Missing toddler found dead in Walthou...

Missing toddler found dead in Walthourville

There are 14 comments on the WTOC-TV Savannah story from Jan 14, 2012, titled Missing toddler found dead in Walthourville. In it, WTOC-TV Savannah reports that:

According to Walthourville Interim Police Chief, Tracy McFadden, the two year old little boy wandered away from his home off of Busbee Road in Walthourville.

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concerned mother of a 2yo

United States

#1 Jan 19, 2012
I am a concerned mother of a 2yo myself. All I can say is shame on you dfacs and especially the mother, dad I hold you responsible too. I have been hearing from many concerned people in the area who have witnessed the lack of concern for not only the 2yo but his 4 yo brother as well. This wandering away has been going on for some time, both children did wander a lot many times they were hungry and the mother could have cared less. While my family was helping in the search, why was the mother still laid up in the house? I encourage everyone in the community who saw these children at Friendly Express, taken them home, reported to dfacs, et al, do not be silent in this matter. There must be Justice for Johnathan. He was a helpless though resourceful infant who really needed parents who gave a s###!

Scottsdale, AZ

#2 Jan 27, 2012
SO THE MOM WAS LAID UP IN THE HOUSE while her kid was missing how can a mother do that I have A 2& 4 & 7 year old and I don't let them out of my sight even when they first went off to school I would call the school and make sure my kids were ok I have a fenced in yard I don't even let my kids go outside alone this mother should really should of been a better mother

Vilonia, AR

#3 Jan 27, 2012
I too have heard several accounts of people seeing these children, reporting it as they should, and nothing being done about it. This is disgusting. Just horrible. This child was murdered. Either the parents have a lot of explaining to do as to what they did, or why their child was not in their care while someone did this. I am mortified as to how many children are allowed to wander neighborhoods at such young ages. It shouldn't have been allowed a long time ago, and should DEFINITELY not be allowed now. I hope at the very least, Family Services in the area steps up and realizes the severity of what happens when they turn a blind eye. I understand there are large caseloads, and so many steps that need to be followed before removing children in such circumstances, but from my understanding no attempt was made. Bad parenting, bad choices by DFCS, bad everything. Now this beautiful child is dead. DEAD. No chance at a long and healthy life. No way of understanding right and wrong. May the sweet adorable boy rest in peace. Shame on the parents and DFCS. I too encourage anyone with direct knowledge of this family to step up and push the issue to ensure no person who should be accountable is not.
concerned mother of a 2yo

United States

#4 Jan 27, 2012
I am not even sure how to respond to the latest update of it being ruled a homicide. Hmmm, I am truly frustrated over the loss of this baby. I am not sure if its because I have a 2yo blonde headed boy myself that brings me great joy. Or, if its the fact, that I went out with my family to support in the search of this toddler, and the mom did nothing nor acted worried! I was frantic and I know if it was my son missing, there is no law that could stop me from searching for my child. I would have turned over every stone and believe me, if someone ever thought of hurting my children, there is nothing like a mothers wrath. I would be hitting the streets from now until eternity, until the truth unfolded. I would be in the police office every day forcing them to find out who did it, or being in the media, America's Most Wanted, to get everyone involved. I just don't get it, I know the dad has been hitting the streets and some other family members, but not much talk about the mother. I just don't understand. I am so sick, I did not even really know this family but Johnathan will always be in my heart.

Eau Claire, WI

#5 Jan 30, 2012
What I am reading hear looks to me like a bunch of hear say, Not one of you has said YOU seen the boys out wandering with your own eye. The mother put more locks on her doors because this was a huge concern. As for how the Mom is behaving, Please don't say how you would be. You don't know until it happens to you,Some just break down and can't move!! I wish you people would Think about what you might have seen that day anyone out of the norm. Anything unusual. Or would be asking other people what they may have seen instead of Throwing the Mom and DFACS under the bus, Comparing her to you and degrading your DFACS isn't getting ANY Justice for Jonathan. Try to HELP!!!! This is all GOSSIP!!! Get out there and HELP if YOU CARE!!!

Waycross, GA

#6 Jan 31, 2012
This absolutely breaks my heart. I cannot get this baby off my mind. I see what your are saying Odiedog. I will add one thing to this though and its something that has really been bothering me. I have watched several interviews with baby Jonathan's daddy. NOT ONE TEAR SHED!!!! Wth. Somethings not right. I would be a friggin mess. Thats all.

Eau Claire, WI

#7 Jan 31, 2012
Weather you are right or wrong about your feelings doesn't matter at a time like this, Give thought to the fact that, that Dad is a military man who has been trained to hold back feelings. He has been in war and these men can not cry when the going gets tough!!Give thought to maybe the Mom isn't in the media because she cant get one word out without falling apart, Is in so much pain and anger she would look bad because she would express anger, Then ya all could say did you see her temper!! Come ON!!! I just ask... Be Optimistic. They may not be perfect people They may not seem to be acting the way YOU might like to see. Find some evidence to PROVE your theory or quit doing this. Your not Psych Doctors are you? What matters is getting this solved!!! Someone had to see SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!! Please ask.ask.ask. Look.look.look ! Find some evidence to prove who killed Jonathan so your children and yourselves can feel safe again!!Play detective... Get some EVIDENCE!!!! Not hear say or opinions they are USELESS and they HURT people!!

Hinesville, GA

#8 Feb 4, 2012
People need to stop with all the "Military are trained to hold back feelings" crap! A friend lost his son at that same railroad track, he was MILITARY and didn't hold back one TEAR for nobody! I do hope & pray they find how did this...WHOEVER it may have been!

Rochester, MN

#9 Feb 5, 2012
I didn't say this Father hasn't cried, Hard and Often. I just think it is sickening that people judge people based on a few TV interviews. It don't matter what or how the parent reacts, Someone will find something wrong with how they are behaving on the news. But have know idea what goes on behind the seens. If he had cried, I can hear it now::: Oh my those were fake tears!!!! He wasn't really crying, What a faker!! People you are not the JUDGE ! I have come to the conclusion, There are alot of "I'm GODs" out there and few who can just try to put themself in there place and not throw opinions out. I pray you never find yourself on the other side being judged like this, however maybe that is the only way you will understand just how wrong it is!!!

Rochester, MN

#10 Feb 5, 2012
How did your friends son die at this SAME LOCATION?? Could there be a connection ?? Somebody had to of seen or heard something! All I am asking is people quit with there ideas of how people are supose to be when they have lost a child, and put more energy into trying to solve this. With REAL answers not personal opinions. Passing judgments and saying what you think doesn't make it fact. What a waste of your time and mine and it isn't helping anything!!! It certaintly isn't getting any justice for Jonathan!!! I can say IT HURTS PEOPLE who are already hurting!! For Jonathan would you Please STOP with your Empty Opinions,(You don't even know these People) Please focus on that day and ask Friends Family co workers EVERYONE around there if they seen ANYTHING UNUSUAL !! Use your energy to help solve this Terriable Painful CRIME!!!

Waycross, GA

#11 Feb 6, 2012
I understand what you are saying Odiedog, But I agree it is wrong about him being military and not able to show his feelings. In my opinion, I would think anybody going through this especially the day they found out it was a murder they would be a mess. And yes youre right its wrong to judge this way. I think that the reason people are quick to judge about things like this is because of classic cases of people showing no emotion or yes fake emotion... ending up being the culprit. Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Misty Croslin (heliegh cummings daddys girlfriend) Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson. I could go on and on AND on. I see what youre saying but Im just saying this is why when people don't show in his case ANY emotion, this is usually why people get suspicious over that behavior. Cops get a red flag up all the time when they behave this way and thats a fact. I pray they find out who did this to this sweet baby boy. RIP little Jonathan. So many people do care.

Hinesville, GA

#12 Feb 6, 2012
I did not say SAME LOCATION! I said same RR Track...there is a DIFFERENCE! Please READ correctly before asking such dumb questions! Same RR track this little boy crossed or so they thought, not at the canal! No I as well said LOST not MURDERED! Either way everyone speaking against the parents will look like a fool or YOU! Guess time will tell and all we can do is WAIT!

Glennville, GA

#13 Feb 6, 2012
Odiedog, you must be a family friend. A toddler got out of the house. Multiple times. I do not live in the same neighborhood but know someone who does....who has NO reason to lie to me. I have never had any issues with my children sneaking out of the house. However, I DO have an alarm system for a measly $30 a month which has a simple feature of sounding a quick alarm every time a window or door opens. I live in Long County. I am extremely familiar with DFCS. They are crap. CRAP. Do you live here to tell me they aren't? No, I haven't had any personal dealings with them (thankfully), but I know several families who have. DFCS in Long County has proven multiple times they are worried about issues that are mundane, and there are children in real danger being looked past becuause of politics. I don't know the parents personally. And, while I do not agree that because the dad hasn't shed a tear means anything (the man could be in shock still for all we know), when a small child is murdered and they should be in the care of a mother of father, why shouldn't we chastise them?

United States

#14 Apr 2, 2012
Are there any updates on finding the murder of not it wouldn't surprise me having mcfadden on the case

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