She's a calico. She has a white chest and under-belly, her face is mostly black, with a white dot on the tip of her nose and one between her eyes. The rest of her body is a mixture of yellow, black, and white. Also, she is the 9th cat I've had go missing (I say missing, because they were neither ill, nor found in the road or in the property of any of the people we've asked) since my aweful neighbors moved in, so she may have ben sold or given away, but she IS mine. She has a green flea - collar and comes to Rino (Ree - no), not to be confused with rhino. If you see her, she's the last kitten of another of my cat's who mysterily disapeared and one who suddenly got sick and died, I want her back, or to at least know if she's okay or not. She's been missing since September, and she's never left for over a day, before, so something's not right, and she's a house-cat so I'm worried.