Clarksville doctor making amazing rec...

Clarksville doctor making amazing recovery

There are 157 comments on the Virginia/North Carolina News story from Nov 28, 2007, titled Clarksville doctor making amazing recovery. In it, Virginia/North Carolina News reports that:

“The medical examiner did a re-enactment which determined that Gregg was on his back and the bullet entered the frontal lobe on the right side and exited the top left side”

Dr. Gregg Zwilling has a lot to be thankful for this year. Until May 2005, Zwilling was living a peaceful life in Clarksville. via Virginia/North Carolina News

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Feature Writer


#42 Jun 28, 2009
Gregg’s Story
For the past few years, I have sat back and watched the tragic story of Gregg's shooting unfold, like some sordid tale for Court TV. What always stood out to me (as well as others who first heard of Gregg's shooting) is that someone does NOT put in a mouth guard (to prevent teeth grinding while sleeping) before you shoot yourself. This never made sense from day one.
There are a lot of things that don't make sense starting with some of Lisa's choices.
Though she knew CPR, she made no attempt to administer it. According to one of the investigators on the case, Gregg's doctor stated he thought it was odd that a wife would make such questionable choices or delays in decisions that were needed to save Gregory's life. When Gregg needed immediate surgery for an aneurysm, Lisa would not give the okay though she told Gegg's family she had. It wasn't until the doctor approached her for the second time, saying that Gregg would die, that she finally agreed to the life saving surgery. It is common when weaning someone off a ventilator that they may need to be placed back on it. When Lisa was advised of this, she told the doctor that Gregg was not to be placed back on the ventilator as he had a living will. The doctor shot back it wasn't a living will situation, and that Gregg was going to recover. It was the same situation when it came to Gregg's feeding tube. All of her choices were not something usually heard from a concerned spouse.

It wasn't until months later that the plot took a more ominous turn. It was revealed that Lisa had been involved with another man months before Gregory's shooting. Photos reveal Lisa and Roger together as a couple in April while visiting Roger’s family in Pennsylvania where he introduced her to everyone as his girlfriend. The depositions Lisa and Roger would eventually give are filled with inconsistencies as to when they became involved, and the exact nature of their relationship. If it was truly innocent, then why lie?

As in most B movies there is always a motive. As if a $650,000 life insurance policy wasn't enough, Gregg indicated that Lisa had asked him for a divorce the Tuesday before the shooting. He said that he told her: Hell No! Gregg never waivers from what he remembers about that night or the weeks leading up to the shooting. His memory is intact. He can even remember details dating back to his childhood.

Continued next post...
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#43 Jun 28, 2009
On that tragic evening in May two years ago, Gregg returned home from rehearsing with the Clarksville Players for a play he was doing on Memorial Day Weekend. His cast mates reported that hours before the shooting he was in great spirits at the rehearsal. Gregg has stated (as Lisa has) that he came home from rehearsing, they watched a movie together, and he went upstairs to bed around 11pm. He remembers putting in his mouth guard and going to sleep. What is fact is that if Greg had shot himself at 11pm when he went upstairs to bed, he would have never survived until morning.

There are also inconsistencies as to how he was found and the location of the gun.
After a thorough investigation, a re-enactment of the shooting was done using the headboard
to determine the projection of the bullet. This was performed by the Virginia's Chief Medical examiner, Dr. Marcello Fierro. Fierro gained notoriety leading the press conference following the Massacre at Virginia Tech. Her credentials are impeccable.

Dr. Fierro determined that Gregg was shot while lying on his back; yet he was found on his side, in a fetal position. However, they could not rule out as to whether he was moved, or he had thrashed after the shooting to end up in that position. They also could not conclude that Gregg had shot himself. The official verdict was changed to undetermined.

The investigation was a botched from day one. No one questions that, including officials from the Virginia State Police. The crime scene was never secured. The gun was actually taken outside and another bullet in the chamber was dislodged. Lisa was never tested for gun residue, nor was Gregg. However, there was also NO obvious evidence of gun shot residue on Gregg's temple or hand which would usually occur in a suicide attempt if the victim was holding the gun to his head.

As in all B movie scripts the tale became even more sordid when several of Roger's family members came forward with more damaging information. They stated that Roger had told friends and family at a Lakefest gathering, two months after the shooting, that Lisa was pregnant.

Since Gregg had a vasectomy, if Lisa was indeed pregnant, it wasn't his child. Later in depositions Roger first denied ever saying that, and later changed his story to say that he wanted to see what everyone would say. In the year that followed, his family members and friends came forward with sworn declarations and numerous details that all pointed to the same thing: as early as February 2005, the lies and deceit had begun.

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#44 Jun 28, 2009
Final chapter:

On the day of the shooting cell phone records also tell a story, in a triangle that may also include a Virginia State Trooper. What really happened that night may never be known. But while Gregg remained in a nursing home recovering, Lisa eventually purchased a home with Roger, and moved away to the small township of Johnson City, Tennessee, never looking back.
No one imagined that Gregory would have made such an impressive recovery.
But the brain is an amazing organ. It learns to compensate, and create new neural patterns and recovery is a life time process. Gregg's memory is perfectly intact. He remembers details from 30 years ago. He also remembers that evening and his story never waivers. He watched a movie, went upstairs, put in his mouth guard, and went to bed.
I remember my brother asking him, "Gregg, did you know Lisa was having an affair?" Gregg replied, No! and stated he thought they had a good thing going. Irv also asked him, what he would have done if he found out she was having an affair? Gregg never hesitated with his response:“I would have thrown her ass out the door; I certainly wouldn't have shot myself!"
But in a court of law, unless one can prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no moving forward. No indictments. There is doubt, no question about it, but when you look at the facts and witness statements, it all adds up to one thing: Dr. Gregg Zwilling most likely did not shoot himself.
What most people also don't know is that there was also a family agreement that Gregg would be the one to look after his sister, Gabrielle, whom he loved dearly. Knowing Gregg, he would have never abandon Gabi. He also had too much going for him. He was excited about working with the North Carolina Junior Wrestling Team at the Nationals. He was excited about the play, and he was excited about upcoming plans he had for the summer.
Ironically, I had just seen Gregg in Austin, Texas 2 weeks before the shooting. We had dinner, and then I took him to Alan's Boots on South Congress Avenue. Greg bought 2 pair of fabulous cowboy boots, and we went for desert and coffee on Lake Austin. He talked about his log cabin on the lake, and I promised to come visit in the summer. I dropped him off at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin, and that was the last time I would see Greg before the shooting.
We now talk on the phone and exchange emails. If you haven't seen him in recent months, I think you will be surprised on how clear and sharp he has become about many things in his life, including what happened that night.

Today Gregg has a gorgeous apartment and is taking college courses and tutoring. He has a
girlfriend and life is pretty good for someone who
was shot in the head. Nothing short of a miracle.

I'd like to believe that God is the ultimate judge and, hopefully, one day the real truth will be revealed.
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#45 Jun 28, 2009
The above story was written several years ago but was never published since there was not enough evidence to indict Lisa. And for what it's worth, the last conversation I had with the lead investigator, he stated he believed Lisa had shot Gregg, but unfortunately they were trying to save Gregg's life that morning and did not treat it like a crime scene.

Marcia Zwilling - Gregg's Aunt
West Point

Goshen, NY

#46 Jun 28, 2009
I will never forget the morning at about 6am, my sister, Greggs mom called and told me what happend, I started screaming my children ran into the kitchen. My daughter had just spoken to Gregg a few hours ago and they were making plans for her to pick up Gregg and Lisa from the airport to celebrate his grandmothers birthday. I have knowned Gregg his whole life, he wouldnt hurt anyone, let alone himself.
She had cleared out there house on the lake of almost all the contents, I would bet they are in her and Rogers house now, I hope Roger is careful, the next time she might not miss

Port Jervis, NY

#47 Jul 1, 2009
For those of you who are wondering, Gregg is sitting in my living room with me in NY. He is visiting for a family reunion. He played with my infant daughter today and socialized with family and friends.
The week Gregg was shot, I had been speaking with him regarding plans when he visited for our grandma's 90th birthday.
Bottom line is something horrible happened that night and Lisa was the cause. I do not know whether she pulled the trigger or just was the mastermind. However, she needs to be held responsible for her actions before it happens to someone else.
Feature Writer


#48 Jul 11, 2009
I don't know who you are, but I will tell you one thing, by your response to my post above, you are FAR from informed. To make a statement like that without having ALL the facts shows how ignorant some people can be.

Did you read the depositions filled with lies?

Do you know the reputation of Virginia's Chief Medical examiner Dr. Marcella Fierro? She is one of the best, and was also the real-life inspiration for one of the most famous characters in crime fiction. Patricia Cornwell based her Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the heroine of her best-selling novels after Fierro. I guess in your "informed" mind, Dr. Fierro was wrong and you are right?

WHY did Fierro change the cause from Suicide? Because she HAD the headboard, and they did the forensic testing. From her account it was highly unlikely that Gregg shot himself given the angle the bullet hole, which Lisa quickly had repaired to cover it up.

Why did the lead investigator from the Virginia State Police state to several people that he also believed it was Lisa but they didn't have any forensic evidence?

Why did Danny Fox suddenly retire and leave when this whole thing blew up?

Why did Lisa try to stop the doctors from saving Gregg's life in the hospital on 3 different occassions? The doctor was completely astonished and said he had never in his career seen a wife prevent treatment to save a husband's life.

Bottom Line: Lisa was in love with Roger, wanted the half million to start a new life. She was a known liar all her life and slept around for years. The woman is a lowlife who attempted murder, ruined someone's life and got away with it.... for now.

There are somethings that were never released to the public. Lisa needs to look over her shoulder the rest of her life, because one day she will get what she deserves and hopefully rot away in a Virginia prision.

If you want to call yourself "informed" you need to do your homework and read the depositions filled with Lisa and Roger's lies before you open your big mouth again.
West Point

Goshen, NY

#49 Jul 11, 2009
Informed write :the truth is the man shot himself It's not a rumor, it's a widely known fact, in certain circles. The problem is, he's too embarrassed to admit that he couldn't get the job done. if you think i'm lying, you're wrong. He was also in trouble at the time, but you don't hear much about that either, do you?
it has ZERO to do with the Sheriffs office, simply put, you dont talk much about suicides or attempts. they happen a lot at the lake, but dont get reported on because good journalists dont talk about it unless there are others at risk when that happens. for instance, look at daniel cho. he's famous now and for all the wrong reasons. all because of his murder suicide. but that's what gets covered. i'm just saying.....

Is This Lisa writting this she is the only person who would want people to believe this. B

Vernon Hill, VA

#50 Jul 13, 2009
There are others that would want people to believe this B.S. Danny Fox did not retire. He is the sheriff. He won the election and this case didn't get the coverage that it should have. Fumbling, bumbling, good ol'boy danny fox. When will the people of this county open their eyes and see what is right in front of them?
Feature Writer


#51 Jul 13, 2009
Well last I heard from the lead detective was that he left the Sheriff's Department and was teaching. So maybe he came back and got elected Sheriff. Had I known he was running, I would have made the public aware of what an idiot he was in this investigation. The bottom line is Lisa did it. Everyone knows this, including the investigators, the doctors, and most people that REALLY know Gregg. Anyone posting on here that thinks differently, is either Lisa or someoneone stupid enough to buy into her lies. Read the older posts about yet another lover coming forward who was fed the same line of bull shit by her years before the shooting. She will get hers in a much higher court. I long for the day that God shows justice.
Feature Writer


#52 Jul 13, 2009
To Fromhere:
Send me your personal email address and I will tell you what I know from the depostions and lets see if you feel the same way. When Gregg was questioned about how he would shoot himself if he wanted to kill himself, without hesitation he said put the gun in my mouth. Read my former post about Dr. Marcella Fierro. Are you more knowledgable than her? I doubt it.
A Huge FAN of Doc Z

King William, VA

#53 Jul 13, 2009
I'm VERY happy that Doc Z is doing so well. He is a walking miracle for sure! People all over still talk about him and I have yet to hear anyone say that he did this to himself. There is just no friggin way! I had been taking my children to him since we moved here over 15 yrs ago. The whole town was in shock when the news spread. They called it an attempted suicide and that in itself was unbelievable! No way did he do this. He loved life too much, he loved his patients and they loved him. The medical community lost one the best doctors around. He had such a great way with the kids, All the kids that played sports loved him. He is so truely missed here in Mecklenburg County. I would surely love to see Lisa punished for this crime and while I do not know who this Roger person is, I hope for his sake she doesnt get the chance to do this to him. I believe that what comes around goes around, she will get hers one day, I would love to see it.

As for Danny Fox, He is still the sheriff, why he got voted in again I have no idea. If the thread is still around here in Topix (23924 zip code), check it out, its a long thread but very interesting. A whole lot of deputies were let go after he got re elected, some say it was because they didnt vote for him. I did not vote for him as I had heard how badly he botched the invetigation on Dr Z.

Tell Dr Z there are many many people that believe in him and are very happy he is doing so well!

Crewe, VA

#54 Jul 14, 2009
Feature Writer wrote:
To Fromhere:
Send me your personal email address and I will tell you what I know from the depostions and lets see if you feel the same way. When Gregg was questioned about how he would shoot himself if he wanted to kill himself, without hesitation he said put the gun in my mouth. Read my former post about Dr. Marcella Fierro. Are you more knowledgable than her? I doubt it.
I am not more knowledgable than Dr. Fierro. Never claimed to be. I agree with her and you. Will you tell me if you know, was there a GSR test done? It only takes a minute. I don't think one was done. I don't know this, it's just what I was told. This is something that the officers on scene should have done. I understand that saving his life was top priority but this test should have been done on the wife. It could have been done after the Dr. was in route to the hospital. Did this test take place?
West Point

Highland, NY

#55 Jul 14, 2009
No there was no GSR test done on either Gregg or Lisa. The Bedroom was not a crime scene, the cops did not do there jobs. The EMS workers were keeping Gregg alive that was there job, the cops did nothing as far as I am comcerned. But I guess Lisa lucked out , since she was VERY friendly with the Police Dept, they supposedly took her at her word as what happened, boy she must be good.

Austin, TX

#56 Jul 14, 2009
Unfortunately there was no GSR test done on Lisa or Gregg. Gregg's hands were "bagged" when he arrived at the hosptital, but for some reason the test was not done.

Vernon Hill, VA

#57 Jul 15, 2009
Another queston. Is it also true that Lisa who was in the house said that she never heard a gun shot but, a dog barking outside woke her up? Again this is what I was told. I don't know it to be true. If it is true it would seem that this would have sent a red flag up so to speek. This along with the teeth guard.

Port Jervis, NY

#58 Jul 15, 2009
Lisa claimed she never heard a gunshot because she was watching a baseball game with the volume up loud. Gregg and Lisa had 3 dogs- I have two dogs and we live in an area where there is a lot of hunters. EVERY TIME a gun shot goes off, my two dogs bark wildly. I cannot imagine their 3 dogs not making a peep when the shot went off. SO, even if she slept through the shot, did she sleep through 3 dogs going wild?(Anyone who has ever heard a lab bark, knows that sound is hard to ignore!) Lisa said in the hospital that she sat outside with her hands over her ears so she couldn't hear the gurgling noises gregg was making. A trained medical professional did nothing to save his life... If all of that did not send up red flags to investigators, they were probably not thinking with their right head....ya know what I mean? I hope the locals help bring all this information into the public eye. Lisa needs to be PUNISHED>

Crewe, VA

#59 Jul 15, 2009
One last queston. The make ,model and serial number of the gun. Do you know? I was told that this information was not on the report.
Hard to Believe


#60 Jul 15, 2009
Hard to believe she got away with it, but anything is possible when there is no investigation. The first investigator retired, the DA didn't want to go to trial with circumstantial evidence.
Dr.Z goes to bed at 11 am, supposedly shoots himself around 4:30 am still wearing his mouth guard but misses taking his life. There is no gun shot residue on his forehead, his hands were never tested and there were no finger prints on the gun. What’s wrong with this picture? In addition, Lisa had a boyfriend for six months prior to the shooting. Lisa may have been pregnant and not by Dr. Z. An old boy friend was in town the night of the shooting. Combine this with Life Insurance and property value; I would say there sure was motive. With all this evidence, no crime scene was identified and no arrests were made. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE
Greggs Dad

Durham, NC

#61 Jul 16, 2009
fromhere wrote:
One last queston. The make ,model and serial number of the gun. Do you know? I was told that this information was not on the report.
I don't have the specifics but the gun was a 9mm.
Danny Fox sold it to Gregg.

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