Davenport Acres: The Webb boys: Speed...

Davenport Acres: The Webb boys: Speeding, shooting and ignorant loud partying.

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Fed up Christian

Moultrie, GA

#1 Nov 3, 2009
Yall, the Webb boys are out of control. The Webb boys and their friends speed up and down the streets of Davenport Acres, they drink out in the open (throwing bottles and shattering glass where people have to drive)and they cuss loudly, playing inappropriate music so loud that you can hear them before they turn the cornor and the biggest issue is that they have no respect for their neighbors. Of course neighbors have continually asked them to park on their own property, keep their dog on their own property, do not drive on other peoples lawn, stop speeding, etc. The Webb boys have so much trafiic coming through that they block neighbor's driveways, have their friends park on a neighbor's lawn and in front of neighbor's houses. These Webb boys' actions prove that they feel like they are untouchable. To be brutally honest, Long County Sheriff Office is utterly worthless!! They dont do anything about the problems they are being addressed with. Whenever they get a call in reference to the Webb boys, they immediatley ask, "It's those Webb boys again huh?" That tells you right there, that they are aware of the ongoings, and by their lack of addressing the complaints, it is a slap in the face and the Webb boys keep doing what they do. One of the boys even said I know they aint gonna do nothing... All of the neighbors in the immediate area call and complain and Long County Sheriff's Office is always giving the excuse that they are undermanned or they say they are sending a patrol car to check it out and they never do. Them being undermanned is not my problem, will they be undermanned when a child gets hit by a car? Heck no, they will break their necks to get out to Davenport Acres to make an arrest! Those of us in the Army that reside in Long County is what is making Long County get paid, we pay county taxes, and we get no protection. It is scary because once they get a call because someone is hurt, that is when they will do something about it. If anyone is offended by what I have written, all I can say is if the shoe fits, you go ahead and wear it. If anyone knows these Webb boys and can talk some sense into them to calm it down, drive slower in a residential area, be coureteous to your neighbor's, please do so. There are many children in Davenport Acres, and the children have not been able to play outside for the fear of being run over by the Webb boys and their friends. Since the bootleg law enforcement (Long County Sheriff's Office) wont do anything to help, the neighbors are going to the next person in the chain of command. THe neighbor's are joinging together to make our neighborhood safe, and drama free, so we are keeping a watchful eye on the wild and problematic actions of the Webb boys. We just want to live here with no problems, so encourage them to do the same.

United States

#2 Dec 2, 2009
yes i would briefly like to tell the people of davenport and whoever else reading this ignorant article that the publisher is a total idiote and if it was my way i would briefly described why i would just like to say that yes the webb boys can be a lil out of control but everyones lives once and everyones only young once yes they can be immature at times but they have really good hearts and would do anything there community ask them too they shouldnt be critized in such a mannner to post it on a website that observed i will get to the bottom of that. o yes they should really be considered as your regular ole joe they know how to act in public i spoke to one the webb boys he told me they just understand that they do care about the safety of their neigbors and certainly never said such a remark"I know they aint goin to do nothing" no this article is totally slandering and very unappropriate because they honestly just want to have a good time like the good ole days Long County has a very good Sheriffs Dept and they are risking their lifes everyday to make sure are county is safe so give them some slack and quit pointing the finger which you should be pointing it in the mirrror they pay there taxes they serve their time if their in the wrong i admire the webb boys very much because they are really good people a lil crazy at times ya but who wasnt in their teenage years i told them to slow down an they respectly told me they would because im not taking sides here I just wanted to make it clear , so people of Davenport Acres who agree with this article please be advise that this manner was taking care of everything else said i do not agree with everyone has parties its not their fault more people come unexpected than others but hey whos judging here I really think this article should be removed immediately and the person who published it should go to church because lying is a sin, Thank you for your time .

United States

#3 Dec 2, 2009
they throw good parties
That one guy

United States

#4 Dec 2, 2009
i do not appreciate the lack of respect in this article for the men who serve the community. I believe that whomever wrote this should take it down before it causes more problems in the community. The webb boys are of age to drink so what is the problem with them drinking out in the open on their own property? If the military residents are the ones who pay the county taxes and get no protection then maybe we should up the taxes to hire more officers. If you were to politely ask the webb boys to calm down im sure they would. Hiding behind your computer isnt going to solve anything. i have much more to say but due to time constraints and the fact that im more mature than the person that wrote this article, im just gonna leave. peace

United States

#5 Dec 3, 2009
This message is directed strictly to "Fed up Christian". I know the so called "Webb" boys very well and all that you have said is total lies. It really disappoints me to hear someone speak so awfull about people they don't even remotely know. I laugh at your name though because your not christian at all ....judging these boys like you have and slandering their names on an internet site is just down right immature and wrong. Maybe you should walk over to their house and confront them with the problems I'm sure they will be more than willing to settle these issues. The "Webb" boys are good people ..yes young ...but they are just living their lives...maybe you"Fed up Christian" should do the same:)

Sycamore, GA

#6 Dec 8, 2009
Fed Up maybe if you just lived in a little place called reality. Deputies have went out there and have told them to turn down the music. You seem to have a simple mind, thinking that your one little complaint matters. With home being broken into, drunk drivers, and domestic violence going on, who cares about parties and loud music. Sounds like to me your just some bloke that does not have a job, and writes blogs, I hope my tax money is not going to pay for you.

Sycamore, GA

#7 Dec 8, 2009
Hope I pissed in your kool-aid!
Cyrus Taylor

Fitzgerald, GA

#8 Dec 16, 2009
Luffy, some of us work for a living and like to be able to sleep at night. So yeah, the likes of us might care about loud parties, etc.

Why in the hell should we working people stay in Long County if the place is totally unlivable due to the uncontrolled antics of ignorant rednecks? Maybe we should all sell up, take our money elsewhere and let the county continue on its undeterred path to hell?
Fed up Christian

Rincon, GA

#10 Dec 18, 2009
(1 of 2)
Ahhhh, I knew this would bring negative feedback from some... Unless you live in Davenport Acres, you have no clue. You may have heard several stories or rumors, but if you don't live here, you don't know. When will people realize that wrong is wrong? SMH

***To Anonymous... My NAME is Christian, and you're a complete idiot... This posting has nothing at all to do with church or religion. I understand there are good people with good hearts everywhere, but just because they are good doesn't excuse their actions. Do you live in Davenport Acres?? Apparently not, because you would see first hand what is going on, and if you had a good relationship with them, you would've stepped in to assist when the neighbors got together... The fact that we were all teenagers and you're only young once is a poor excuse, so find a better one. You wouldn't be saying that if they hit a member of your family or destroyed your property. Well, maybe you would since your response was very weak, you probably are too. People can have fun, as long as they are safe about it, and on their own property. If you don't live here, you wouldn't understand, and I don't expect you to... If you do live in Davenport Acres, and haven't had any issues with them, you should say just that (and you're lucky if you haven't). You don't know what anyone else has experienced, so you cant speak for anyone but yourself, so you are ignorant if you try to. As far as them denying the statement, it is to be expected. They did say that, and you weren't there to validate it so you don't know one way or another! It is understood that the Sheriff's office risks their lives, it is their job, just like military! There is no limit on how big or small a problem is, it still needs to be fixed. FYI, this is a PUBLIC forum, there is nothing to get to the bottom of, so if you don't like what you read, don't read it. Hello, anyone can post whatever they want to. Take your own advice and YOU go to church, you might feel better about yourself.

*** To That One guy... I did not write this posting for you or anyone else to appreciate it, so you not appreciating anything does not matter to me or anyone else reading this. Did I write this to you? NO! Anyway, these are real problems that have been going on and have been brushed under the rug. Asking nicely, got everyone blown off every time. Its not about them being of age to drink or whatnot, who cares about that? If they did that on your property, you would! I could care less what anyone does on THEIR own property, but when you come on mine, you are going to have problems. I don't think anyone that has a problem hides behind their computer to avoid a conversation/ confrontation... The neighbors have gotten together on several occasions, the source has been addressed, yet the problems with them still exists. Since you are so mature, don't leave, say what you want, if it will help the situation. You had enough time to type what you did, don't be a coward. Since you feel like this is a quick fix, move to Davenport Acres, apply at the sheriff's office and make things happen... If you attended the meeting a few weeks ago, you would know, they are increasing the taxes (Millage)... BTW, It doesnt matter who serves the community (you can be the best person in the public, but your home life may need adjustments), but what does matter is how people conduct themselves in their neighborhood, and how it affects those around them. Also, this posting will not cause more problems in the community, unless YOU are going to start them... At the end of the day, people are going to do whatever they want until the right officials stop it...
Fed up Christian

Rincon, GA

#11 Dec 18, 2009
(2 of 2)

*** Strictly directed to "More fed up christian"...
The fact that you know them very well is irrelevant. This posting is not about who knows who or anything like that, its about knowing their actions are wrong, and finding a way to correct them. Once again, this posting has nothing to do with church or religion, so keep your own beliefs to yourself. The "so called Webb boys" is what the sheriff's department calls them, we didn't make up that name up for them. Often times we may THINK we know people very well, and when they are at home, relaxed, they may want to let loose and get wild... While in public they may carry themselves in a professional manner, so unless you live with them, you don't know what they do, so your defending them is useless. These aren't judgments, they are facts, familiarize yourself with the difference between the 2. Do you live in Davenport Acres?? Im guessing no. YOU are a liar for being in denial and not admitting that their actions, that caused for law enforcement to handle, speak for themselves. Slander is a strong accusation, so make sure you know and understand the definition of it, so you can you it fittingly (it doesn't fit for this one, sorry). Remember, people may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do. We all live our lives, but when people (regardless of age) are destructive, speeders, or unruly it disrupts the neighborhood, period. If you have no positive input to help the situation, take your own advice and just live YOUR life, I will never stop living mine. You thought you were disappointed, Im disappointed that this is still going on and there is an ignoramus like you that doesn't know what you are talking about... Lastly, if they were more than willing to solve the problem, you wouldn't be replying to this posting (because it never would have been posted!!!!!).

***Well, well, well if it isn't "Luffy" you're so __________ It is clear that you are young and don't live in reality yourself... Do you even know what reality is? Music is NOT the main issue and clearly you missed several important points. Do you have children or are you a child yourself? If so, you would not want them or you to get run over by a speeding vehicle?? Well by the way you talk, that may not be a priority to you... Do you work? I'm guessing no. If you worked hard for everything you have, just to have beer cans stuffed in your mailbox, trash scattered on your property, glass from beer bottles on the street that puncture your tires, etc. The list goes on. You are not seeing the big picture. FYI, Several people complain about them to the deputies, and our complaints DO matter, All OF THEM. Maybe your complaints don't matter... From your poor defense for them, you are probably one of the little teeny-boppers that hangs over there aiding in the problems. FYI, one day when you own your own home, vehicles, and have children, you will be aware of your surroundings and try to bring order when there is none. You and your 'simple mind' pissed in your own kool-aid because really you have NO CLUE, you don't know what you are talking about, and I think you need some guidance about life. SMH Its also apparent that you don't have a job, you aren't a rational thinker, besides who would hire someone that cant spell?? I wouldn't even hire you to take out my trash, you idiot!

Moyock, NC

#12 Dec 30, 2009
fed up,,syfu and get outta town!

Sycamore, GA

#13 Jan 5, 2010
Im more man and adult than you ever be
Fed up Christian

Rincon, GA

#14 Jan 5, 2010
@ bigjohn1 (littlejohn)...*yawns* youre lame... do yourself a favor and just dont comment on here... sit down!

@ luffy... with a name like luffy... yea uh huh that sounds very manly and ummmm as far as the adult part, grow up... if you were an adult, you would have positive feedback to help... since you dont..._______
hatinfedupchrist ian

Fort Stewart, GA

#15 Feb 4, 2010
Fed up Christian.

Haaa your the one that lives across from Ron, huh?
It just so happens YOUR the one always starting stuff with him instigating.
Maybe they wouldn't be so rude if you weren't always in their business.
Nobody likes a nosey neighbor!
And if it's so bad, then move!
I haven't heard or seen anyone else in the neighborhood "come together" or "make a stand".
Your bluffing.
Get out from behind your keyboard and confront them if you have a problem. I'm sure they'd give you the same respect if you were bothering them, instead of talking crap anonymously on the internet.

Fort Stewart, GA

#16 Feb 4, 2010
haha. fed up christian. your stupid.

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