Louisa Man Convicted on Pot Charges, ...

Louisa Man Convicted on Pot Charges, Faces Up to 30 Years - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, ...

There are 46 comments on the NBC29 Charlottesville story from Nov 30, 2011, titled Louisa Man Convicted on Pot Charges, Faces Up to 30 Years - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, .... In it, NBC29 Charlottesville reports that:

A Louisa County man is facing up to 30 years in prison after being convicted Wednesday for growing hundreds of marijuana plants inside his garage.

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Good Grief

Spotsylvania, VA

#41 Dec 13, 2011
nemo wrote:
<quoted text>
You sound your doing a pitch for the fda, the worst ciminal pos's murderous crew around. soon as you mention those satanist you lost me. Heck those bastards want to ban vitamins that are natural
No kidding, the FDA are the ones that allow Monsanto to get away with all their world wide crimes. Anyone see the fish eating limits due to PCBs in the George Washington National forest? You know who we can thank for that, right? The same people that gave the good men that, like me, took an oath to defend the constitution that was written in Orange County, VA, AGENT ORANGE a defoliant that they knew caused cancer.

I don't want big government, I choose freedom, I choose liberty.
Valley Farmer

Wytheville, VA

#42 Dec 14, 2011
To "Good Grief" see #32. You want to pick and choose the laws you obey. With freedom comes responsibility.
Good Grief

Spotsylvania, VA

#43 Dec 16, 2011
Valley Farmer wrote:
To "Good Grief" see #32. You want to pick and choose the laws you obey. With freedom comes responsibility.
I don't do drugs. It's not about picking and choosing which laws to obey, it's about wasting my tax dollars. It cost 30K-50K/yr to put this guy in jail, at 30 years, that's 900k--1.5M dollars, not to mention that thousands upon thousands in court costs, and legal costs. It also tied up police officers from solving rapes and murders, you know, real crimes against people's property.

On top of that, this guy wouldn't have been growing dope if it were legal unless he was a farmer. You could regulate that and tax the hell out of it. It's a win/win. Responsible adults can go do whatever in the privacy of their own homes, police can solve thefts, rapes and murders; and the state can generate more revenue as to educate kids against the dangers of drugs, and maybe pay for a road or two, or better yet, sink it into education.

Teen use is up because it's unregulated. Unlike liquor and grocery stores that are unlikely to sell alcohol to minors because they'll lose their right to sell alcohol, drug dealers don't have those problems.

I find it ironic that you use that quote, considering every law takes away freedom. Law creation is the slow erosion of freedom. It sounds like you don't want people to take personal responsibility for their action, but rather legislate and coerce citizenry to live under your perceived moral code.

I choose freedom, you choose coercion, now be a good little citizen and do what you're told.
Valley Farmer

Wytheville, VA

#44 Dec 17, 2011
Some fallacies in your thinking "Good Grief":
1. Pot kills, see post #30. That's a costly business so controlling it through laws and imprisonment seems like a valid cost-benefit analysis to make. How many people would he have to kill to make up the 900-1.5 million you think it costs to keep him out of production as well as all the people we deter from making the same mistake by using him as an example?
2. The illegal drug trade fuels the other crimes you mention. One of the reasons law enforcement goes after drug enterprises is they know this and it is a good way to reduce crime overall. A no-brainer for them.
3. The trouble with your notion that pot is harmless and responsible adults can partake at will is these same adults can go to work stoned and drive stoned. That can be costly or deadly to others.
4. Teen use is up because supply is up, not because it is unregulated. Doesn't seem to be any problem with teens getting alcohol, a regulated substance.
5. "every law takes away freedom" That's true, but we are only talking about one law and not all of them and their tendency to take away freedoms. You object to one law and can't fault it on the merits, so you pick and choose the laws you want to obey not because of some high-sounding principal but because you just want to indulge in pot.

Nice try.
Good Grief

Spotsylvania, VA

#46 Dec 17, 2011
Valley Farmer wrote:
<quoted text>
Inconvenient truths about weed:
1. Illegal drugs like weed spawn other illegal acts like killing people to protect growing areas.
2. Weed causes far more damage to lungs than regular smokes leading to lung cancer, a fatal disease.
3. Weed causes depression in an alarming number of people and a contributor to our teen suicide rates.
These facts are in plain sight, available to anyone like yourself who truly wants to be informed.
1) so tobacco farmers kill to protect their crops, how about avacado farmers or citrus growers. The only reason that people kill to protect growing areas is because it is illegal, no other reason.

2) so what, it's their lungs, their choice. Do you want to outlaw cigarettes, too? What about all those nasty industries that pollute, do you want to outlaw them as well?
3) That's not true, marijuana is used to treat depression. Study the facts.
Good Grief

Spotsylvania, VA

#48 Dec 17, 2011
1) I answered that above, they only commit crimes because it is a black market item. It is actually a byproduct of it being illegal. However, killing someone is illegal anyhow, whether it is a citrus grower, or an apple grower, that is unless they are coming onto your property. VA has a castle law.
2) Actually, studies prove that they don't fuel those crimes any worse that alcohol or perscription drugs do.
3) Driving under the influence is already illegal. If they do that, they are already breaking the law, whether it is cough medicine, or alcohol. I don't know of any industrial setting or workplace that allows people to drink or even take cough medicineon the job, either. In fact, if you take cough medicine at North Anna, and go to work, not only could you lose your job, you could go to prision; and cough medicine is legal.
4) it is because it is harder for teens to get alcohol, drug dealers have no problem selling to those that are underage, while law abiding citizens do. In fact, making it illegal is what creates gateway drugs. Often drug dealers don't just deal in marijunana and have no problem selling other drugs to kids. Take the marijuana out of the hands of the criminal element and you make it tha much harder to entice kids to try worse drugs like meth, heroin, or cocaine.
5) I don't do drugs. The difference here is that I don't want to pay taxes on a failed policy that robs people that would otherwise be law abiding citizens for what they do in the privacy of their own homes and pay for their stints in prision. I'm tired of US currency being shipped to other countries to provide weapons for drug cartels that commit violent crimes.Do you think Ron Paul smokes marijuan, too? Do you think every libertarian, or fiscal conservative smokes pot or does drugs? You just want to control people because you feel it is your place to legislate your morality.
I suggest you take an economics course and how black markets are influenced by laws. These are documented facts that over turn every single myth that you are putting out. I know you just want to put me in some "oh you just want to do drugs" box, but again, that's not even remotely true. As a person who took an oath to protect the constitution, and has served this nation in war time; I'm tired of watching the freedoms of people that I was proud to serve lose their freedoms. We are already the most imprisioned nation on earth per capita.
You seem like a fairly nice person, just misguided and uneducated. I hope you study the facts. We can vote for freedom, we can return our country. What this man did was wrong, but he doesn't deserve 30 years, or even 30 days. He deserved a big fine for not paying his taxes on revenue received, and he deserves a fine for not getting a license to grow.(I know that latter doesn't exist, but it should)
Just one last piece of comedy, he wasn't growing marijuana; he was reducing green house gases...LOL (not meant to be taken seriously) I was looking up Co2 generators, for firefighting and came across this:
The beauty is that we can agree to disagree. I whole hardedly disagree, and as a person that pays more taxes than the average person makes; I'd rather see my tax dollars go towards something useful, like education, job creation, or infrustructure. Laws should protect my property but not my morality. My right end where yours begin and vice versa. I would like to see smaller government, and less government intrusion in people's lives.

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