Former child services agent guilty of...

Former child services agent guilty of abuse

There are 22 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Aug 7, 2008, titled Former child services agent guilty of abuse. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

For more than 20 years before his retirement, Arthur R. Bracke's job as a child protective service agent with Middlesex County was to investigate possible child abuse and inspect potential homes for foster ...

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Thank Goodness

United States

#1 Aug 7, 2008
Now we just need for him to actually serve his sentence, not be let off on a suspended sentence. This man is a monster who has done irreparable harm to children for years. Take away the rest of his years, PLEASE!!!
Gloucester Resident

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#2 Aug 7, 2008
OK, I am just waiting for the idiot to make the comment "Do we really know all the facts on this case? this man is just being blamed for something he did not do"
I know it's coming, and these are the people that make me sick, defending a worthless piece of trash that deserves nothin less than the death penalty! This pervert better thank God he did not do this to my kids!
thetruthalwaysco mesout

Richmond, VA

#3 Aug 8, 2008
Personally, I think he should fry. It's a shame that our tax dollars have to take of this piece of poop for the rest of his life.
yes your right

Rockville, MD

#4 Aug 8, 2008
Yes the truth always does come out. go to and read about an unfounded case.Then go to homepage. This is his personal pages were he claims he is the pied piper and he was sexually molested as a boy by a priest. Who would be responsible for giving him his job there. I feel the people he worked with who after his arrest in Maryland abruptly quit his office and so I feel they knew what was going on .
common sense

Rockville, MD

#5 Aug 8, 2008
Common sense , we people do have. And to think none of his office workers did not know, but abruptly quit. Or did they just turn their heads.One of his office workers had a lawsuit against Arthur but dropped the suite.
I truly hope she speaks up and lets everyone know what was going on.
common sense

Rockville, MD

#6 Aug 8, 2008
That lady that went to protest in the county now has alot of people talking.
It does not sound to good what that social service department and Arthur Bracke did to her and her case. I would never trust this office ever. They just work there to get paid that is all and do what they want to. They do not care about children or families just that pay check . But I hear there are new social workers there now.


#7 Sep 5, 2008
Arthur Bracke has been convicted, he should serve his sentence, and take responsibility. The posts out of Washington are from the woman who did protest in Middlesex Co and has a personal vendetta against Middlesex County Social Services. She is out for revenge and financial gain. She posts pretending to be relatives of herself, advocates, and casual readers of the post. Beware; she's vicious, dishonest, and manipulative.

Rockville, MD

#8 Nov 13, 2008
Hey Saluda, AOL, Arthur Bracke followers Pam ,Andrea and DMITCELL, That aunt is only trying to prove her case and seeks justice against you pieces of lying frauds. Hey remember you did say he was innocent but a jury says he's guilty. Manipulative you are.Take up for Arthur for all we know you probrably have a role also protecting a convicted child molestor. A personal vedetta not,but you Pam and Andrea and DMitchell but the truth no more lies. No more hiding between your relatives to help you. But facts: The TRUTH/PROOF.....
YOU 3 LADIES KNOW WHAT YOU DID AND THATS CORRUPTION JUST TO STEAL AN INNOCENT CHILD FROM HER FAMILY. VICIOUS SHE IS NOT. SHE WILL TAKE ANY POLYGRAPH TEST TO PROVE HER CASE AND SHE WANTS JUSTICE, Hey Pam and Andrea you still have not agreed to the polygraph examination ! What you both scared? I guess that proves this aunt must be telling the truth. YOUR GOING DOWN WITH ARTHUR TOOOOOOOOO. NO MORE LIES...JUSTICE IS WHAT WE SEEK. We all knew more than Arthur knew about what was going on in his office and who knew?

Rockville, MD

#9 Nov 13, 2008
Personal vendetta that is what you all did to 2 innocent sisters due to your personal vendettas and to two baby sisters by separating them because of their different race ethnics. Ingnorance is you people who think others have to deal with you lying bullshit. You claim to know whats going on in the DSS ,well then tell why when Arthur got aressted did the other hurry to scram? HELLLLLLLLLLLO?

Rockville, MD

#10 Nov 13, 2008
Now what proof do you have that this aunt is dishonest, vendictive,vicious and manipulative?
I swear that sounds like you PAM, Andrea and DMitchell!! Wanna tell us more? Hey would this case not be a conflict of Interest?HELLLLLLLO?
Apparently you must be concerned for some reason or scared manipulative people. KEEP Fishing okay?
Hey maybe unfounded cases are opening up soon just hope your name isn't on the rosters. LMAO.
U got it

Rockville, MD

#11 Nov 13, 2008
Hey, now you loyal followers did swear to your gods that Arthur Bracke was innocent even RPD a richmond police officer,this now really strikes me as very,very odd! I am sure if you readers go to you can read Brackes faithful testimoney. Hey its his words out of his own vile mouth. Wonder what Arthur will tell next?
What are they gonna shut the shit hole place down now so that families are not reminded what was done to their children by Arthur and this place?
U got it

Rockville, MD

#12 Nov 13, 2008
Or maybe the heat is on you for what you did to this aunt and her nieces. Come on ladies tell the godly truth!!@ And REMEMBER YOU CHRISTIANS GOD WILL PROTECT THE INNOCENT FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELVES.LIARS AND FRAUDS.
U got it

Rockville, MD

#13 Nov 13, 2008
Hey Pam and Andrea the teachers, LMAO ,maybe your employees know just what your about now. And maybe the new social worker found the records to see the truth.

Since: Dec 08


#14 Dec 7, 2008
I want to thank all of those that have supported me and my son while we went through this hard time with this "molester"!!! I thank God everyday that my son was brave and strong enough to stand up to this man. The one thing he always told me was he wanted to testify against Bracke so he can never do this to any other child. I really want to thank Mr. Hurd and Kelly Parr and all the other people that help put this man away!! Mr. Hurd never backed down persueing justice in this matter. My son is starting to do better but he still has nightmares about all of this. My son stood up for ALL the boys that over the years this man molested. I will fight to keep this man in jail and away from other kids until the day he dies!! Bless you all for your support!!

“Gaelic-Ioudaious "Sookie"”

Since: May 08

Emerald Isle, N.C Topsail

#15 Dec 7, 2008
Gloucester Resident wrote:
OK, I am just waiting for the idiot to make the comment "Do we really know all the facts on this case? this man is just being blamed for something he did not do"
I know it's coming, and these are the people that make me sick, defending a worthless piece of trash that deserves nothin less than the death penalty! This pervert better thank God he did not do this to my kids!
FACT: This pervert needs to be pistol whipped first. Chaired very slowly. No regrets in this life, he will know it shortly. Stick him with OJ.

They can "bond" nicely.
to simply mom

Hyattsville, MD

#16 Dec 12, 2008
I am so, so sorry what Art did to your son, may Art gets all he deserves in jail. The Best Interest of yourself and son is to go public with your story. This will help others that Art may have molested or taken children from innocent families. May all families, Arthur and his office wronged come forth. This unveiling is our answer . Innocent families need to take a stand for change in abusive systems and their abusive workers. Read all about Arthur in his personal homepages. I just am sick that NO ONE never checked this man out years ago. I heard rumors that this man never had a license for anything concerning children,but no one wants to produce these license at which this department claimed he had. Something just is not right. Someone is hiding something there. Was and is this how these departments work? They never even came forth for any press conferences and never answered any questions in that office. Like I say protect yourself and your son away from this office , do not trust these people. Always talk with your son and let him know he is loved by god and many to take a stand ,to stand up and protect other boys, many people think he was brave and thank him for coming forth so that this man will never do this again. Please let your son know every day of his bravery and that you are proud of him for telling you. Thats what parenting is all about ,you are a good mother and do not let anyone tell you any diffferent. A MOTHER TO A MOTHER.

Since: Dec 08


#17 Dec 22, 2008
Thank you so much for your support. My son wasnt in the social service system. Mr. Bracke was a neighbor that i had known for years. I happen to run into him at the beach that summer and he had another little boy with him that my son was playing with. As far as coming forward, well right now, because there is another case pending, I cant do that. If any other victim comes forward in the future, i will be there as well for them. I am going to be involved with that case but i am keeping my son out of it. My sons father took him to see santa claus this past weekend and my son freaked because he looked like Art Bracke. He ended up having a nightmare that night because of it. This man will get his in the end and as long as i am breathing he WILL NOT ever get released. My son is a very brave child and i tell him that every day. There are alot more kids out there, most are grown, that wont come forward because they dont want to deal with the past. I have heard there has been 20 that have come forward so far. My son stood up for all those boys, that are now men, and for the ones that could have been molested in the future. I, as a mother, will continue to fight this man until the day he leaves this world. I will be at his funeral, dressed in white with a smile on my face. I pray for all the kids out there that have yet to come forward. Just know, he will never walk the streets again because my son stood up for all of them.

Kensington, MD

#18 Feb 2, 2009
go to read. Wes Fager longtime activist has a tell allsite on this Middlesex County Virginia and Arthur Bracke and his loyal department. Its a tell all. Also Wavy tv 10 left out comments and statements that Arthur /bracke's adopted son Josh gave to wavy-tv-10 news. Josh stated that he helped Arthur Bracke clean out his office and dropped a glass picture frame that held a social service license , when Josh asked Bracke what it was Bracke tells Josh it is a license he copied off a computer. Outrage is here people. We/ want an internal investigation outside of this county. If this Arthur Bracke never had a license to remove children ,we demand cases to be re-examined and we want our children and relatives that we never had a hells chance at getting custody of. We demand this internal investigation., As we all now know his department and his workers who quit suddenly knew Arthur Bracke was a fraud. We know more than Arthur Bracke should be held accountable and we seek actions now.
scammers they are

Kensington, MD

#19 Feb 2, 2009
Do not let this department scam you also. Do not trust this department . They claim they are there to help you and your son,wrong, wrong,wrong. They are very good at making you as well as others believe it. But they did come on this site and procrastinate the boys as liars. But you say there are at least 20 boys from new beginnings that have come forth who are now grown men. It makes me sick. This department and its workers knew it but covered it up. I hope these men come forth. Tell them to tell their stories to Wes Fager the activists is wanting anyone to contact him concerning prier molestations upon boys in Bracke's career . Wes Fager will put the truth were it needs to be in the public. May this county be held accountable now for the fraud and lying they produce as well as produced lies in unfounded cases were children were never returned home or with relatives. Time to unveil the truth. We know more than Arthur Bracke should be held accountable.

Kensington, MD

#20 Feb 2, 2009
1. Who approved Arthur Bracke's dump to foster boys?
2.Who and were did Arthur get his Foster Care license?
3. Who gave and were did Arthur Bracke get his Social Worker Degree and Licenses from?
4. Who was the lawyer to allow Arthur to adopt all these boys and foster them?
5.Why did all these people from Arthur Bracke's office hurry up out of there when Arthur got aressted in Maryland.
6.Who in his department knew that many 20 or more boys/years later men came forth to tell Arthur Bracke molested them?
7. How many of these molestations upon boys since Bracke ran New Beginnings were swept under the carpet?
8. When is an internal investigation outside of this county going to take place? Of Arthur Bracke and his Department workers.
9.How many children were removed from their homes ,where the children never got to return home or to qualified relatives under false abuse/false alligation cases. Were there was no charges ever put upon the parents? The children were never returned.

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