An adult deer at the Broadbent Wildlife, so called "Sanctuary", has been crippled since October 24th when the resident vet trimmed her overly long hooves which had been allowed to be overly long for too long a period of time. There have been other issues and concerns, and I would like to reach people who have worked there and who were fired for honestly expressing their concerns. I especially would like to reach Jackie with whom I had spoken. The commercial feed was improperly being put on the ground, so that I had a feeder built and brought out to the "sanctuary". Jackie and I had a conversation the day I had a feeder brought out, and I would very much appreciate being able to speak with her. I do not know why she was fired and I tend to think it was because she was thinking independently and expressed concern over something and the owner will not take any suggestion but must view herself as the Mother Teresa of the animals even though she is anything but any Mother Teresa of the animals. A deer in an enclosed area should have a feeder, not have the commercial feed put onto the ground. But the owner thinks she knows everything, which she does not, and refuses to contact experts in the care of an adult deer. She may be knowledgeable about the release and the rehab of fawns, since the "sanctuary" has been doing that. But she is NOT knowledgeable in the permanent care of an adult deer. The reason for the hooves having become overly long in two months, as well as a toe on each being twisted/angled/distorted, is that the vet failed to transition the commercial feed as required plus fed an overly rich, dense starter feed. The vet should have known better than to feed a starter feed to an adult deer, especially after not having transitioned it.