LastThursday a elderly female member of the community was laid to rest. At the services her great grandson was in attendance. To some this may not sound out of the ordinary but this child has autism and several of the church members and visitors need to realize the difference between autism and down right spoiled. Several comments were made that was heard by the mother and other family members while in the church. Cast not the first stone until you know the full story..Blessed are the little children for they know not what they do but as they get older they will learn by their mistakes, hark this child has autism a good spanking not a good shaking will not do anything but hurt this child more. Dont throw stones the glass u break may be your looking glass. Apologies are not accepted. Make sure the next time u know the difference between autism and down right spoiled. Family members have been offended and hurt but Great Grandmaw loved him unconditionally.