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Gimme a Break

Rogersville, TN

#21 Aug 22, 2009
It seems someone has usurped my identity. I will take credit for posts #7 and 13, but #18 isn't mine. I will, however say I am not a City Hall rat also, though. As for everyone's opinions, they are their own. I share mine sometimes, as do others. Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we do not. As I did state in an earlier post, it still is a free country for the moment.
Debbie Cook

Greenback, TN

#23 Aug 22, 2009
I apologize Gimmie a Break but I wasn't saying you were a city hall rat. Just because you and I don't agree concerning Mr. Hall, I would not call you a name. I am sorry if you thought I was throwing those insults to you, I wasn't. It is ok if we disagree.
Like it is

United States

#24 Aug 30, 2009
First of all, Mr. Hall has worked for award winning news bureaus at WIVK, WNOX, AP, Knoxville Journal, Chattanooga Times and others. He was the first to report on the Melisha Gibson child abuse in Cleveland in the 70's. When a District Attorney General's wife wrote $60,000 in bad checks, Mr. hall was the first to expose it in Loudon Co.(and one of only two) who wrote about it. He was the first to expose Medflight 5 helicopter when they flew a young man to the Park West Hospital where there was no neuro surgeon when Knox med com ordered him to go to UT where a surgeon was on duty. The young man died and a federal court ruled that Medflight was responsible, shut them down, pulled the paramedic's license and pay the young man's family millions. CBS TV news ran a feature on Hall and this case.
One Mother's Day, Mr. Hall was responsible for getting a Knoxville woman who was adopted at birth together with her birth mother from Dallas TX who had never seen her daughter, and making connections so they could meet in Knoxville then flying to New York to appear on CBS morning. Neither the woman or her mother could have afforded the trip, but thanks to Mr. Hall, it did not cost them anything.
When Mr. Hall showed up at a wreck at Dixie-Lee Junction, there was no jaws, so he put down his camera and with a deputy pried open a car door for medics to get in to help the driver.
Many times, law enforcement and families have used Mr. Hall's photos to show how drunk drivers hurt or killed people. Crooked law enforcement and politians don't want Mr. Hall around because he has a brain and can outthink most of them. They know they cannot get away with being dishonest when he is watching them. Some people are so shallow they don't realize that Mr. Hall represents truth and homesty. That is why he is still in business and will continue. It is too bad that a couple of people who couldn't live up to his journalistic standards and ethics chose to play along with crooked politicians to do everything they can to put him out of business.

Nashville, TN

#25 Dec 30, 2009
Wes Hall is an idiot that prints anything just to try and get someone to read his trash of a paper. He was in fact ran out of loudon county and his paper was called the "Daily Wipe" by everyone I know in Law enforcement. Just recently he has printed lies about a Monroe County resident for which he will answer for. He is continuously printing articles without validating his sources and I agree totally that it is time to run him out of Monroe County also. And as for Taters comments that he has never stood over anyones shoulders to get photos, and how those photos saved someones lives. I know for a fact that he took some photos of a very bad car wreck where no alcohol was involved by either party and where a member of the family said "do not print any photos of this scene". Well, he did and it was devastating and very hurtful to the family. If he cared about the public as Tater stated then he wouldn't have done that. There was no gain or benefit to the public by doing so.
Bandit1972 wrote:
I want to know how loudon county ran wes hall off. He is making Monroe county look bad. We need help. We're going to do whatever it takes. Him and his sorry sons need to go. Every since they have been in this county they have done nothing but lied and cheated to get an article. He cant stand it when some one who has authority tells them to stay back until we can get the patients removed or get the scene under control. I have seen where they have tried to charge fire dept. members with assault and petty stuff like that. If anyone can help please let us know.
Thanks from the people who want scum out of our county.
Tater 114

Sevierville, TN

#26 Dec 30, 2009
Well, as far as crashdown's comments, Wes Hall was never "run out of loudon county". Nobody ran him out, Dan Bell bought the paper from Wes. I've known Wes for a very long time now, even before he began his paper in Loudon County. As far as printing lies, Wes doesn't intentionally print lies about anyone. When he does make a mistake he owns up to it and corrects it, when it is brought to his attention. And as to the bad car wreck pictures, apparently you need to go back to school and learn about the First Amendment, you know the same Amendment that entitles you to post your comments here freely. It has a part in there about freedom of the press. Last time I checked, that part was still there. There is no law that says if someone involved (or a family member of someone involved) in a car wreck says don't print any photos, that a news paper person is required to follow their request.(Unless of course they are signing the paycheck of that news person.) I just think it's funny that the same people who are trying to run him out of the county still have not succeeded, as he is still here. That's probably because there are more people who actually like him then don't like him. Yes there are numerous people around here that don't like him. They are usually the people trying to hide things, and are afraid he will make the skeletons in their closets dance in public. I agree he does go over the edge sometimes to get stories, but he doesn't lie about things. People are just afraid he might dig something up on them, and they don't want that. I also think it is hilarious that people here are alsways saying they know "for certain" or "for a fact" but are always wrong, or don't explain themselves. Sounds to me like they really don't know what's going on. Maybe they are the ones who embellish the truth or lie about people. Who knows?
Bandit wrote his one comment six months ago. He hasn't responded back to anyone else's comments. He said "We're going to do whatever it takes." Well, Wes is still here, and I don't see anyone doing "whatever it takes" to "run him off."
Tater 114

Sevierville, TN

#27 Dec 30, 2009
By the way I am in Madisonville, not Rogersville.
Where is Bandit now

Kaufman, TX

#28 Feb 11, 2010
I wonder where Bandit is now? I agree with Tater's comments about Wes still being around despite everyone talking bad about him and claiming he is so bad. With all the crooked law enforcement in Monroe County I figured if he was so bad someone would have done something by now. What's the matter is everyone scared of Wes? Apparently, because they all go yelling and screaming about all the "lies" and stuff he prints to everyone else, but no one can seem to back anything up! By the way "Bandit", or should I say Eddie, what's the matter? You started this thread then don't even bother to reply. Looks like someone is scared.

Huntington Beach, CA

#29 Nov 14, 2010
Mr. Hall was convicted of a felony with a firearm.

His sentenced ended 09/21/1994. He sold the paper and got the heck out Asap. His Felony TMOIS Id:00226847. It's in the Loundon County Records as well online at the Tennessee Dept. of Corrections FOIL look-up.
Buford T Justice

Knoxville, TN

#30 Nov 16, 2010
Where is Bandit now wrote:
I wonder where Bandit is now?
I'm in hi-speed pa-soot of da hom-cidal maniac known as "The Bandit"
to blessed to be stressed

Morrison, TN

#31 Jan 19, 2011
We need someone in madisonville that will dig up all the dirt that is going on in the police department playing with inocent peoples lives and don't. Even care a certain officer needs to be arrested for drug use or should I say CAPTAIN.

United States

#32 Jan 14, 2013
He's the only one that would tell the truth, especially about the crooked Monroe county sheriff's office..they are so crooked..and I'm a great citizen. Not on drugs,work for government ..he's a great man

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