americans should stop believing the propagandistic bullshit from the bush administration.troops are told they're ''heroes'', yet get treated like crap, housed in filthy hospitals, and end up homeless on the street. someone should ask them if all these ''support the troops'' people don't move these vets into their homes or put them up in five-star hotels.getting blown up in a foriegn country is not a heroic act.the u.s. casualty rate has gone down for now but 2007 has been a bloody year for american forces with 830 u.s. servicemembers killed so far year's end.the u.s. death toll in iraq is 3,834 and will probably reach 4,000 by year's end.the u.s. goverment which has lied on too many occasions to count is blaming everything that happens in iraq on iran. attacking iran is the dumbest thing to do so bush will probably end up doing it.when oil goes to 10 dollars a barrell and the american economy collapses americans will have a real good time.iran is not some weak little country we can attack with no consequences.they have the means to make the united states pay a heavy price both in iraq and in the u.s.bush doesn't care those can tell by his demeanor and attitude that he doen't give a rat's ass about them.and americans in general don't care about them either. if they did there would be protests.not that going out and demonstrating would do any good.contrary to popular opion america is not a free country. if iraqis want to shoot at u.s. occupation troops and blow them up that's their's their country, not ours.