I have significant problems with my eyes. For over six years, ONE of those problems was treated with eye drops, a treatment that -- while it DID allow me to return to work, after a lengthy period of disability -- chemically burned my corneas.

As it turns out, the preservatives IN those eye drops are known to be toxic TO corneas.

I live with constant eye pain, and -- since we can no longer treat the underlying eye issues -- I was declared medically disabled in 2004, and am on Social Security, at age 47.

I also have a Primary Immune Dysfunction. I am very susceptible to illness -- particularly if something affects my sleep, my diet, or my stress level.

And "something" did.

My wife and I moved to Fort Collins, to buy our first home, in late 2008.

We rented for a couple of months, during the completion of our house. We took possession of our new house in 2/09.

Our house -- as it turns out -- is situated on our lot in such a way that our master bedroom is ENTIRELY IN our neighbors' back yard. We didn't know this when we bought the house. It was just a floor plan, on paper.

Our neighbors -- as it turns out -- were (they moved out in the Summer of 2011) the owners of barking dogs. The barking woke me up in the 6am hour. It woke me up in the 11p to midnight hour. It kept me from napping, as the dogs would bark for hours on end, day after day, all day long.

Month after month after month.

We didn't know THIS part either.

Within WEEKS, this led to a precipitous decline in my health, an increase in my eye issues, and an increase in my eye pain.

Which led to me being prescribed increased pain medicine.

Which led to several cycles of physiological dependence, withdrawal, and ... suffering -- a time I can only refer to, now, as sheer hell.

That's the beginning of the story.