Nursing Home Accused Of Deadly Abuse,...

Nursing Home Accused Of Deadly Abuse, Neglect

There are 54 comments on the WLWT-TV Cincinnati story from May 12, 2007, titled Nursing Home Accused Of Deadly Abuse, Neglect. In it, WLWT-TV Cincinnati reports that:

“She brought me a couple of pills and ran off.”

Investigators in Kenton County are looking into a nursing home in Erlanger, where several complaints have been filed against Villa Springs Nursing Home. via WLWT-TV Cincinnati

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United States

#1 May 16, 2007
I am very recently employed by Villaspring Nursing Home. I have been a nurse for over 15 years. I have worked in long term care for over 8 years. I would like to say that Villaspring is an extremely efficient home in caring for the elderly. They are very efficient and up-to-date with the best technology
They have cameras on every hallway. Also, everytime I have heard a resident or family member make a request, the nursing staff has responded immediately. I wish the public would not make general assumptions. This is a first class facility that I would not hesitate to put my family member in. Hopefully the public will realize this soon.

Fairfield, OH

#2 Jun 18, 2007
Well unfortunately what they do in front of family isn't the same as what they do when they are not around. Caresprings is going to get their butt sued off.
nurse concerned

Sellersburg, IN

#3 Jun 24, 2007
As a nurse I can say that at times in any facility there are staff members who talk the talk so to speak with family. However, there are many who are as genuine as they appear and make it a life goal to serve these people in their later years and hard times. This people need to be recognized. You cannot group all employee's in one facility under one heading and condemn them. There are so many team members in a nursing home that make up the whole experience. The previous comment seems a bit ignorant to me. If you had a bad experience explain. Don't group all staff in one general comment. It is not fair to those who work hard every day.

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Jul 19, 2007
Caresprings suck! understaffed institution of money grubbers

Cincinnati, OH

#5 Jul 22, 2007
we're very under staffed, but thats every nursing home, until they pay better, and fire people as soon as they deserve it this problem will never go away

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Aug 7, 2007
I have been a nurse for 20 years, my primary focus is geriatrics. I currently work at a facility not owned by caresprings. I am not sure what to say about the staffing and care issues except most people who work at a long term care does not do it for the money nor the benefits. They work because they care, to care and have time to care are two different stories. I want to do so much more every day but time will not allow. Staffing is an issue not just with Caresprings but with all facilities in Ohio. State regulations allow for a lower number of staff members in the building according to census and without taking into considerations the higher accurity and more quaility time it takes from the current staff already pushed to the limit. Unfortunately profit is the bottom line and if it is not required then it will not be so. State needs to mandate minimal staffing patterns according to accurity and time required to properly care for such residents who require total care. MDS' accurately reflect care requirements seems to me it would be beneficial to residents and family for state to focus more on accurity versus census when attempting to determine what magic numbers are required to keep all residents well cared for.
nurse concerned

New Albany, IN

#7 Aug 29, 2007
I do work for carespring. I find that this particular facility asks more from the nurses than they can physically do. I fear that I will forget something. I fear that I will overlook a sign of illness because I am simply too busy. I fear that my hard work and committment is in question due to the understaffing and poor management. I am embarrassed to say I work at this facility because of what the public perception is. I try my hardest to provide a good caring service for these people that are trusting the last part of their lives in my hands but I don't feel that until they look at more than just $ and minimal numbers quality care can be given. I stay late to finish up my job all they time as do many of the other nurses. I try to keep up and get so frustrated when I cannot get everything done that I feel needs to be. They had poor management in the past. They need to concentrate on the simple steps to quality care instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every day to try to make things "look" better. Nursing is a job of compassion. Nursing homes require compassion and these people need more than just a person to throw a pill at them every few hours. This is the problem. True understaffing for the care level required. Less money should be spent on looks and bribes to keep staff and more money should be invested into good quality employees that can provide good quality care to the paying constumer. The truth is the current management is not making the differnce necessary to get this place in line for the next state visit. They don't talk to the employees in a way that lets them know that they are appreciated and they make it seem as though they are demeaning them. I for one only stayed because of love for these precious people we serve.
nurse concerned

New Albany, IN

#8 Aug 29, 2007
John wrote:
Caresprings suck! understaffed institution of money grubbers
As an employee I can agree that they are money focused and do not really make an every day attempt to make their employees happy which in tern gets good quality workers who will better serve the residents. They need to invest in their employees. More of them that is. I get payed well I guess but not when you consider the job asked of me. I do more than one persons share. I feel old and broken down after a days work. Maybe I should just take the cut and work for a non profit.
A grade for Carespring

Louisville, KY

#9 Sep 6, 2007
I work for Carespring and can assure you that they are the best facilities the area has to offer. The organization and management team is caring, smart and dedicated. As an employee there is a real family atmosphere. Yes, there is a lot of money put into the buildings to keep them beautiful. I for one can not understand why this is a problem. Our leaders put the for profit money back into the building and not into their pockets!! Have you seen some of the disgusting facilities in Ky and Oh? Why are these not shut down? Why are they picking on a nice place, with nice buildings and caring people? AS an employee,of course you work hard and feel worn out everyday. We care for people. The most frail people in our society, the sickest, most vulnerable people who's family can not care for them any longer. Political agendas are forcing state investigators to dissect facilities and rip them apart. It must stop, we have to be focused on caring for our residents and not scared that a poitician may try to close our doors! Let us do our mission, better yet, join the team and help us care for the elderly, instead of just pointing the finger.
rn concerned with care

Louisville, KY

#10 Dec 4, 2007
I think that the person above has a stake in this more than a floor nurse or nurse aide. The problems are not being fixed. The issues are building. What is a simple matter of fact job is being made complex and taking away from the care of the resident. I have worked other places. I know that it can be better. I know that providing care is not always the easy job. However, I don't believe that staff should be pushed to the limit day after day. I don't believe that the issues should be shoved under the carpet. Our facility is beautiful but this does not provide the residents with the best care possible. It is nice but I am sure that family and residents would say they would rather live in a less fancy clean facility with plenty of staff and good care. There is a reason why myself and many others have not stayed with this facility. That needs to be the focus. What is it going to take to get things right. How many mistakes and new rules have to be made. When are people going to be made to follow one simple rule or else instead of putting more and more checks in place. Maybe the other carespring facilities run smoother. I could not say. All I know is I choose to work in a place that makes me feel appreciated and lets me have the chance to give myself to the residents and provide them with the best care I can instead of running past them with pills and hoping to get everything done.
rn concerned with care

Louisville, KY

#11 Dec 4, 2007
The money and looks becomes a problem when there is nothing wrong with the facilities looks but there are not enough worker to provide the care needed for the residents. I don't know in what capacity you work for this company but I don't think it is as an aide or floor nurse for this particular facility or you would understand. Residents and their families voice consistantly that they would rather have more staff and good quality care. They want bed side tables so they can reach their water etc. I could not stay with this company. I came on and felt overwhelmed. I was not treated like family and saw nothing family like in the relations with the management and older employees. I was swamped. When you have a family to take care of and a husband at home waiting every night for you to get home it is frustrating. I never left on time. I constantly had to stay past my shift until 8,9, or later to complete what was asked of me. There are problems they need to fix or they will not keep employees. That is just the way it is. I would like to have experienced to caring warm place expressed above but Villa is not that place.
I am a caregiver

Mason, OH

#12 Jan 27, 2008
I am a current employee of a Carespring Facility and can tell you first hand, that this is my family. A caring a loving group of "Caregivers" We work hard everyday and sometimes do work longer than we anticipate, but that is one of the qualities that make us compassionate. I don't have any problem staying late to get my job done and ensure that my residents will be well taken care of. If you are overwhelmed by your work load or by daily activites -- ask for help!! They will give you anthing that you need to be successful.

Franklin, OH

#13 May 6, 2008
I have no idea how people can let their parents or anyone they love not research the facilities were they are being sent. The Care Springs Nursing Home in Clermont Co. Oh. is wonderful. Most if not all the empoyees are kind and treat the elderly well. My mom has been there for about a month and I can not find any fault with the living or sanitary conditions. I thought the place was built 3 to 5 years ago and I find its closer to 22-23 years old. All I can say is look before place your loved ones in a home, and don't just dump them there, they took care of you, now it is your turn.
Carespring RN

Urbana, OH

#14 May 6, 2008
I am very proud to be apart of the Carespring Family! If I had to place a loved one in a LTC Facility it would be a Caresping Facility! We are continuously educating the staff and looking at ways to improve quality of care. We have an excellent Corporate staff who are routinely in and out of all of the facilities ensuring that our policies and state regulations are within compliance. We have beautiful, very clean, first class, high tech facilities. The staff is genuine and care for these residents as they would want thier own loved ones cared for. As far as the financial aspect, many would be surprised on what little reimbursement there is compared to the cost of providing full time care to a resident, having a nurse with them 24/7 (monitoring medications, noticing acute changes), aides to provide care 24/7, activities, meals, housing, housekeeping.....I think we need to sit back and look at how lucky we are to have great LTC Facilities like Carespring!

Batavia, OH

#15 May 9, 2008
I also am employed at a Carespring facility and have had a relationship with Carespring for many years. I have worked in both acute and long term care facilities. I feel that the direct care and administraive staff are very caring, compassionate and involved with all the residents and families. It is unfortunate that some families or residents have had a negative impression. We must remember why people are at a long term care facility... this is the end of their life years. Many debilitating illnesses occur with the end of life process. The carespring family focuses on every resident's needs, whether it be physicial, psychological or spiritual. All carespring team members take full accoutability and action to help the residents. Carespring truly are leaders in the health care field. We have many opportunities for learning while working on the job, many inservices, audits and meetings. No, the nurses and STNAs are not overworked. The staff members really are treated very nicely! There are many resident and staff events on a continual basis and the pay is great in comparison to other health care facilities. Yes, it is unfortunate that people judge and make one generalized statement and place this negative impression upon Carespring. It's simply not true as I have been a front line worker with Carespring and know that we make a positive difference for many residents everyday.
Carespring RN2

Lexington, KY

#16 May 26, 2008
I work at Villaspring and I believe the care there is compareable if not better to any facility in the greater Cinti area. I placed my family member in a Carespring facility and have recommended it to friends and family. I will be placing my parents in a Carespring facility when the time arrises. I have worked in long term care for over 15 years and by far this company cares more for its residents and staff than any other I have worked for!!
Carespring RN2

Lexington, KY

#17 May 26, 2008
Bill wrote:
Well unfortunately what they do in front of family isn't the same as what they do when they are not around. Caresprings is going to get their butt sued off.
this is TRUELY an uninformed ass
Medical equipment rep

Mason, OH

#18 May 30, 2008
Hi, my job takes me into facilities all over the 5 State Region. Also my Father-in-law has been in rehab at a CareSprings facility. The facilitiies are beautiful, the staff attentive and practical. I do believe that caregivers in LTC are truely engaged with their residents. Caresprings is more expensieve than other facilites, but my dad-in-law got home in 3 weeks!
Jane Doe

Cincinnati, OH

#19 Jun 19, 2008
Carespring sucks. the aides there are over worked and under paid. Only some of the staff actually care about the residents and there has been reports about abuse, but it's been swept under the rug.
Carespring RN

Lexington, KY

#20 Jun 27, 2008
In which facility? There is mandatory reporting in both the state of Ohio and Ky. All staff are mandated to report it. If you don't feel you get the response you need, call the corporate compliance officer.

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