HELP, car insurance!?
I am 15, going on 16, and I am looking into a Vauxhall Astra 1.6i 16V SXi 3dr Sport Hatch for around £4000.
It s a car that is nice, but I could easily afford it due to my savings and work etc.
I was wondering, when I am 17, how much would it cost me to insure the car at its cheapest?!
This is an example of the car: dvert/201124390942785/sort/pri ceasc/usedcars/quantity-of-doo rs/3/body-type/hatchback/maxim um-age/up_to_7_years_old/model /astra/make/vauxhall/radius/15 01/postcode/bd181nt/keywords/s port%20hatch/page/1?logcode=p

I am looking into this early so that I get a head start and can get everything sorted as soon as I m legally aloud to drive.

How much would it be to insure the car for a 17 year old male living in Bradford?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!
SOLUTION: You can compare quotes for free from different companies at: