Mom charged with childrens' deaths

Mom charged with childrens' deaths

There are 67 comments on the WDSI story from Feb 8, 2007, titled Mom charged with childrens' deaths. In it, WDSI reports that:

In December of 2006, a fire broke out at a home in Marion County, Tennesee. A mom made it out, her three young children did not.

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Kathryn Howard

Alliance, OH

#1 Mar 21, 2007
No tragedy could ever be written by any playwright that is any sadder than Ms. Kimberly Moon’s story.

Kimberly Moon has done nothing wrong. Ms. Moon decided, on a cold December night, to stay at a family member’s home. She did not know the house was a death trap. She did not know where she was when she woke up because she was not in her own home. She is did not know what to do once she realize was in amidst of a fire. She is young. She did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, she is the one that has suffered the greatest lose that no mother should have to through in their lifetime. Again, this is a tragedy for Ms. Moon who lost three beautiful young babes.

She did not leave the clothing by the water heater which started this honest accidental fire. She tried to get help for her children. If there is truly any fault, or any fingers to be pointed, it should not be at Ms. Moon but at whoever left the clothing by the water heater.

Personally, I believe Ms. Moon will need a lifetime of psychological help to overcome her personal tragedy, not a lifetime of being treated as a criminal. My hopes and desires by positing this, is that someone that has type of clout, in the now tarnished Marion County, TN, justice system, will come forward and help this young woman. Ms. Moon is not Susan Smith. Ms. Moon needs help beyond a degree that none of us can ever understand, and if the state of Tennessee does not recognize this, then they should hang their heads in shame.

I do not know Ms. Moon, but I have been following her story here in Kentucky and I am now going to share it with everyone I know, for I know there were untrue facts told to the community about Ms. Moon before the fire was even investigated. I am truly disgusted that Ms. Kimberly Moon has been treated as a criminal instead of victim of a tragic accident. It appears that Ms. Moon was indicted by a power hungry district attorney, and judicial system, that is using her life as rung on their political ladder and if the citizens of Marion County, TN, are blinded by this fact, they should no longer be in the category of humans, for they no longer have a heart.


Montgomery, AL

#2 Mar 21, 2007
Wow! Where did you come from? Have you ever been to S Pittsburg? Power Hungry DA? NO! Ms Moon hasn't been proven guilty yet. These people,this jury, will not hang her if she's innocent. Are you a mother? I could be sleeping on the dark side of the moon and I'd know where my kids are!That's what Mom's do. Mom's don't do meth.Mom's don't do white trash.Mom's know where their kids are especially when they are spending the night in a strange environment. I'm sorry she lost her kids, I'm sorry she's going through this, but when you have kids you straighten up your life, get a job, and the BS stops. I know this because I ran the roads in S Pittsburg for years. Now I have kids, live somewhere else, and I give them a life better than I had because I am a MOM. That's what MOM's do!
Kathryn Howard

Alliance, OH

#3 Mar 21, 2007
"I could be sleeping on the dark side of the moon and I'd know where my kids are!"

Did your mother know of your illegal activities when you "ran the roads in S Pittsburg for years"?

I think not, just as my mother doesn’t know of some of things I did when I was younger, although, I don’t think my earlier life was a colorful and dramatic as yours. And, just as I do not know of all my children activities (not kids - kids are goats!) Therefore, I find your arguments are invalid.

I am proud to live in a country which allows us to voice our opinions freely without retribution, also, a country I chose to serve for six years in the military to protect these rights.

I am pleased you responded to my post and exercised your right of free speech, just as I did; however, I did not choose to behind a persona with my comments.


Since: Jan 07

Ballinger, TX

#4 Mar 22, 2007
There is no excuse for three adults running out of a house and leaving three babies to burn to death. I don't know if the mom was high or just stupid but i believe that all three adults should be charged with murder for the three babies that perished under their care. No matter who left the clothes in front of the heater, they could have each grabbed a baby and saved all.. Tell me if i am wrong?
Moon Beam

O Fallon, MO

#5 Mar 24, 2007
Waltzer, you are correct! There will never be an excuse for choosing oneself over the health or life of a child.
Kathryn, Of course my mother knew of my activites.Who said they were illiegal?From that stick up your butt I can tell your life has never been as colorful nor dramatic as mine. And don't even start with me about the military thing. I've been there for 27 years and I know what I'm protecting. I'm not hiding behind a persona...I'm a very educated & private person and don't need to be known to the world to be effective. What do you do in your life now that you quit protecting your rights?:)

United States

#6 Apr 3, 2007
I agree 100% with Waltzer and Moon Beam. How can you leave your children in a house that is on fire?? I have an 18 month old daughter and I could not see getting up and running out of the house without her. She is a sorry person. They need to tie her up and leave her in a burning building. Thats what I think!!
Moon Beam

Columbia, MO

#7 Apr 4, 2007
KathrynH...sorry you stepped out into the world and got your toes stepped on. Please come back out and play. You quit way too soon!
side lines

Madisonville, TN

#8 Apr 9, 2007
I have to agree with all of you.I personally know mrs.moon.She would not have taken her childrens lives.however she has made mistakes in her life as we all have even if she has done drugs,that doesnt make her a killer also shes the parent shes supposed to be responsible for these children.Me personally I think she needs mental help and drug rehab.And believe me this would not be my normal stand.But I know that this county went on a witch hunt also.I know that she was locked up,for 2 weeks before they ever even offered to let her take a shower.Is this humanity or are they just trying to mentally destroy her,before she has a chance to defend herself.HERE IN MARION CO.YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL YOU PAY CASH OR DO TIME.THERE IS NO INNOCENCE HERE.UNLESS YOU WEAR THE BADGE.
Moon Beam

Columbia, MO

#9 Apr 10, 2007
If there was no witch to find there would not have been a hunt! Ms Moon had the same opportunity to shape up that everyone has. No doubt she needs mental help,especially now. If she was denied a shower for 2 weeks her lawyer can deal with it although it doesn't alter the fact that she left her kids in a burning house. What reason does she give for not taking the kids with her?
side lines

Cleveland, TN

#10 Apr 10, 2007
absolute shock and not realizing at the time the size of the fire.still she should have grabbed the children.and when i say WITCH hunt iam talking about the media putting pressure on after the ruling was an accident pressure being on a less than perfect sheriffs dept.and due to that there is no evidence to conclude their she will be charged with 3 counts of neglagence instead of murder.
side lines

Cleveland, TN

#11 Apr 10, 2007
And my thought is in agreement of the other 2 adults should be charged as well.
Kathryn Howard

Alliance, OH

#12 May 12, 2007
Let's start with this question:

Ms. Moon’s heat was disconnected in the month of December. Why? That's the first question which needs to be answered, for if this had not occurred then Ms. Moon would have not been put into the position to be in the home that was a death trap.(There is an answer to this question but you-all need to find this out on your own because it is the first domino that fell for Ms. Moon.)

The next question: Why did the "Good Samaritan" take Ms. Moon from the scene? This was not the type of help she was seeking. She wanted someone to help her because she was confused and overcome by smoke inhalation; second domino.

And for my final question of the day - the same as many others - why didn’t the other adults help? Then back to the Good Samaritan, they could have helped Ms. Moon the most because this is the only person that was not overcome by confusion and smoke.

People that do know her, and have posted here, are telling the truth as they know it and these people I trust.


Note: this is not a game and I find it sad that anyone thinks of this as a game; also, anyone that judges and classifies others within a community, e.g., white trash, their opinion mean absolutely nothing to me because the law is to fair for every class; some peoples ignorance precedes them.

Since: May 07

Jasper, TN

#13 May 14, 2007
"white trash, their opinion mean absolutely nothing to me because the law is to fair for every class; some peoples ignorance precedes them."

I don't think they were referring to you or the South Pittsburg community.
Moon Beam

Columbia, MO

#14 May 14, 2007
Kathryn! Welcome Back!! Still living with your head in the clouds but what the heck...perhaps the heat was turned off because the bill hadn't been paid. That's the usual reason. And in this case, its what we call a 'soft issue' in that it has no bearing on why she left the kids while she went to see where the smoke was coming from. And who piles clothes in front of a heater? The same non-thinkers who don't grab their kids in an emergency. I truly wish Ms Moon the best and I hope she eventually forgives herself and is able to pick up the pieces and go on. However, she has to learn to think and if she spends some time in re-hab/jail it could be a good thing at this time.

Covington, LA

#15 May 25, 2007
I live in this community...
I have heard the rumors, and the witnesses, and know the history here...
I was told by someone who WAS there that night, that when the other two adults crawled out of the smoke/fire filled house they found Ms Moon standing on the front porch watching the fire, fully dressed. They said they attempted to go back in when they realized the children were in there & get the babies, so did the neighbors...
Those who were there & witnessed the incident don't even believe she was in the house at all... No one knows...
She is young... and I've been told has a drug record... I heard she was in jail for drugs when she was endicted for the murders.
She also had her kids taken from her previous to this because of her activities, and one in custody of the paternal grandmother when this happened...
The state shouldn't have let her get them back and have more, unless she was monitored & had counseling,rehab, SOMETHING.
It's really sad, she probably would have been a good mother if she hadn't gotten into the life of drugs. And the babies might still be alive.
Being so young, I honestly hope that she can be rehabilitated & reformed into a decent "drug free" human being, to live a decent life outside of prison, no matter what happened... or who should've, would've & could've done what...
It's too late for all that now... If we could turn back time, we'd all do something different wouldn't we???
Everyone has to face the big man upstairs by themselves... He knows the truth, and holds the real sentence. Who are we to judge?

Covington, LA

#16 May 25, 2007
As for Ms Howard,
You need to stick to Lifetime Television & Bowling Green KY, because you know nothing about the activities here in South Pittsburg, TN...

Saint Peters, MO

#17 Jun 6, 2007
Yeah Ms. Howard...stay in Kentucky! But we love you!:(

Charlotte, NC

#18 Jun 14, 2007
Ms Howard, you make me laugh. A perfect example of someone who runs and tells everything they hear. You know nothing about this area or its judicial system, and for sure the case against Mrs Moon. If their were no evidence against her then she would not be in jail. The people here are not blinded by any fact of our judicial system. Anyone who would leave a burning house without her baby's wrapped in their arms should face the death penalty. It's that simple. She was treated and released from the hospital for minor smoke inhalation nothing major. If this were to happen to me, I would turn myself in to the police for murder. BTW: she was not denied a shower for two weeks, she refused one. And food for that matter. From now on just watch your local news and stay out of ours.

Madisonville, TN

#19 Nov 26, 2007
i realize it's been awhile since a posting on this , but i'm here to say i live in the same community this happened and people are quick to judge and look at the worst of a person if it is not an upstanding citizen, same goes for the law and judicial system. i moved here from chicago about two years ago and have never seen any place like this before, it's kind of scary..they say "marion county has it's own law" and i believe it.
and the drug scene is unreal for being such a small community, it's a sad shame!

Cartersville, GA

#20 Nov 26, 2007

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