New Sex Charge Against U.S. Prosecutor

New Sex Charge Against U.S. Prosecutor

There are 476 comments on the The Associated Press story from Sep 18, 2007, titled New Sex Charge Against U.S. Prosecutor . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

A U.S. prosecutor accused of using the Internet to arrange for sex with a 5-year-old girl flew to Michigan carrying sexual materials and presents for the child, authorities said Tuesday.

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one who knows

Sarasota, FL

#303 Sep 20, 2007
Rude E Jew Lee Ah Knee wrote:
<quoted text>Your above post proffers that O'Reilley was only accused, yet you offer this statement as fact without any ajudication. Do I smell a double standard? O'Reilley, like Michael Jackson, paid hush money in a civil proceeding before any criminal wrongdoing could be ajudicated. It used to be illegal to pay off witnesses. Considering every bad thing that happens in the world a "Liberal" plot is probably more infantile than anything you accuse other posters of. Good day, sir.
my point is that democrats protest their sleaze- republicans flush it.

“What's new in your world?”

Since: Jul 07

Location hidden

#304 Sep 20, 2007
Gay Chevara wrote:
<quoted text>
Keep your god in your pants! We don't want to see it!
Ditto your homosexuality.

Hollywood, FL

#305 Sep 20, 2007
If this guy can show that he likes young boys as much as he like young girls he will have all of the credentials to be a republican member of the house or senate.

Santa Clara, CA

#306 Sep 20, 2007
To ME wrote:
The only FOCUS should be HOW SCUM SUCH AS THIS ARE ATTACKING OUR KIDS ON A DAILY BASIS AND WHAT AS A SOCIETY CAN WE DO ABOUT IT. This may have been a sting operation, but please know somewhere a little girl is being forced to have sex with an internet stranger or family friend.
Exactly. But reality is as irresistible as a club; It's much easier to think of this as an isolated incident.. And easy is what we're all about.. I still can't understand how these convictions hold up in court though their are no actual children involved. Folks are being arrested for their intentions instead of actual crimes; i don't necessarily agree with that; it's a very slippery slope to thought-policing. I think private groups should do these stings and just beat the molesters as near to death as possible.. no miranda, no lawyer, no court--straight vigilante style.

Dayton, OH

#307 Sep 20, 2007
jay0360 wrote:
i didnt know 5 year old were online wow... where was the girls parents
Read the story, pul-eeze!!!

Dayton, OH

#308 Sep 20, 2007
one who knows wrote:
<quoted text>
my point is that democrats protest their sleaze- republicans flush it.
Then the Republicans need to be careful and not get their toilet backed up.... they are having to do a LOT of flushing, aren't they?
Horton Stevenson

Eden Prairie, MN

#309 Sep 20, 2007
Jeff wrote:
Typical government employee these days...what is with these guys?....oh yeah, they are all into the occult.....
Two deadly entities: the government and sports. Both attract scum and create scams.

And both are not worth the ticket price.

Big bux $ports club owner$ go to city and $tate government to have the taxpayer$ pay for $tadium$ and area$ for which the$e pure a$$holeS play game$.

In government, you have perverts like Senator Larry Craig. Abolish the US Senate! With the money saved we could GIVE health insurance to all US citizens and invade Iran, so we have the oil.


“all i hear is "blah blah blah"”

Since: Sep 07

Location hidden

#310 Sep 20, 2007
Absolutely disgusting. We should start treating US prosecutors with the same scrutiny as we do national defense operatives:periodically and randomly put them thru a lie-detector. I'm not saying sit 'em down and ask 'em if they like it up the butt. But "How often do you break the law" and "Are you sexually attracted to children?" would be a good start.

“the baby who would be king!!!!”

Since: Jan 07

fort worth

#312 Sep 20, 2007
baldeagle wrote:
IF these chrgs are true, it is difficult to describe proper punishment. I hope that he has not succeded in the past!
first you start with a hammer and a handful of nails


Since: Apr 07

Holland, MI

#313 Sep 20, 2007
JudeB wrote:
U.S. Prosecutor no less....just gets worse and worse...
Are you suprised? Priests,ministers,politicians all authority figures that prey on the public trust.See these scumbags for what they are and deal with them and their like accordingly.

Since: Mar 07

Sugar Land, TX

#314 Sep 20, 2007
albtraum wrote:
<quoted text>
Didn't say, but somebody had to alert the authorities. Wasn't him and I doubt the 5 year old knew how. Probably the parents contacted the authorities. Just a guess until the story unfolds.
Again, there was not real mother, and no real 5 year old. It was the police in a sting operation. A police officer posed as a woman and told this guy she had a 5 year old. Then this guy eventually made arrangments to have sex with 5 year old, and flew to meet them with presents in hand and was arrested.

Good police work, getting this guy before any damage was done. Hopefully this was his first time; at any rate it's his last.

Virginia Beach, VA

#315 Sep 20, 2007
OOOOps wrote:
please please please
he's only charged with this crime.
lets wait till he's found guilty.
Are you kidding me???? He got off the airplane with presents for this imaginary 5y/o. Made phone calls to the "mom", and sent pics. Wow. I don't even know what else to say.

“What's Your Point?”

Since: Sep 07

Houston is where I was born.

#316 Sep 20, 2007
I think that the prosecutors should talk to his children. If he's actively seeking this kind of contact online, then he may also be abusing his own children.

United States

#317 Sep 20, 2007
This is absolutely horrible, the man is obviously sick in the head. I don't believe he can be rehabilitated. He needs to be sentenced to life in prison.

Buffalo Valley, TN

#318 Sep 20, 2007
Since he's white he will be hanged. If he was black, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be defending him.

“Jesus kills!”

Since: Aug 07

Massapequa Park, N.Y.

#319 Sep 20, 2007
Outlander wrote:
<quoted text>
Ditto your homosexuality.
I'm here. I'm queer. Get used to it, bitch!
Damaged for Life


#320 Sep 20, 2007
"Excuse me Common Sense"... It was an Internet Sting!!! But, did someone set him up??? Give me a break!!! You can't set up a PERV.. He is what he is... By his own words, he said he has done this many times, with "Real" little girls... I'm truely hoping that you weren't thinking too clearly or perhaps you didn't read the whole story...
I will forever have to think of this @#***&^*** everytime I drive through Gulf Breeze Florida...
I will say that I'm sorry if I come off sounding less than what I am and that is a child of the Most High GOD, as we all are... But, with my past childhood and what I know about this Very Real, Sick, Sick problem we seem to have growing like a fungus... I'm just at a loss here... I'll be speaking with the LORD even more than before now.
I want people to know that it is impossible for a victim of abuse to move past their own (my own) nightmares when this kind of thing seems to be in the daily news now...
GOD forgive me, but Kill these scum bags, PLEASE... They Can Not be anything but what they are, and that is a very real Danger to everyone's children...
I Pray that before I die, a Law WILL be passed to put these things to death ASAP...
There is a War going on people!!! I guess it's not enough that we have to worry about another 9/11 type attack on our country, and if our kids are safe to go to school without another "School Shooting"... We have to worry about teachers having sex with our teens and these *^%#@@**** raping and sometimes killing our little babies!!!
I am sooooo very sad today... I Will be Praying for this Pigs family though. Nobody deserves this... GOD Help Us All

“Love Makes Little Things Grow”

Since: Sep 07

Madisonville, TN

#321 Sep 20, 2007
I say lets put him in a room with me and a few more mothers of 5yr old girls. Then see what happens. He need a good beating or a bullet!
This scares me knowing my daughters (4&5) are at school and headstart with people like this out there.

Denver, CO

#322 Sep 20, 2007
angiep wrote:
all these freaks who want to or do have sex with bbies,kids,teens should be shot on site...arrest them and snuff em out.
Teens? What about 19 year olds? Does that make me a "freak" to like them?:)

Since: Sep 07

Kenosha, WI

#323 Sep 20, 2007
opinionated wrote:
see folks
there is a need for a scarlet letter.
his should be branded across his forehead
I agree completely with the scarlet letter idea because the truth is he will probably only get ordered into rehab while on probation. Rehab does not work for sex offenders. Neither does imprisonment nor castration. Once a pedophile always a pedophile. Sexual crimes are crimes of violence and control, not having anything to do with the sex acts themselves. I think all sex offenders should be put away in one place where escape is impossible and they have to fend for themselves for food, shelter, etc for the rest of their lives. They are not sick - they are evil.

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