I wonder if anyone else is as annoyed as I am that we have companies willing to build highspeed for us to get on internet but it can't be built? If you read the recent article on subject, it details how county has prevented it from being built by what seems to be ignorance. I did some searching & found a webpage with a drawing of the structure they are trying to build. I think they have a good point. They are not phone towers, they are broadban & compact.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't care mind if one was being built in my neighborhood. I HATE DIALUP & I HATE OFFICIALS that ignore the needs of the peolpe who put them in office!

The page is www.rafwireless.com & the drawing is toward bottom of page. I am thinkig of a windmill tower but how do you apply? I think I am writing the officils to protest. I would like to see a public hearing!

i am curiuos what you all think? Are you for towers like this or against them?