Two teens die after being hit by trai...

Two teens die after being hit by train in Knox County

There are 17 comments on the WQAD story from Jul 8, 2010, titled Two teens die after being hit by train in Knox County. In it, WQAD reports that:

Two teens died after being hit by a train in Knox County Thursday morning, but what they were doing on the tracks is still unknown.

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Huntsville, AL

#1 Jul 8, 2010
Good choice of people to interview in Abingdon, Chris.........WOW! Makes Abingdon look real good! As the woman, you interviewed, she needs to realize it isn't the tracks. What did your story could have been involved? Hmmm.... It is just a sad sad story now matter what was involved though.
AnnoyedInIllinoi s

United States

#2 Jul 8, 2010
First, I want to say that my heart truly goes out to the families and friends of the two boys who were lost in this incident.

That being said, I just can't believe that anyone is surprised. I mean, the woman interviewed in the story led me to believe that she and everyone that knew them knew that these boys made a habit of messing around on the train tracks "dodging trains" but no one seemed to think it was wrong until they got struck down and killed by a train. It seems as though everyone, once AGAIN, is looking for someone else to blame for the careless actions of the "victims" other than the "victims" them selves and the families who didn't seem to think anything should be done to stop them from repeatedly playing on the tracks in the first place. Let's face facts.. the ONLY way to get hit by a train is to be on the tracks. Why now are the state governments being told the have to do something to "fix" the dangerous railroad crossings???? Since when is a railroad crossing any more dangerous than crossing a busy street where cars are whizzing by at speeds far higher than that of this train which was reportedly going only about 30 miles per hour at the time???
Whose fault would it have been if they had been trying to dodge cars on the interstate. Its just as easy for anyone to walk onto I-80 as it is for them to get on to the railroad tracks. The woman in the article said "The message just isn't getting out there that we have all these kids on the tracks"....oh really??? Well correct me in I'm wrong but there isn't SUPPOSED to BE anyone on the tracks! What is the difficulty here?? PEOPLE STAY OFF THE TRACKS! Why are there some people who still need to be TOLD this???? It makes me angry that 2 young boys are now dead because their family and friends KNEW they had a habit of messing with the trains and talk as thought its just something everyone does when given a chance and now its up to the railroads, and everybody's favorite...the government to protect us from ourselves because people just cant seem to grasp the most basic concepts of "Stay off the railroad tracks if you don't want the train to hit you"... No wonder the world is falling apart. People just can't think for them selves and act with any shred of personal responsibility and when something tragic happens , its always someone or something else' fault. Trains have been around for HOW long??? COME ON!!!
Looking glass 82

Galesburg, IL

#3 Jul 8, 2010
@ annoyed..... please don't take one womens interview and assume anything about why it is the boys were on the tracks..... It clearly was an apparent suicide. from my knowledge they weren't always playig on the tracks one boy had some serious issues he was dealing with, one being the death of his father who happend to work for the railroad 5yrs ago who was killed in a freak accident on the job. which I believe is directly related to this suicide. please don't be so insensitive about this particular subject when you haven't even a clue! it's hurts to read you rant on about people who felt so disconnected to this world and felt suicide was the only way out
Thank You

Fort Wayne, IN

#4 Jul 9, 2010
Thank You for the above comment. No one should speak unless they know what they are talking about. Please pray for the families, friends, and the struggles ahead, and everyone please continue to be sensitive to the details of this tradgedy.
Abingdon IL

United States

#5 Jul 9, 2010
The only people who know why they were on the tracks are the 2 boys. Unfortunately, most peoples comments or opinions are based on pure specualtion or even worse "rumor". First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers need to be with the boys familes and friends. Everyone needs to show compassion and sensitivity at this difficult time.
abingdon il

Galesburg, IL

#6 Jul 9, 2010
i was not blaming anybody about this tragedy. the only thing i say is the tracks r dangerous through the years alot of ppl have died on tracks and im not saying the railroad is at fault. but it is our jobs as parents to talk to our kids and if there is a problem we need to do what we can to help them.ppl want to argue and fight because of the interview i did im sorry i was hurt and upset to i watched my daughter cry because her friends were gone only the 2 boys know what they werte thinkin. but our jobs r to look for the signs and work with the kids to fix the problem.and im very sad for the parents and my heart goes to them .it doesnt matter what ppl think of me but there is a problem with younger kids its our job to what we can.sorry .
abingdon il

Galesburg, IL

#7 Jul 9, 2010
thats the problem with a lil town of abingdon ppl judge every one and they dont know them.i dont blame railroad the parents only the 2 kids know what was on there mind but we have to look for the signs and not ignore them they our kids and we need to listens so hopefully we dont have tragedy like this
abingdon il

Galesburg, IL

#8 Jul 9, 2010
it is very sad what happened and i was not blaming any body only the 2 kids knew what they was thinkin
abingdon IL

Alexis, IL

#9 Jul 9, 2010
how bout people stop critizing what my mother said on the news there is nothin wrong with what she said and the boy that died was my bestfriends brother.... everything is going way out of proportion and the kid was drunk for two days while walking to lake bracon why dont you all look at the person who baught them the alcohol... it might help and they boys liked to dodge trains becuase one of my other friends was with them when they did it... so people please stop blowing everything out of proportion nobody should be worring about what anybody said on the news they should be worring about the familes and help them get through this tragic time....thanks

Dunfermline, IL

#10 Jul 9, 2010

Aledo, IL

#11 Jul 9, 2010
Clearly they don't teach you how to spell there either. Must be nothing else to do except drink and play on train tracks. Where are the parents and why were they drinking ar 8am.
abingdon IL

Alexis, IL

#12 Jul 9, 2010
well they had been drunk for 2 days so we hear but its such a loss for words and to me it doesnt seam real...seams like life stopped i knew them both...we will miss them

Dwight, IL

#13 Jul 9, 2010
To the families & friends of these two young men: I am very sorry to hear about you going through this tragedy. You are all in my prayers. I went through something very similiar back in the 90's, & know the deep sense of loss & pain you are feeling. God bless all of you.
dear friend

Quincy, IL

#14 Jul 9, 2010
ok the two kids r passed away they can not be brought back lets think bout what u are saying if u are a bestfriend you wouldnt say things like he was drunk for two days are you perfect no is anyone perfect no. it doesnt matter what they were or were not doing i am a good friend of one of the families i know his mother loved him and all her kids more than life itself if she knew what they were doing or going to do she would have been there to stop the train or get them of the tracks. not her fault n not those kids fault either maybe they were being kids maybe they did it on purpose maybe they tripped stumbled shoe got caught many things could have happened but one thing is for sure they are gone never to be brought back and i will look at this in a way none of you will i wont judge my heart will just ache for these families and to the siblings left i will always pray for u comfort and the power to move in life from this tragedy.and to the people who spread the rumors n the lies god will prove you wrong wether it be a harsh action or who knows maybe your kids will be playing on the tracks next watch what u say who you say it to its not always the truth.
galesburg il

Galesburg, IL

#15 Jul 9, 2010
first im sorry to the 2 families that lost there sons..but the lady on the news is a good friend of mine we grew up together and i agree with her 100% the tracks r not a place for kids to be playin on and we do need to watch r kids better..if my child had any signs of deppresion i would be the first to get her some help not turn the other cheek..if u have a problem with what she said then u have major issues..nobody knows why they did this and im sorry it happened but this small town of ABINGDON needs to wake up before more kids or adults die like this again and need to quit going after other people for talking what they feel on the news and look in there own closes first and quit giving there kids liquor
Adrienne Sickles

Huntsville, AL

#16 Jul 9, 2010
If you dont have anything nice to say than keep your mouths shut. These families have enough to deal with without all you people being insensitive. Nobody called you and asked you to have sympathy for these boys. Nobody will ever know what they were thinking. Even if you dont have sympathy for the boys or parents (though it is just common decency to do so) have some for the siblings and friends they left behind. Dont jump to conclusions and say it was suicide or they were stupid. Dont even bad mouth them when they are not here to defend themselves. Have enough respect and common decency to keep your nasty and rude comments to yourself. These boys will be missed by many as they touched a lot of lives in their short time on earth. RIP boys we all loved you dearly and will miss you more!
Looking glass 82

Galesburg, IL

#17 Jul 12, 2010
@ Adrienne I do know the family I worked with his father for 8yrs I use to babysit these kids. I am not being insensitive in the least bit by saying I feel it was a suicide.... from what i've been told about it this was done on purpose. is it easy to talk about not in the least bit. there was nothing rude nor nasty about my comment earlier so please don't attack me about this whole scenario, that goes for you and whoever else who think that they know what they are talking about!

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