4-foot python attacks 15-month-old bo...

4-foot python attacks 15-month-old boy in Charlotte park

There are 50 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Aug 1, 2007, titled 4-foot python attacks 15-month-old boy in Charlotte park. In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

A 15-month-old boy suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a 4-foot ball python in a Mecklenburg County park here.

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North Reading, MA

#45 Jul 24, 2010
I don't even know where to begin addressing the stupid.

For starters ball pythons aren't native to rainforests. They live in grasslands in Africa. Second, this is the only time I've EVER heard of a ball python, the most harmless python on the planet and one of the most harmless snakes PERIOD, attacking or even injuring a child. Know why they're called BALL pythons? They curl up into a defensive ball when threatened. You often can pick them up straight out of the wild because they're so docile. Yes, individuals can have different reactions when they feel threatened, and I have heard of unusually pissy balls that bite first and ask questions later, but they are in the extreme minority. More people are injured or even killed by dog attacks every year, mostly by Labrador Retrievers, yet no one thinks of outlawing Labs because they're supposedly the perfect all-American pet. Know how many snakes are in my house? Six. Three ball pythons, a Pueblan milk snake, a corn snake, and a Dumerils boa. Know how many have bitten me? Not a one. I've endured constant hamster bites, but have never been bitten by a snake. I'm not saying I never WILL, because all animals are unpredictable, but I would feel safer handling a strange ball python than I would a strange dog. Ball pythons are one of the easiest (I won't say THE easiest, they're notorious for having feeding problems; fortunately all of ours are good little eaters) pet snakes available, and if you can't properly care for one I sure as hell don't think you could properly care for a child. I've had goldfish that were more work.

If the snake had been dumped in a park it was probably hungry, cold (they're used to 90 degree temps in the African savannah, without belly heat snakes can't digest food and they starve), and unbelievably stressed. Under those conditions I'd bite, too.

Also: Burmese dude? If you're alone in a cage with a 23 foot predator and no back-up, that's a Darwin award waiting to happen. I don't care if it was to change his water, feed, medicate, or give him shiatsu massage. Avoidable deaths are the reason legislators are in a tizzy to make laws against owning pythons. You're lucky your snake lost interest before you became a statistic.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#46 Jul 25, 2010
Snakes are like Pit Bulls because they usually attract the same types of owners: Rednecks and ghetto dwellers.


#47 Sep 21, 2010
I just stumbled upon this page because I was searching the internet to research Ball Pythons...My daughter has wanted one for years but could not have one until now because the previous landlord was "scared" of snakes, and we just moved. A couple of the sites I found said "Never put your snake around your neck, because it could constrict." Seeing as how I have already had experiences with ball pythons, I thought this was malarkey...every one that I had ever known LOVED to be around your neck because the neck/head gives off the most heat and they love to nuzzle in your hair....And knowing the BP's I have known, I decided to google it...Anyhoo, this is one of the only articles I have seen about 'Ball Python Attacks' I am a Mother, and a snake owner (as many of you said) And, yes, if for some reason my snake goes batty and tries to suffocate my child, I will saw her head off...But honestly, I don't see taht happening. My suggestion is, to all you anti-snake people....Do your homework...Which kills more children every single day? SNAKES or PITBULLS? I personally love ALL God's creatures, but PLEASE have a leg to stand on with your arguments, people,,,,,


#48 Sep 21, 2010
And, no...I don't live in a ghetto nor the South, jrt11....I life in an affluent New England town.

Los Gatos, CA

#49 Oct 30, 2010
I believe people that have little knowledge about snakes are ignorant. First of all yes, the snake should not have been loose in the pet store. Second why is it always parents that don't watch their kids at stores are the same parents that will sue the store for their kid getting into things & as a result getting hurt. If you can't watch your kid you either need to stay home or find a sitter, or not have children or put your child on a leach. Why are YOU letting your kid run loose. Ignorant!!!

Halifax, UK

#50 Feb 26, 2012
I found 90% of your comments funny as hell. Ball pythons are not one for attacking at all. I would guess the kid did something for the snake to bite. Also a bite will not do much harm at all. If the people where not so thick all they would have to do is hold the snakes body. You tools need to learn about snakes before u start jumping on things. The mum is to blame for this one. She should have never let such a young kid that close to snake. Kids have no clue how to handle animals.if I had kids sticky fingers on me I would bite him 2 :). Snakes are great pets if looked after right and if people know how to handle them.

Halifax, UK

#51 Feb 26, 2012
jrt11 wrote:
Snakes are like Pit Bulls because they usually attract the same types of owners: Rednecks and ghetto dwellers.
Well your talking part shit there. Not all snakes are are going to attack you. Just like not all dogs will attack you. Go learn about the right things before you try to act smart. I'm a Scot and iv got a ball python. Never had him bite. Iv had him round my neck playing the 360. Have him out all the time. He is more scared off open space than anything else.
Thank You

Kingston, NH

#52 Jul 20, 2012
Ballpythonnut wrote:
Ball pythons are a small, non-venomous snake that rarely exceeds 4-5 feet and are almost always docile and passive. It is likely that the snake bit only as a defensive response to being startled or perhaps even stepped on. A cat or dog would likely do the same, only with much worse results. Ball pythons do NOT pose a significant risk to humans; only mice and other small rodents their prey items. There's also no reason (other than ignorance perhaps) to beat the snake afterward.
Thank goodness someone here has some common sense!
snake hunter

Eugene, OR

#53 Feb 21, 2014
Mommy with a Ball Python wrote:
<quoted text>
I am both a mother and a Ball Python owner. If you have ever been around a Ball Python you would know that one they don't have enough power that they could wrap around a child and not be easily removed by an adult. They are very calm timid reptiles unless frightened and defending themselves. My Ball Python is 3 ft long and I have a 6 month old child, I do not feel the need to ditch the snake for the baby's safety. And don't think that I only say this because I'm too attached to my snake, it actually started out as my husbands snake and I was completely against getting one and was myself terrified of it for at least the first month until I got used to him and saw his timid nature. I believe that maybe the mother should have watched her child a little closer, although I know not all accidents can be prevented. It is not the mother or the pet store owners fault accidents happen. It could have been handled in a more lets say proper way so the snake and the child could have both been unharmed!
You are an irrisponsable mother for having a disgusting, reptile predator living in the same home as your baby. My girlfriend has one and i am going to kill it while she is at work tomorrow. I hate it and cant sleep with it there so i just lay there all night watching and making sure it doesnt get out of its terrarium and strangle me in my sleep!!! I just dont get the attraction. The only cool thing that they do is eat, and that's like once a week if you're lucky. disgusting creatures should be exterminated from the planet.
Tammy Wedge

Kensington, Canada

#54 Apr 27, 2015
jared wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually snakes make really good pets and these attacks are rare. if in fact abuse was a factor than the owner isn't innocent either. I would get rid of the snake but seriously both are to blame
I agree as a mother and grandmother and proud ball python owner as ever go has said my ball affectionately named squirt by my then 5 yr. Old grandson, has always been completely docile, I have been bit once and 100% my fault during feeding I stuck my hand in the tank quickly and not paying attention. Squirt correctly responded by a quick strike and retreated my fault of course I do take precautions I do all feedings myself children are never left alone with him he is only 4 ft. 4 inches fully grown I never take him near anyone who doesn't want him near( as much for his sake as theirs) I love snakes always have but my family husband incl. Hated them when I initially got squirt as a mothers day gift a few yes. Ago my husband didn't sleep for a few days now yrs. Later he takes squirt out to play and cuddle and calls him his baby! NOT! But people take common sense advice it is not always the snakes fault or the child's...

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