The responsibility for gang membership usually falls somewhere on deficits in the family structure of the bangers.

That being said, the Sheriff's Office has become increasingly beligerent in MOST of their public relations efforts. The pompous and cavalier attitude of Sheriff Kanalakis has been often reflected in the outbursts of his designated spokesperson, Commander Richards. Kanalakis and Richards are both arrogant wind-bags who only stoke the fires of community outrage. LULAC usually takes the side of people who come to them with complaints, which should come as no surprise to the Sheriff and his official press releases. The Sheriff would be better off demonstrating to LULAC that the claims are specious and unfounded, which they very well may be, rather than try to put them down for bringing the claims in the first place. This attitude only reinforces the motivation of LULAC to pursue such claims with even more rigor.
The Bull

Pacific Grove, CA

#6 Dec 31, 2009
WE need MORE racial profiling!!!! 100% of the murders in Salinas are by gang-bangers. How many blond, blue eyed people or 80+ year old grandmothers have been hijacking airplanes lately?
something has to change

Salinas, CA

#7 Dec 31, 2009
100% AGREE with your post AND it was stated
very nicely
Thanks, many people feel the same way
something has to change

Salinas, CA

#8 Dec 31, 2009
quote: The Monterey County Sheriff's Office owes an apology to LULAC and the people of Castroville for its unseemly dismissal of complaints raised about possible excessive force and racial profiling.

The same could be said for LULAC, they made some statements that I found insulting, LULAC too does racial profiling =calling the kettle black
LULAC took it upon themselfs to speak for all people, I do not agree with their fanatical,
mass hysteria tunnel vision views.

Both sides could be a bit less pompos
after all, it's US (law abiding "mostly"normal people:), against the "bad guys"
that is about as basic and simple as it get's

Pittsburgh, PA

#9 Dec 31, 2009
to me it seems like the citizens of castroville want things two ways:(1) they want to be protected by law enforcement when a crime is committed; (2) they want known and suspected criminals treated with kid gloves especially gang members. so, what does this mean? if law enforcement is searching for a violent criminal are they supposed to put away their weapons and knock on the door where the suspect is known to live and say "hello! we are here to see mr. so and so. would you ask him to come to the door?" meanwhile the suspect has hauled himself out a window and is hiding somewhere else. did i mention that the suspect is considered armed and dangerous? and he's known for criminal behaviour? perhaps whoever wrote this editorial should go on a ride-a-long some night in salinas and castroville and see just what it's like to chase down a suspect, protect citizens, and be treated horribly by some of the very same citizens they are working to protect. then he/she can see just how "frightened" these young people are of law enforcement. more likely than not, he/she will see that these "kids" are disrespectful and blatantly hateful to the officers who are doing their jobs.

additionally, since when is it profiling when a suspect is known to be hispanic and is known to belong to a MEXICAN GANG? hello! how many caucasians belong to a mexican gang? i guess the deputies are supposed to start a search with the caucasian guys who fit the suspect's description just so they aren't accused of profiling? meanwhile, the bad guy is running...

and by the way, sheriff kanalakis is a decent and good man. please don't say negative things about someone you may not even know or have come in contact with.
something has to change

Salinas, CA

#10 Dec 31, 2009
quote: Sheriff's Office wrong to lash out at LULAC

reality is : LULAC lashed out AND accused the Sheriff's office of serious charges first.
exessive force (going after a known Gangbanger
accused of attempted murder), elder abuse , child endangerment (it's the Gangbanger that put the childen AND his Grandmother in danger)

The Sheriff has the right to respond to LULAC

Castroville has suffered some serious rise in crime,
the Sheriff dept. was asked to do something about it, they did, now they get their "Thanks"

Our neighborhood has a rise in crime, also due to
Gangbangers casing us out, working in groups to cause property damage and burglaries
BUT we are tightening up our neighborhood watch
who do we call? The Sheriff's dept.
VERY quick responses so far, Thank YOU officers
Gang Banger Detection

United States

#11 Dec 31, 2009
If it looks like a banger, if it smells like a Banger, if it wears cloths that are too big for them it's a Banger, if it has tattoo's, it's a Banger, if it's eyes are bulging out of it's head from too much meth, it's a Banger, if it has a gun in it's car, it's a Banger, if it says it's not a Banger....The list goes on and on. If it quacks like a Gang Banger, it's a Gang Banger! No racial profiling needed.

Monterey, CA

#12 Jan 1, 2010
And on New Years Eve, the "racist deputies" arrested a 19 year old admitted Norteno gang member for shooting into a group of people. I wonder if LULAC cares about the ethnicity of the people being shot at in the crowd.


#13 Jan 1, 2010
I have often stated that groups like LULAC only handcuff the police when they are doing their jobs.If you ask me the Law Enforcement Officials are not strong enough against these murders. What makes LULAC think that there ethnic race is above the law? During the 20's it was difficult for Italians because of the gangsters of Capones ilk. After many years of support for them, the people of Chicago finally came to their senses and allowed the Treasury Department to remove the kid gloves and help them rid themselves of the viscious crime element. Unfortunately, Italian AMERICANS were all profiled until the process was done. We survived and those of us who are not involved in crime lead fruitful productive lives. It is a shame that LULAC can't quit worrying about someone's toes being stepped on and start worrying about how they can help the police protect the people they say are being profiled. If you ask me the people of Castroville owe the Sheriff's Department an apology for allowing a group such as LULAC into their city and attacking the very people that are trying to keep them safe and their town decent. Until everyone tells groups like the ACLU and LULAC to take a hike, we will never have peace again in this valley and young people will continue to be killed.


#14 Jan 1, 2010
One additonal comment, the only thing that I do agree with the Herald on is the attitude of a lot of the Deputies. I also think that it would do a lot of good if the Sheriff were to hire a spokeman who did not sound as though he had a mouth of of mush and a mentality to match. Communications can make a difference and how you present them.

Salinas, CA

#15 Jan 4, 2010
Many of these stupid comments act like the police are perfect and always use reasonable force. The police often think they above the law.

They make mistakes and abuse power. They are only human. The watcher needs to be watch.

Salinas, CA

#16 Mar 11, 2014
racial profiling by the black snake will not stopped :(...hope to see the above comments revie
w and take in consideration King City scandal.

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