Hey Jerz, I have a great band that I want to introduce you to, their name is The Secret State, a band being considered by many as the future of music.

I would like to see if you can consider hearing them out because I really think that you will like them as much as I do. If so, do you think you can spread the word and pass their music around? I'm just an excited new fan and I would like more people to hear this fresh new sound.

They have a unique electronic/rock sound that will appeal to your ears. I know it!

They are being played on WBBO-FM Monmouth-Ocean so please call in and request their songs. Oh, and tell all your friends too!

I have been following them for a short time I would say about a few months, since they came out with an awesome music video that blew my mind. That video's name is "Say It's Over" you can see it here:http://www.bit.ly/sayitso verofficialvideo

They just released a new single named "The Biggest Mistake". Can't find a video on YouTube for it, but there's a 30 second sample of it on Amazon.http://www.amazon.com/T he-Biggest-Mistake/dp/B0096YBW RG

It's not on YouTube anywhere but I saw on their Facebook posts that it was going to be released on Se.ptember 18th.This is their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/thesecretstatemusic

Well, I hope you enjoy them as much as I am.Talk to you guys soon!

- MusicLivesHere